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"Ugh! This is worse than New Orleans isn't it Hyde?" I chuckled darkly as the hangover hit me like a wrecking ball.

"Wait a minute. Wait a daggone second. Where the hell am I? Hyde? Joey? Chris? I swear if this is another prank I am going to kill you!"

And then I rolled off the couch I was laying on, and onto another person. I looked at the face for a mille-second before I sighed with relief. It was just Chris.

"Oh thank god! That's one down two to go."

"URRRGHHH! Dang Jecks could you get off me for a second, or I'm going to get hangover all over you!" he laugh- moaned.

"Where are we and why did I pass out? I have been way drunker than that! I mean even New York was worse!"

"That would be their fault."

"Oh I'm going to kill the guys!" I screeched climbing off of his back.

"Not us! We learned our lesson last time!" Joey groaned as he got up off the floor.

Ha! I remember. Revenge is sweet. Wait a minute if it wasn't the guys and wasn't my alcohol consumption…

A few blurry memories made their way into my mind.

I cursed in a few different languages before saying "We need to get out of here ASAP! Don't ask questions." I snapped before Joey could even open his mouth.

"I'm afraid that's not going to happen, our brother would kill us." Said a painfully beautiful voice.

Without turning around to face him I said "Well Emmett you can tell your brother to take his orders and shove them up his…"

"Ah hem! Jecks I know you might not like this situation but do you remember India? Introduce us." Grr Joey was going to pay for that later. Of course I remember India, I almost killed the man who helped save our butts. He'll never let me forget it.

I turned around and plastered the closest thing to a smile I had, only succeeding in a sneer.

"Hi I don't believe you know me anymore, I am Jecks this is Joey, Chris, and Hyde. Guys this is Emmett and Jasper Cullen."

That got Chris's attention, he got up off the floor and stood in front of me as if to shield me from seeing them.

"What do you mean 'anymore' are you referring to the fact you dress talk and act completely different or do you think we forgot you?" said a new voice.

"Well Alice I think it would be the first one, after all your family has a surprisingly good memory and how could you forget your favorite toy?" I hissed with as much malice in my voice as possible.

Poor Alice was so surprised that she took a step back and gasped. I simply smirked.

"Well I'm outie. You guys coming?" I sighed tiredly.

"Maybe you didn't hear him the first time. WE CANT LET YOU LEAVE!" hissed a new feminine voice.

"Ugh Rosalie! Do you have to be so loud? We have hangovers!" I whined sarcastically as I walked towards the door, Alice suddenly was standing in my way.

I stepped closer and leaned towards her ear whispering "We are all highly trained military operatives meaning you wouldn't be able to make us stay without showing your 'talents' they don't know you are vampires. Are you honestly going to expose yourselves?" I had won; I saw the defeat in her eyes and smiled.

"Don't worry I'm sure there are millions of other lives you could ruin for the time being. Bya!"

And we walked out of their house without breaking a sweat, well Chris was sweating when he saw Rosalie but he knew it wasn't the time to be flirting.

"Hey guys I'm going to run off this hangover, ask the Adams family if you can use their phone and call a cab get the car and head back tell him I'll be back in a few. Joey you're the one with the smallest hangover you drive." I said as I tossed him my keys and then I took off in a sprint.

Running felt almost as good as driving. As I ran I forgot everything for a while and for now that was good enough.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Edwards pov

I was running again. Away from my angel, away from my family, away from my home, away from everything, but this time it was not by choice. Bella is happy and she didn't need me in her way. I listened to the way she talked to Alice; she obviously didn't want or need us.

I stopped in the middle of our…my meadow to lie down and think for a while only to see another body in the grass. An angel, more specifically my angel was there. She was hunched over crying, I couldn't help myself I slowly approached her trying not to scare her and sat down next to her. I massaged her shoulders gently and saw her posture relax a little.

She sniffled a little and then whispered, "I'm sorry I know this is sort of your place but I just stumbled across it. I'll leave."

"No. You don't have to leave I'd actually prefer it if you stayed." I spoke as softly and calmly as I could.

"What are you playing at?" she asked suddenly tense and defensive.

"I'm not playing at anything. I just want you here, with me…I love you." I finally admitted.

"Stop just stop! If you want me to leave you don't have to play anymore cruel jokes on me." She sniffled angrily.

"I'm telling the truth! Everything I said in the forest outside of your house was a lie. I was furious at myself for always putting you in danger. I had to leave! But I can't stop myself from loving you."

She just shook her head and whimpered slightly.

"Let me prove it to you." I whispered before cupping her chin and bringing her face to mine, kissing her softly.

"No!" she cried before ripping herself out of my grasp and running away. I stared at where she used to be stunned.

I ran home quickly and somewhat subconsciously. As I walked through the door I was overcome by a vision.

Bella was sitting in a car with all of her 'brothers'.

"Jecks you know you still love him."

"I know but I can't trust him!"

"You can try."

