Defying the future

Chapter 1: prologue



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"Human Talking"

'Human Thinking'

"Demon Talking"

'Demon Thinking'


He was sure of it. Dying sucked! Naruto had come close to doing just that a couple of times now. Before, however, he had always fought it. Fought it and won. Now he didn't see the need to do so. He had thought of his precious people and had found the strength to go on. But the last of them laid next to him, one already dead and the other soon to follow. He would be left all alone. So why fight it?

Slowly, he looked at the two by his side. The (truly) last Uchiha, Sasuke, laid at his right side. His brother was already dead. He reached out to the raven and grabbed his hand. Sasuke had been his first friend and only brother. He frown and turned his head.

At his other side laid the Kazekage of Suna, Gaara, of whom he had been the first friend to. He smiled grimly. The redhead was dying, just like him, only Gaara seemed a bid ahead of him. The older boy gripped the blonde's sleeve, fighting to keep his eyes open.

"Let go." whispered Naruto softly. "I'll be following you soon."

Gaara smiled tiredly and closed his eyes.

In the end, they had won. Orochimaru and the Akatsuki were gone and Naruto hoped that after this battle, the war would be over. But whichever way the future went, Naruto had chosen his path. He had known that he would die. He knew of the effects Kyuubi's chakra had on him. Using a little of it was already painful for the blond and the more he used, the more the pain grow. And his bloodline was only making things worse. That was why Kyuubi would take over… to spare the blonde that pain. But today he had to use so much chakra that he was burning from the inside. Well he didn't know that, but it sure as hell felt like it!

Kyuubi didn't like it. His kit was … not himself. He was giving up. But the fox wasn't stupid, he knew why. Just two days ago, the blonde's mate had died. He had been the last of Naruto's friends to pass away and it had crushed him. Kyuubi understood, but that didn't mean he liked it.

"Kit, what do you think you're doing?"


"I noticed." said Kyuubi dryly. "So, you're going to die? Just like that?"

'What do you want me to do about it? You're the one thousand year-old demon here, not me. You figure it out. Besides, even if you could heal me, I wouldn't let you.'

"And why is that?"

'I'm sick and tired of being alone. Everyone's dead and it's not like you could bring them back.'

Kyuubi set his thousand-year-old brain at work to find a solution to this.

'There has to be a solution… I know there was something … What was it… Got it!!'

"I know something that just might work… Hang on tight!"

Again, Naruto felt red chakra envelop him and again it hurt like the blazes. He was already weak and dying from the battle. What was that old fox thinking?! He gladly welcomed the darkness that blinded his senses and fell unconscious.