Fandom: American Gothic

Fandom: American Gothic
Title: Regret
Author/Artist: ladycolete
Theme(s): 001 Regret
Characters: Selena Coombs
Warnings: Hmmmm. The only warning is I don't have a Beta. You've been warned!
Disclaimer/claimer: None of these characters I own. They all belong to Sean Cassidy.
Summary (if needed): One night Selena thinks about some of her regrets.

Everyone has regrets at some point in their life. Some small regrets, and some huge. I on the other hand have major regrets. My major regret is Lucas Buck.

The minute I set eyes on him I knew he would be mine. Little did I know that the reverse would be true. That I would totally lose myself, body and soul, to him. That I pretty much sold my soul to the devil. And all for what? He wouldn't even give me a child! He chooses that prissy Gail to give a child too. Well, I chuckle, that child didn't last long, but still. I am the one that deserves the child!

So, my big regret is walking into that bar that night, so many years ago. Maybe if I had just stayed home instead, things would have been different. Instead, I'm sitting here waiting. Waiting to see if he will come to me or if he will be with her tonight.