She thought for a moment before looking behind her and turning the wheel. But what she didn't see was how the rain had turned to ice and the car spun wildly out of control. The back end of the car hit a tree and caused it to start flipping. It landed; there was a long stretch of silence.

"Edward!" I heard Alice screech before I darted out of the house, sensing all of my family following me.

"I know where she is, it's near her house." I yelled.

We got there just in time to see the car land. I ran to the driver's side of the car and was hit by the scent of Bella's blood, which ended up knocking me back for a second before I went back and pulled her out of the car, cradling her in my arms.

There was some blood coming out of the corner of her mouth and her nose.

"Carlisle!" I roared.

"The guys. Get the guys." I heard her whisper.

"Emmett and Jasper are getting them." I replied.

" Before I die I just want you to know I do love you." She laughed, "I can't believe I actually said that, it's so cheesy."

She started laughing again and then started coughing up blood all over the place.

"She's almost gone, there is nothing I can do, but there is something you can do." Carlisle whispered.

I shook my head, "I can't take her life away from her."

I felt a hard slap against the side of my face. I looked up in shock to see Rosalie.

"Either you take her life and she lives with you forever or death takes her and she spends eternity with dirt, I suggest you make your choice now." She said in a hard voice. (A/n I am a total Baptist I don't believe that when you die you just rot but I think Rosalie would be much more cynical.)

I nodded "I'm so sorry this is going to hurt, but I can't lose you, not again, not ever."

I leant down and sunk my teeth into the soft flesh of her neck.

Bella's pov

It hurt. I mean of course it hurt but I had dealt with way worse. After his teeth left my neck and the venom healed a most of the more major injuries, I staggered up and walked over to where Emmett was, leaning over what was left of one of my brothers.

"That's Joey." I sighed sadly, "How's he doing?"

He stared at me in shock.

"How…you're…but…didn't he bite you?" he stuttered out.

I pulled my hair out of the way weakly and let him see the bite mark.

"How is he doing?" I asked while shifting uncomfortably, the fire had started to creep down my arms.

"Uh… how are you standing and talking?"

"Don't worry about it I'll tell you later. Now answer the question." I demanded softly.

"Uh he's going to be fine, he is unconscious for now, Carlisle says he has a broken arm and a perforated eardrum. But he'll be fine"

"Don't worry about the eardrum unless you are sure you can fix it, it's been like that for six months and as for the broken arm, it doesn't look that bad a splint should do the trick." I ordered as calmly as I could. The fire was spreading over my stomach; I knew I wouldn't be standing for much longer.

I walked over to where Alice was kneeling down.

"That's Chris. You're lucky he's unconscious otherwise he'd be hitting on you like there was no tomorrow." I started coughing again. A little blood came from my mouth but not that much.

"How's he doing? Oh and he does have a deep cut in the back of his head, it's still healing from Iraq."

"Well he will have to have surgery to fix his leg but other than that and the cut, he's fine."

"Thanks and sorry for earlier, I was upset and still slightly drunk, I'm not usually so…"

"Angry?" she giggled.

"Yeah… I better go check on Hyde."

"Carlisle's got him."

That was bad; Carlisle always takes the worst cases.

I walked over to him slowly, trying not to overreact; Esme and Rosalie were standing with him.

I began to hyperventilate.

"How is he?" I choked out.

"Ask him yourself." Carlisle smiled.

I breathed a sigh of relief and knelt down next to him.

He was perfectly unharmed. I was getting confused, why were they all over here, why not spread and take care of the more seriously injured.

"Hey Jecks, what's kickin?" he laughed.

My blood ran cold and it wasn't because of the venom that was working through me faster than I though it would. It was because I never noticed how familiarhe looked. I felt like an idiot, the only thing that really kept him from looking like a vampire, were his green eyes.

"You're a… a… a…" I stuttered.

"Yes I'm a vampire, I was sent by the Cullens to keep an eye on you and to report back every few months."

"You are a spy for the family that nearly killed me?!"

"Oh come off the dramatics Jecks, they didn't almost kill you."

"Yes, they did. After you left, a certain redheaded vampire decided to go to the Volturi. After all what better way to get back at the Cullens than to have me killed because I knew about vampires, because me knowing caused the whole James thing once you think about it. That's why I ran away, the werewolves at LaPush knew they were coming and warned me to get out before they got here."

I got up to walk away when Edward was suddenly there.

"Bella baby we just wanted to make sure you stayed out of trouble." He grabbed my arm to pull me closer.

I pulled away and hissed, "I'm not your baby."

"Stop overreacting! You should be flattered." Rosalie bit back.

"I'm so sick of all of this!" I screeched out. I sprinted away into the forest and hopefully far away enough that they couldn't hear my cries of agony and depression.

Edward's pov

It had been two days since bella had left. She was still changing. I should be there. But at first she didn't seem to be affected by the bite, back on that road that separated me from my true love again.

