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"Uh… King Bowser, sir?"

The Koopa in question turned his attention from Kammy and the troop of guards she was bickering with to the Paratroopa that now stood before him. He cocked an eyebrow at him. "What is it?"

The Paratroopa gulped nervously, then stammered out "There's, uh… a group of… erm… guests… that wish to see you…"

Bowser sighed heavily, rubbing his forehead with one hand as he motioned with the other. "Alright, alright…" He growled in his gruff voice. "Send them in…"

The Paratroopa bowed slightly, mumbled something in the affirmative, then scampered quickly out of the throne room. Within moments, the large steel doors were flung open by the Koopatrols on guard and Princess Peach along with her merry band of morons dashed inside.

"Good afternoon, Bowser." Peach said lightly with a gentle curtsy. "I hope we're not interrupting anything."

Bowser beamed at the pleasant surprise and waved off the idea. "Not at all—what are you all doing back here?"

"I'm so sorry, sir…" Kammy said as she approached Bowser. "I was busy dealing with these idiots you call guards—" she turned and barked the last phrase to the troop before regaining her composure and returning her attention to the King. "—A letter arrived this morning saying that the Princess would be coming to drop off Kamek."

Peach nodded, grabbing Kamek by the sleeve of his robes to pull him to the front of the group. "Of course! And here he is, safe, sound, and—amazingly enough—still in one piece! Just as I promised!"

Bowser laughed at that. "I wasn't worried—Kamek can take care of himself." Turning his attention to the Magikoopa, he asked, "So what have you been up to all this time?"

Kamek sighed heavily. "You wouldn't believe me if I could tell you, sir…"

Bowser laughed. "That bad, huh?"

Kamek turned and smiled to the others. "…not as bad as I thought it would be…"

"Well, glad you're not dead, at least. If I was stuck with Kammy my whole life, I'd bring you back so I could kill you myself." Bowser laughed, grinning to show his mouthful of fangs.

Kamek bowed slightly, smiling. "Of course, sir. I wouldn't blame you."

Kammy hmphed indignantly, to which Kamek childishly crossed his eyes at her—a gesture she was surprisingly quick to return.

"Alright, go ahead and say your good-byes." Bowser commanded, waving Kamek off. "You've got a lot of catching up to do—the mess Kammy's made of things."

Kamek bowed again, laughing as he turned back to the others. "I expected as much…"

As Peach captured Bowser's attention, filling him in on the events of the past few weeks—being careful not to mention the Underwhere or the odd group's adventures there—Kamek went to bid his comrades a fond farewell.

Livi pounced on the Magikoopa first, flinging her arms tightly around him. "Gosh, I'm gonna miss ya, Kamek!"

Kamek hugged her gently back. "Don't worry, Livi, I'll miss you too…"

"And I don't care what Bowser says!" Livi said as she pulled back. "Next time I'm back, you're coming to visit! Even if I have to come kidnap you or something!"

Kamek laughed, scratching the top of her head. "Right. Because you could totally kidnap me."

"I totally could!" Livi snapped.

Kamek smirked. "If you say so…"

Having already said goodbye to Fawful, who wisely stayed on the plane during this visit, Kamek turned next to Luigi. Luigi smiled shyly at the Magikoopa. "So…" he said in a very low voice. "…friends?"

Kamek smiled and slightly nodded his head. "Friends…" he agreed.

Luigi's smile widened, and he immediately hugged Kamek. "I'm gonna miss you…"

"I'll miss you too…" Kamek said as he returned the embrace. "I have private Paratroopas… we could write if you like?"

Luigi nodded eagerly as he pulled back. "I would like that. I'll see ya…"

Kamek bowed his head as he turned away. "Be seeing you…"

The others all bid Bowser a thank-you and farewell, then were quickly shown out of the castle by the guards that had shown them in. As Kamek took his usual place beside Bowser, he noticed the pink plane fly by the throne room windows before disappearing into the distant sky.

Kamek smiled sadly, already missing the strange life he had just lead and the life-long enemies he now called friends. However gifted and experienced in the magical arts, he could never have foreseen such a turnaround in his life.

The Magikoopa was jarred from his thoughts as a large, firm hand clapped him on the back. He glanced up and saw Bowser glance his way and flash him a friendly smile. "Glad to have ya back…" he said under his breath.

Kamek smiled and nodded to the great Koopa. "Glad to be back, sir…"

Much later that evening, just as the sun was beginning to dip below the horizon, Livi, Luigi, and Fawful sat outside in the lush grass of the Castle Gardens, talking quietly amongst themselves.

"…and I don't see any reason why it should be a problem." Livi was saying. "Fawful, you keep down in your lair, and don't raid the castle or stir up any trouble or… anything… like that… And Weegee, you guys just pretend you don't even know he's there—and no one will even notice."

