Title: Choices

Title: Choices
Fandom: Hex
Characters: Cassie Hughes
Prompt: 86 Choices
Word Count: 204
Rating: PG-13 Character Death
Summary: Cassie must decide whether to let Malachi live or die.
Author's Notes: All characters do not belong to me. Please don't sue! Also, bare with me, I don't have a Beta yet!

Cassie wasn't sure what she was going to do. This was it and she had to decide what she was going to do. Let Ella kill her child or stop her? But what if it's true? Would letting her child live cause the end of the world? But Malachi was only a child. An innocent child. And he is part human. Not just a fallen angel, but human as well. Shouldn't he have the choice whether to be good or bad?

As she debates this, Azazeal is behind her. He keeps whispering for her to give their child a chance. She looks up at Ella, who's already reciting the ritual. The Athame held above her head. Cassie realizes that the decision she is going to make needs to be made soon.

She watches as Ella raises the Athame above Malachi. Cassie knows what she must do. She looks back at Azazeal one last time, knowing that it will probably be the last time. She then races up to the altar and throws herself over Malachi. Within seconds, she feels the Athame as it enters her back. She looks down to make sure her child is safe and then she falls silently to the floor.