Carlisle said that she was simply fighting it off for the time being, that she was strong enough to make sure her friends were okay before finally succumbing to the pain. Emmett found it cool, I found it intimidating, knowing that she could refuse hell and make it wait when I couldn't.

We were looking for her as much as we could without drawing attention to ourselves, which is pretty difficult when you bring three army officers into a hospital after a car accident and the driver is no where to be found.

Charlie still thought she was with the guys, they called him earlier to keep him from worrying.

Now there was one other problem, Joey. Apparently he wasn't unconscious and heard everything and told Chris, which meant we had to tell them what was really going on. They agreed they wouldn't tell anyone as long as we changed them.


"Wait! So all this time, you have been with them!" Joey yelled angrily.

"Pretty much." Henry said uncomfortably.

"I hope you realize you probably caused our sister to hate all of us and she might even be dead right now!" Chris ranted. "And you!" he pointed to me, "You're the reason we got in the crash in the first place! No wonder she hates you!"

"What Chris means is that he is very upset, and we will not tell anyone your secret if you change us into vampires too." Joey negotiated.

"No way. We could kill you as soon as change you." Emmett said threateningly.

"Well think about it this way, we already have an incredibly strong bond with her, when we are changed, I am assuming that will strengthen, meaning we could find her. It's much better than anything you're planning."

"Yeah she's too smart for you." Chris said concedingly, "You'll probably never find her. Especially you traitor, she'll make sure you never find her." Joey finished.

"We have no choice." I sighed. I couldn't lose her again, "Carlisle will be the one biting you, he has the most experience."

They had me. I knew it and they knew it.

As I sat in my room listening to their faint complaints, I realized bella wasn't the only strong one; she must have rubbed off on them. They had actually stayed very quiet during the transformation, which was ending in a few hours meaning the hardest part was coming. The first hunting trip, to be exact.

Bella probably already hunted some poor human by now.

"Have some faith will you? You're killing me here! She's going to be fine." Jasper consoled.

"I'm not worried about finding her, I'm worried about what we will find. What if she likes killing humans and refuses to hunt animals? What if she still hates me for tricking her with Henry? I mean Hyde, Whatever! What if… what if she's already with someone else." I whispered.

"Again have some faith, you love her right?"

"Yes that's the whole point!"

"Well does she love you?"

"She said that she did in Alice's vision and right before I bit her. But that was before she found out about Henry."

"Then there is only one thing we can do." Jasper sighed.

"What's that?" I snapped.


Bella's pov

The seconds turned into minutes, the minutes turned into hours, the hours turned into days, and the days were hell. Sure I could deal with the bite, but not the betrayal.

I was in the middle of some forest in Canada, I knew that much for sure, but I was just laying there, not breathing not moving not speaking, just thinking.

I was making arrangements in my head, where I should go and how I could get there. It's a good thing I know who I'm up against. I know that Joey and Chris would have convinced the Cullens to change them so they could help find me. I know that they would rely too much on Alice's vision to see where I was, I also knew they would track me by going every logical place I could think of, like to Phoenix or back to Charlie's or maybe even to my apartment in Massachusetts.

But I knew what was worse, I knew where I would go and that they would never expect for me to return, I would go to the place of my worst memory, and I would live close to it in a deserted place that looked like every other deserted place in the World. And after the search died down a little I would change my appearance and re-enter the world as a new person who would have new friends and a new career, a fresh start if you will.

But for now I would just sink into unconsciousness as my last sleep was bestowed upon me.

Edwards's pov

This was maddening! She was smart, staying in places that were unrecognizable during her transformation.

"Alice had another vision that I think will please you." Jasper sighed hopefully.

"What is it? Tell me!" As you can see I was a little anxious.

"See for yourself." Alice murmured before sinking us both into a vision of an Angel.

We were entering a small gas station, nondescript of course, but there was a small amount of humans in the little place and Bella walked right past them without hesitation or resistance. She asked the store clerk where the road maps were. He pointed to a shelf a few feet away. She walked over to it and picked up a road map to Massachusetts.

"Finally we have a lead!" I exclaimed happily. "Are they up yet?"

"Yes they are just adjusting right now, you know sound smell ect…"

"She had an apartment in Massachusetts." Joey sighed as he walked in with Chris in tow.

"Lets go then." Chris murmured.

"Alright." Carlisle said walking towards his room to 'pack' for the trip. We would need cash and extra clothes and stuff like that.

Bella's POV

I knew it! I smiled happily. I had thrown them off the trail they were heading to Massachusetts, I was monitoring their credit cards and ten plane tickets had been purchased about an hour ago. I had to give myself a pat on the back.

Another thing I had figured is that I would wait until they were half way to Massachusetts before changing my mind and going somewhere else. I was sending then on a, for lack of a better term, wild goose chase. I was already at my dwelling; I didn't want to be here so it wouldn't show up in Alice's vision, so long as I was careful I would remain hidden.