Luigi eyed Fawful warily, then sighed. "Well, I guess if he's been living down there this long, there's not much we can do about it."

"And, I had assisting in rescuing the Fangirl of Stupidness." Fawful smugly pointed out.

Luigi made a face at him. "…what, and now I owe you?"

Fawful narrowed his eyes and crossed his arms. "Oh have shutting of the upness…"

Livi waved them both off. "Alright, alright, no fighting! I want you two to play nice while I'm gone, okay?"

Luigi and Fawful glared at each other for a few more moments. At last, Luigi shrugged, said "Fine." and offered his hand to Fawful.

Fawful looked at the hero's hand like it was made out of live snakes. He stuck his nose in the air and turned away. "I do not make that which is deals with Fink-rats like the one who is you."

Luigi sighed. "Look, I know you don't like me, okay? Believe me, the feeling is mutual. But I'm not asking you to team up with the heroes to save the world. All I'm saying is that if you'll leave me alone, me and all my friends will totally ignore you. Okay?"

Fawful slowly opened his eyes and turned back to Luigi. He eyed him very suspiciously, then reached out and shook his hand with a slightly bitter "I say to you, fine."

Luigi smirked. "Good." He then turned back to Livi. "Is that enough for you?"

Livi smiled and nodded her head. "Yup! Just wanted to make sure all my little buddies are gonna be safe and sound when I get back!" As she spoke, the Fangirl shoved herself off the ground and dusted off her pants.

Luigi followed suit and looked up to the darkening sky. "It's getting kind of late… you ready to shove off?"

Livi pouted. "…I guess so… I never really wanna leave…"

Luigi smiled and wrapped his arms around her shoulders. "You'll be back soon, if I know you at all."

Livi flung her arms around his waist. "You do. I'll be back and bothering you before ya know it."

"Ya know, its funny…" Luigi laughed. "When you're here, I want you to leave… but as soon as you're gone, I want you back…"

Livi laughed, pulling back from him to pat him on top of his cap. "I get that a lot…"

The Fangirl then turned to a very shy-looking Fawful who was now standing at her feet. She smiled sweetly. "Are you gonna miss me, Fawful?"

Much to her surprise, Fawful slowly nodded his head.

Livi's smile widened in stunned delight. "Aww, Fawful!" She knelt back to the ground and wrapped him in a hug. "Don't worry, I'll be back soon! Then we can go on all kinds of crazy adventures all over again!"

"Try not to be having the over of games…" Fawful joked, punching her arm lightly as he pulled back from her.

Livi raised her hand to her forehead and gave him a small salute. "Sir, yes, sir…" She chirped. She wrapped him in one last hug and whispered "I'm gonna miss you, Fawful…"

Fawful slowly wrapped his arms around her neck. "…I will have missing of you, as well…"

Livi gave him one last squeeze, then pulled back and stood up again. She sighed and looked fondly all around her. "I'm really gonna miss this place… can't wait to get back…"

Luigi smiled and nodded to her. "We'll be here, just waiting for you."

Livi smirked. "I know." That being said, she turned and strode off to the lone green warp pipe sticking out of the ground. With a small grunt of strain, Livi hoisted herself up to the top of the pipe, swung her legs over so they dangled inside, and cast one last glance over her shoulder. "Guess I'll see you losers later, huh?"

Luigi bowed his head slightly. "If we must."

Livi laughed. Then, she blinked her eyes several times, like she was trying not to cry. She looked Luigi in the eye and softly said, "…thanks, Weegee… for, like… everything…"

Luigi shook his head. "Don't mention it…" he quietly returned.

Livi smiled wider, then turned her back to the two of them. She shakily took in a deep breath, closed her eyes, then slid herself down into the pipe.

Luigi and Fawful watched her go, then as her echoing shrieks finally faded away, the two realized the fangirl was gone at last.

Luigi sighed heavily as he slowly turned back to the castle. "Well… enjoy the peace while it lasts… she won't be gone long—so don't worry too much about missing her…"

Fawful sneered as he followed the hero back to the castle. "Feh! Why should I have the caring?" He scoffed at Luigi. "She is nothing more than a stupid Fangirl of idiotic spazziness!"

Luigi smiled at him. "True… but I kind of thought you were starting to like her."

Fawful gaped at him. "…be liking that idiot of foolishness? Asing if! I am possessing such gladness and the relief that she is being gone!"

Luigi laughed. "Aren't we all…"

She'd brought them all together, knocked down the barriers that had divided them, and for the most part, built up a connection and in some cases even a friendship between each of the. She'd lead them on a fantastic adventure, where they'd all betrayed and embraced each other. She may have taken them from their homes, but in a way, she gave them each a new one.

But, maybe what brought all five fandoms together was the one thing—if anything—they all had in common.

They all hated that damn Fangirl.