Fandom: American Gothic

Fandom: American Gothic
Title: Regret
Author/Artist: ladycolete
Theme(s): 016 Envy
Characters: Selena Coombs
Rating: PG-13 (Just in case!)
Warnings: Hmmmm. The only warning is I don't have a Beta. You've been warned!
Disclaimer/claimer: None of these characters I own. They all belong to Sean Cassidy. Please don't sue.
Summary : One night in a bar.

"Damn them!" Selena thought bitterly as she watches Gail and Lucas having dinner.

Selena took a drink of her wine. She should have been at home having dinner with Lucas, but he had to cancel at the last moment. Now she knows what the big emergency was.

She took another drink.

There were a lot of "emergencies" happening lately. Now it was all coming together. The dinner dates he would miss. The nights he just wouldn't show up.

Things began to change when Gail Emory came to town. She was there for her cousin Caleb. Or so she says. Now, she claims to want to find out what happened to her parents.

Selena laughs.

"Need something?" The bartender asks her.

"Another one please." She says and goes back to watching the couple.

The irony is that more than likely Lucas was somehow involved in her parent's death. Lucas has his hands in everything with this town. Nothing happens here that he doesn't know about.

Selena sighs. Lucas and her have been together for as long as she could remember. There have been others, on occasion, but they didn't mean anything. But this thing he has for Gail is different. Something that didn't feel quite right with her. She doesn't mind the sleeping together, damn, she was hoping to have some fun with the new Doctor Peale. But, there are rumors going around that she may be pregnant. If it's true, then he is the biggest jerk. Selena has always thought that eventually, if ever, that she would be the one to have Lucas's child. And now, Gail comes in and he decides she's worthy.

"Hey Selena, whatcha doing?" An obviously drunken male comes up and puts his arm around her.

"Not now Richard!" She pushes his arm away.

"What? I'm not good enough?" He notices where she was looking. "Oh, I see. The big bad Sheriff has found someone else. You've been thrown aside!"

"Go away!" Selena downs the rest of her wine and gets up to leave.

She starts to walk out but decides a different route. She grabs a drink from a waitress going by and walks over to Gail and Lucas's table.

She dumps the drink on Lucas.

"What the hell Selena?" Lucas cries out.

"Some emergency!" With that she storms out of the bar.