Title: He waits

Title: He waits.
Fandom: Hex
Characters: Azazeal
Prompt: 085She
Word Count: 113
Rating: PG
Summary: Azazeal watches Cassie from below.
Author's Notes: Disclaimer: These are not my characters or show. Also, I'm new at this fanfic writing so bare with me and hopefully I'll get better.

Azazeal lit a cigarette. He was leaning against the stone wall by the school. He was staring up at one room in particular. Her room. His beautiful witch, Cassie. She just didn't know she was his yet. But soon she will.

He first sensed her a few weeks prior. He could feel the power calling him. So, he followed the power and when he saw her, he knew. She was the one he was waiting for.

Her time was coming. Not quite yet, but soon. Soon she will be mine. He threw his cigarette down and took one last long look at her room. And then turns and walks away, into the night.