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"Bunshin no Jutsu!"

"Naru!! You failed AGAIN!!" An angry Chunin with a scar across his face was pointing a shaking finger at a blond haired girl who started to dispel her weak attempts at a clone. Iruka KNEW this wasn't her true potential. If she could do the other parts of the exam and fail the most vital jutsu, something just didn't add up.

"Ah…Can I go now?" Iruka nearly strangled his student for not even caring that she FAILED the genin exams for the THIRD time in a row. Fortunately, his fellow teacher Mizuki was holding him back from pulling the blonde's eyes out. The said girl simply brushed her hair off her whisker marks and strolled out the door muttering something about 'celebrating at Ichiraku's'.

"NARU! Come back here!"

Naru began the tedious walk to Ichiraku's ramen stand which she knew by heart. Of course Naru, like any other girl her age, could go home and eat a nice healthy dinner with her family. Only one problem- she didn't know whether her food was poisoned. The said poisoner would undoubtedly be none other than Arashi Minato Kazuma, the Yondaime Hokage, the Yellow Flash of Konoha … and Naru's father. Although if you ask her, he'd be better suited as some fish on a dry desert gasping for air.

If you couldn't tell already, Naru didn't like her father much. No, Naru HATED the Yondaime with a passion that could put Sasuke's hate for Itachi to shame. The reason behind this web of hate was because Arashi was the one who led the massacre of the Uzumaki clan in Whirlpool country.

Let's rewind: It all started on a summer night where two lovers were married together under an oath to keep the marriage secret from everyone except the Sannins, Jiraiya and Tsunade, the Saindaime hokage, and close relatives. These two lovers were none other than Arashi Minato Kazuma and Kushina Uzumaki. Arashi was the last of the Kazuma clan and therefore was receiving all of the Kazuma inheritance. Kushina on the other hand still had a small clan but was the daughter of the main household and therefore was inheriting the Uzumaki fortune.

A few months later, Arashi's village was falling at the hands of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, while at the same time, his wife was giving birth to their first child. After a hard battle, there was only one chance of victory; summon the death god and seal kyuubi inside a newborn child. The only newborn in the village at that time was his daughter Naru. So, being the Change he was, Arashi decided to seal Kyuubi no Kitsune into his child while giving both hers and Kyuubi's soul up to the death god. Perfect solution. No more Kyuubi but no more daughter either. Oh well, he could always get more. The only thing the Yondaime didn't count on was a mother's love.

Before the baby could be sacrificed, Kushina had begged Arashi to take her instead and, after a lot of pleading, the Yondaime gravely agreed (how cold could one guy get!!).

Needless to say, the Uzumakis were furious after that and took Naru away from Arashi to Whirlpool Country where she grew up with her grandparents. There was yet another problem. Since Naru was the first and last child of the Uzumaki heir and the last Kazuma, she was the sole heir to the Uzumaki and Kazuma's fortune. Yondaime, of course, wanted the Uzumaki fortune and the only way to get it was through his daughter.

A few years ago, when Naru was eight, Arashi attacked Whirlpool country killing all of the Uzamakis except for Naru ensuring the Uzamaki fortune for himself(through Naru) and took a frightened Naru back with him to Konohagakure. And now the Change talks to her like nothing ever happened, like he didn't just KILL her whole family.

Anyway, back to the story.

Naru watched all the other students who passed as she walked to Ichiraku's. She could easily pass the Genin exams if she wanted to, but she refused to be a ninja to a village that killed her clan. Still… it didn't mean that she wasn't excited to be a ninja when she was younger, she just sort of lost the inspiration. The only reason she was in the academy was because dear old father thought that it would be good for her social well-being. Maybe his plan would have worked if not for the Kyuubi he sealed inside her.

Speaking of her father, Naru rolled her eyes as she saw the Yondaime waiting for her next to the school gates. Some children casted awed looks at him while the grownups nodded respectfully at him. Arashi smiled when he saw her and started to wave.

"Hello, Naru. Did you pass th ...," the Yondaime paused when his daughter walked past him and sighed. When Naru was bent on ignoring him, it was probably safer to leave her alone…

'Ohh…That was kind of harsh don't you think, Kit?' A voice echoed inside Naru's head.

'Don't even start with me, Kyuubi. He deserves it.'

'Yeah sure, you humans can hold so many grudges. Oh, and good acting by the way. I didn't know anyone could fail the bunshin jutsu so badly.' Naru frowned as she heard the kyuubi laughing inside his cage. It wasn't an act as the Kyuubi had said. Naru really couldn't master the Bunshin jutsu. However, she was a professional at the much more advanced, Kage bunshin no Jutsu. Don't ask why. Even she doesn't know.

"Naru-sama, our dinner's ready." A small girl who barely looked fifteen hesitantly tapped on Naru's room door. Her black hair that seemed to be highlighted in purple swayed in a flow of waves as she gingerly opened the door. Her hair was let out except a few strands were tied back with chopsticks. Her kimono had beautiful floral patterns sewn on it. "Will you be joining your father today…?" The woman closed her eyes already knowing what the answer would be.

"Oh, Sorano-neechan!" Naru grinned happily at the head maid in the Kazuma estate. "Gomen, I already got home ramen on the way home.

Sorano gave a sigh. " I told you to call me Baa-chan, Naru-sama. I told you I have a son who's seventeen." Naru gave her a cheeky grin. "Are you sure you're not even a little hungry? All this ramen can't be good for you…"

"Sheesh, you don't have to worry about this stuff Sorano-neechan, but it' nice that you care!" Sorano frowned. She knew why and how much Naru detested her father sice sge was originally Kushina's maid and first best friend. She herself wasn't very found of the Yondaime as well and only stayed in his service to look after Naru. However, she knew that Kushina didn't just die to let Naru be miserable all the time.

Here Naru was, minutes after Sorano had left, on her way to eat dinner with her father. As much as she hated to say it, Naru thought that it was pretty unfair of her to keep actng like such a brat to Arashi when he was trying so hard to make their broken family work. As she approached the dining room, Naru froze as she heard Sorano and Arashi talking…about her.

"Are you disappointed in her, Yondaime-sama?" Sorano's gentle voice chimed through the wooden door Naru was leaning against.

"Disappointed? Yes. Surprised? No. She's never been the brightest of kids has she? Not even a worthy kunoichi. To think that Kushina died for something like her…"

"It's not that bad is it, Yondaime-sama? Maybe she doesn't want to be a Kunoichi."

"Or she just doesn't have the talent for it. She's a failure to the Uzamaki and Kazuma clans. A weak heiress. Honestly, even I wasn't as stupid as Naru when I was little. Her life isn't worth Kushina's. Right, Sorano-chan?"


Naru heard Arashi sigh. "Sometimes I feel like banishing her like the villagers want…"

Naru's fingers unconsciously wiped the tears off her face. Even though Arashi was her enemy his honest opinion seemed to sting more than the villager's insults.

She ran away.

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