Hate. It's a very strong emotion. Just like love. But it is hate and love that put me in this situation and I thank my lucky stars every day that I stopped loving him and began hating him.

Why you might ask. Well the day I woke up from that love -induced coma, was the day I started to live out my destiny, fueled by hate.

I, yes me clumsy- two left feet bella, am a Major in the United States army, and as I sat on an airplane after 10 hours of debriefing from Iraq with my best friends in the entire world, I couldn't make myself regret that fact.

"Hey Jecks! Wake up, we are almost there!" Chris, my 'brother' called, waking up half the plane even though he was sitting right next to me.

"I'm not asleep airhead!" I whispered while playfully punching his shoulder.

Oh! How rude of me, I forgot to mention that my new 'nick-name' is Jeckle or Jecks. Don't ask me why because honestly I have no idea. I think it was from that night that I had one too many Margaritas in New Orleans. Ugh what a hangover!

Chris used to have a little crush on me when we were in basic training but after all of us started hanging out he just started seeing me as a sibling. Chris, Joey, Henry or Hyde (another New Orleans incident that I don't remember and no one bothers telling), and myself are known as the four musketeers instead of just the three musketeers. Sweet right?

Chris is about six foot and has deep ocean blue eyes. His dark brown hair is almost black and he's constantly being called a 'dreamy hunk'. Granted he loves every minute of it, he still remains faithfully single, as do we all.

Why you ask? Because personally I don't want to have to deal with some Barbie blond, fake 'n' bake floozy who says I eat like a guy. Well, all my friends are guys so I pick up a few things while we hang out. Especially eating habits because with them it's eat or be eaten. I mean our personal record for fastest turkey eating is two minutes for numb butts sake!

And as for me that's more my decision and they haven't asked why I refuse every 'great' guy they throw at me hoping I like him, maybe its sibling instinct.

Joey has forest green eyes and black hair to compliment his six foot three frame. He is the calm one of the bunch, almost like the middle sibling in a way. Always playing peacemaker and big brother but still remaining his cool.

And lastly, there's Hyde. Hyde is the brother I'm closest to and the only one who knows about Edward. I lied earlier when I said no one told me anything about the thing in New Orleans. The only thing they did tell me however was that Hyde was like a missing piece of me. Kind of like Jacob was. That's why they called us Dr.Jeckle and Mr. Hyde. Now what happened in New Orleans is still a mystery to me but at least I know I didn't make out with some guy named Jeckle. Anyways, back to Hyde's physical appearance. Two words describe him, hot and skater. Not that I'm interested or anything but if I wasn't his sibling, dang! He has dark brown shaggy hair that comes just below his ears and deep green eyes. You could consider him tall, lanky, and completely non-muscular, if you didn't know him. But since we trained together for six months I know for a fact that if I wasn't his sister and I got him riled up, I would be sorry later.

But because you are dying of curiosity to know where I am going on this flying hunk of metal, I will tell you. Forks Washington, to my fathers house more specifically. Why am I so nervous you ask? Well if you were to runaway from your home after a really bad break-up that caused you to become catatonic, and then were on the news for being M.I.A. in Iraq, and haven't been able to contact said father and were just showing up at his house with fours guys that he had no idea even existed you would be nervous to.

" The pilot requests that you buckle you seatbelts, we are about to land. Thank-you for flying International airlines." the overly peppy flight attendant squawked over the intercom.

"Oh dear Lord..." I breathed. "Here we go."

Sorry its so short but this is my first story and I wanted to see the reaction the story got before I posted the rest of it. I know it sounds cheesy but I'm to nervous to come up with anything better! Reviews calm me down! Hint hint BRING ON THE FLAMES, I APPRECIATE ALL CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISM!