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Naru's Awakening:




Sasuke opened his eyes lazily as he heard someone pounding the door to his suite. He groaned as he placed his pillow over his head in a vain attempt to block out the noise.

"Sasuke-kun it's me!! Open up!!" Sasuke groaned again. What did Sakura have against a good night's sleep? Before he could think more on the topic a pink blur jumped on him, effectively emptying him of all air.

"Got you." Sakura smiled as Sasuke looked at her incredulously.

"How did you…?" Sasuke looked through his bedroom door at the front door that lay wide open. How did she get in when his door was locked by a computer? He looked back at Sakura who smiled back knowingly as she got off his bed.

"I had Lee-kun hack the door's program" As if on cue, a green blur shot out of Sakura's pockets and sat itself on her shoulders.

"Sasuke-sama!" Lee bowed to show his respects before looking at his master with utmost respect in his eyes. Sasuke simply rolled his eyes at Sakura's Pocket-sized Persocom.

Sakura stared at Sasuke and frowned, putting her hands on her hips to show her distaste. "Sasuke, I thought that you'd at least have your clothes on by now!"


"Did you forget?" Sakura rolled her eyes as if saying 'I knew I couldn't trust you'. "We were going to the mall…Remember? There's a huge persocom sale!" Sakura ended with a squeal.

"Why are you so excited? You manufacture persocoms." Sasuke glared at Sakura while raising an eyebrow. True, Sakura, because of her amazing brains, gave blueprints and designs for future persocoms to manufacturing companies. She was also the one that many people came to for help on their pesocoms. Basically, she was a sort of doctor for persocoms. This was why Sakura was able to claw her way to wealth and now lived in the suite next door to Sasuke's in one of the most well known hotels in the world. Some rich folks even came to Sakura personally to request her to design a persocom.

"Yeah well, your manufacturing company decided to give me a gift," Sasuke nodded, true the Uchiha manufacturing corporation had given some of their best employees a gift, "so they let me design a persocom I want and today's the day I can pick it up at the mall! This time it's gonna be life-size. Didn't I tell you all this, Sasuke-kun?" Lee looked troubled at the thought of another persocom, while Sasuke grimaced. Sakura had a certain fetish for persocoms with distinct, different personalities, and after seeing Lee, he could only imagine what the next would be like…

"So have you thought of a name?" Sasuke asked trying to keep the conversation going as he got out of bed.

"Hmm…I think I'll name him Sai…yeah, that's a nice name…" Sakura looked at Sasuke as though she was calculating something. "Sasuke-kun, isn't it about time you got a persocom?"

"What a youthful idea, Sakura-sama!" Sakura smiled fondly at Lee while Sasuke mentally shivered. It wasn't that he had anything against persocoms but none of the ones he's ever seen really sparked his interest. Plus, after seeing his friends and their persocoms… Sasuke glanced at the 'youthful' couple in front of him. But it wasn't only Sakura, Sasuke's brother, Itachi, had a persocom as well. Kisame was a strong persocom that resembled a shark more than a human. He was mainly bought as a bodyguard/companion for Itachi who spent most of his time in their family corporation. Sasuke could still remember the time when he had walked in on them PAINTING EACH OTHER'S NAILS. Needless to say, he never looked at his brother quite the same way again. Next, there was the Uchiha Corporation's cook Chouji's persocom Shikamaru. Shikamaru was bought in Chouji's childhood as a friend for Chouji since he was always an outcast. However the persocom grew lazy since all he really needed to do was watch Chouji eat. And now no one could get Shikamaru to do anything without hearing the word 'troublesome'. Not that Chouji really cared, he rather liked it that Shikamaru always stood by his side. The most disturbing case was that of Sasuke's rival/friend Neji and his persocom, Hinata. Hinata was timid and shy but despite that Sasuke thought she was a good girl. However, what he didn't think was good, was the way Neji kept leering at her lecherously when he thought Hinata wasn't looking. Shivering again, Sasuke was sure of one thing: Persocoms do things to people. Whether for good or worst he didn't know. Although when he thought of Neji, he was sure it was the latter….


"There! Sasuke-kun, this way." Sakura led Sasuke by the hand into a shop filled with persocom but immediately blushed and let go as there was whispering about 'the cute couple'.

"Hello ma'am." The receptionist smiled as Sakura with Lee on her Shoulders came in followed by Sasuke. She nodded toward Sasuke and Lee. "Are these your persocom?"

Sasuke rolled his eyes and gave her the famous Uchiha glare, "I'm a human, b." He stated between Lee's greetings filled with youthful energy. The woman immediately started to blush as she looked at Sasuke's body.

"I'm sorry, I just thought…" The girl quickly went back to doing what she was doing before Sasuke and Sakura came in, her ears still red.

Sakura giggled as Sasuke glared harder. Ever since the new persocoms without ears came out, he was continuously mistaken for one because of his gorgeous looks.

"This is your fault for designing those monsters."

"Oh, come on, Sasuke. If you just get a persocom to follow you around, no one will mistake you for one." Sakura half-laughed half-smiled before she directed her attention back to the receptionist. "I ordered a persocom that should be here today. The license plate is UC06889."

The Receptionist took out a few papers before answering. "Ah yes, Haruno-san right? Please sign these contracts while I get your 'com." Sakura nodded and skimmed through the papers while at the same time having Lee analyze them to make sure she wasn't being cheated. When she was finally satisfied, she turned to Lee who grinned back at her.

"There is no need to fret, yosh! Everything is as it should be, master!" Sakura patted Lee's head as Sasuke rolled his eyes once more.

Finally, the receptionist walked back with some other workers helping her carry a package. Sakura quickly checked inside to make sure it was truly her persocom before nodding approvingly with Lee nodding right along side her.

While Sakura made the arrangements and discussed the agreements, Sasuke busied himself by looking through all of the persocoms that were neatly on display all sitting while wearing bathing suits. He wasn't really going to buy any however, if you had some servent to wait on you hand and foot things would just be so…boring. If there was one thing Sasuke liked, it was a good challenge. But ever since his parents died and Itachi refused to let him help with the company, Sasuke hadn't had any challenges and it was driving him crazy. The last thing he needed to make his pampered life even more boring was a persocom… Still there was something about theses creatures that intreuged him. Something about the way Leee kept sneeking admiring glances at Sakura's fitness instructer when the only one he should idolize was Sakura. Something about the way Shikamaru stood up for Chouji even though it wasn't in his programming. Something about the way Hinata makes Neji tea every night when he stays up even though she wasn't commanded too…


Sasuke walked into the parking lot that night after having a business conference with his brother about the Uchiha corporation, also the biggest persocom company in Japan and soon the world. This was also the company Sakura did business with and was the reason the two had befriended each other.

Speaking of Sakura, the girl had been deeply disappointed when Sasuke had not bought any of the persocoms in the store they had gone to earlier that day. Not that Sasuke really cared; it was just annoying to have Sakura near tears and Lee yelling at him for being some sort of 'destroyer of youth'.

As Sasuke finally approached his car, he noticed something oddly different about it…yeah, the last time he checked there wasn't a naked, unconscious woman in front of it.


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