Fandom: Hex

Fandom: Hex

Title: Snow

Author: ladycolete

Theme: 067. Snow

Character: Thelma/Cassie

Rating: Everyone

Warnings: None except no beta.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Never have been, never will.

Summary: I realized that a lot of what I was really kind of angsty so I thought I'd do something a little different. Thelma and Cassie playing in the snow.

"I can't believe it snowed!" Cassie turns to Thelma, just as a snowball hits her in the face.

Thelma bursts out laughing as Cassie wipes the snow from her face.

"I see how it is!" Cassie says and bends down an makes a snowball.

"Don't Cassie!" Thelma cries out, looking to see if she can find shelter.

"You started this! Now this means war!" Cassie laughs as she throws the snowball.

They spend the next couple of minutes trying to hit each other. Once in a while they actually hit each other, but mostly missing.

As they finally got off the ground, Leon walks up.

"What are you freaks laughing about?"

They look at each other and then bombard him with snowballs.