I was so sick of being made fun of, so I was a bit over one hundred and still a virgin, big deal. My brothers constantly picked on my beautiful fiancé and I. It was like they didn't understand what the meaning of waiting till marriage was. I let out a sigh as more thoughts of my virginity popped into Emmett's head.

"Guys meet, NOW!" I said after an idea came floating into my head, I heard my pixie of a sister Alice giggle; she must have seen what I was planning.

The men all met downstairs, in the living room. Jasper was on the floor, Emmett and Carlisle on the couch.

"So I have a question for all of you, where you a virgin when you were married?" I asked calmly

Emmett shook his head, "Man I was almost 20, I was most definitely not a virgin."

Jasper looked at the ground, "I never thought I'd find love, so I didn't think not to sleep around…"

I looked pointedly at Carlisle, "No son I'm afraid I wasn't, now what is this all about?"

All eyes turned to me as I started to speak,

"Can any of you say you wouldn't have preferred your first time to be with the person you plan to spend eternity with?" All I got were nods and three sets of downcast eyes. "So while you make fun of Bella and I for waiting, you remember that, that is at least one regret we will not have."

With that I turned and walked up the stairs to where my Bella was sleeping, from behind me I heard

"Damnit, he got us good."