Chapter 1

Deidara sait oeacefully in his studio, working on a new sculpture he had started the day before. It was peacefully quiet in the room - Tobi was nowhere to be found, thank Kami, and most of the other Akatsuki were out on missions. Besides himself and his newest partner, Tobi, the only members left were Itachi, Zetsu, and the Leader, Pein. That made the base wonderfully quiet, giving Deidara complete focus on his project.

The door to his studio banged loudly with repetitive fists, causing Deidara to jump in surprise and completely ruin his sculpture. "Sempai!" Tobi's annoying voice called, "Sempai, Sempai!"

"Nani?!" Deidara shouted angrilly as he stood and went to the door.

"Sempai!" Tobi called as Deidara opened the door. "Konichiwa, Sempai." Deidara waited a minute for the idiot to continue. When nothing else was said, he angrilly slammed the door in Tobi's dace. He turned around and walked away, but Tobi rushed inside. "Sempai," he whined, "why did you slam the door in Tobi's face? Tobi is a good boy!"

Growling, Deidara tired his best to ignore his partner as he cleared away his ruined sculpture and washed his hands. "What do you want, baka?" He asked when he noticed Tobi to be following him.

"You act a lot like Sasori-sama used to," Tobi observed. "You weren't like this before he died."

A pang went through Deidara's heart, causing him to stop and stare down at the mouths on his hands. He and his Danna had been lovers; the only person who hadn't known that was Tobi. His new partner foolishly spoke of the fallen redhead, forcing the left-behind blonde to fight down tears. Sasori had been gone for almost a year now, and still Deidara's heart had not healed. He was beginning to think he never would.

"I act like him, un...?" Deidara asked softly. He remembered telling his Danna once that he would never be so boring as he, no matter what happened between them. His eyes stung and his heart wrenched in painful anguish.

"Yeah! You're more dedicated to your art now, and just as cranky when disturbed. Do you still think art is - "

"The final fleeting moment of expression, un. I'll never abandon by art." Even as he said this, his mood fell.

"Don't be said, Sempai! Tobi is sorry for being a nuisance!" He forced a hug with the blonde.

If anything, Tobi's hug made his mood sink lower.

Backing away, Tobi spoke again. "Tobi thinks Sempai needs to find a new lover." Surprised, Deidara looked to Tobi's mask-covered face, as if searching for something. He was surprised that Tobi would be able to see his depression and put two and two together properly. "You miss Sasori-sama, Sempai, but you can't hold on forever."

At this, Deidara couldn't help but tear up. Turning off the water, he turned away from Tobi and presse dhis wrists to his eyes, trying to push the tears back. He smudged his eyeliner pretty bad, and now there was no way of hiding his depression. Slowly, he sat at his worktable and laid his head on it. "Danna..." he whispered softly, remembering the wonderful feel of Sasori's wooden fingertips on his skin, the soft noises he would make when they kissed.

Something heavy and full of coins was dropped in front of Deidara. "Tobi is a good boy," Tobi told him. "And Tobi wants Sempai to be happy again. Go treat yourself and be happy." Toby silently left.

Sniffling as Tobi left, Deidara opened the bag he had been given and studied its contents. Just as predicted, thousands of Ryo stared, glistening back at him.

Wiping away the rest of the thears, Deidara stood and, retrieving his stick of eyeliner. Removing his cloak and headband, Deidara clipped the bag of money to the belt of his pants and fixed his hair. He was ready to party away his sorrow.

Deidara's favorite food, for some reason, was Ramen noodles. What could he say? It was a vice, always calling to him when he passed by their stores. The village nearest the Akatsuki base was Konoha, and so he snuck inside, calmly searching for a Ramen shop.

Eventually, he was able to find one. It was called Ichiraku Ramen. Hungrilly taking in the shop's aroma, Deidara was unable to stop himself from entering.

Taking a seat, Deidara ordered the biggest bowl they served, with every topping they had, and beef flavored. Breaking apart his chopticks, Deidara murmured a soft "Itadakimasu." before grabbing the noodles and slurping them into his mouth.

A blonde male with short, spiky hair and ocean blue eyes took a seat to Deidara's right. "You love Ramen just as much as I do, dattebayo." The male said, observing how quickly Deidara was eating it.

Briefly looking over at the boy, Deidara recognized him from somewhere. Those lines on his face, like whiskers, that orange and black jumpsuit...

Deidara gasped in surprise, choking on his Ramen. Red-raced, he coughed it back into his bowl. "Whoa, whoa, you okay?" The Jinchuuriki known as Naruto asked.

"I think so, un..." Deidara said softly, fearing Naruto would recognize him.

"You look like you've seen a ghost," the Kyuubi noticed. "You sure you're okay?"

Taking control again, Deidara nodded as he picked up his chopsticks and used them to take some Ramen out of his bowl. "Fine," he murmured as he began eating again. "That happens sometimes, un."

Although Deidara tried to act like nothing had happened, Naruto continued to stare at him, a thoughtful look on his face. "Say, have we met before?" he asked, causing Deidara to choke again.

"I...don't imagine we have." Deidara managed as his throat cleared.

Naruto nodded. "We have. I've seen you somewhere before..."

"I don't remember you at all, un." The Akatsuki replied as he took a sip of his free water. "Perhaps you've got me confused.

"That ring..." Deidara spit out his water in surprise. "Hmm, that voice...The eyes...The hair...Are you Ino's brother?"


"I didn't know Ino had a brother!"

"I'm not - "

"Come with me!"

Before Deidara could say anything, the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki took his hand and pulled him along. He had no choice but to follow. Thinking about it as he was pulled away, Deidara realized the Naruto had a personality similar to his own, before Sasori died. Had he really changed that much in such a short amount of time? It seemed impossible that a transition so big could be made in a year.

Still captured within Naruto's hand, Deidara tried his hardest to control the mouth on his own, so as to appear normal to the Jinchuuriki. And, although the boy was a fool, Deidara had to admit that he was attracted to him, both physically and emotionally. He wanted to get to know Naruto, and he wanted Naruto to get to know him. Feelings within him sparked in his heart and stomach - feelings he hadn't experienced for over a year.

A difficult question came to him then: Would his Danna have wanted this for him? Or would he have wanted to be Deidara's only love?

A painful jolt surged through Deidara's heart, tempting him to stop walking. Was he replacing Sasori this way, or just moving on? Would Sasori be angry as he watched from wherever he was, or would he be happy? They had been together for years, but there was still no way of fully knowing how Sasori would've felt.

Forcing himself to pay attention to his surroundings, Deidara realized that they were standing before someone's apartment. Naruto was fumbling with a set of keys, and a second later, he ushered Deidara inside, turning on the lights and closing the door as he did so. "I know you're not Ino's brother," Naruto told him, throwing his keys on a small, round table to Deidara's left. They were in the kitchen. "You want some Ramen?" he asked the artist as he moved off to a panty further to the left.

"I just had some, un." Deidara murmured as he looked around. The place was voice of any decoration on Naruto's part; it looked as though he had only slept here, not actually residing in the place.

"Suit yourself," Naruto replied with a shrug as he prepared some Instant Ramen. "Take a seat. Relax."

Deidara hesitated a moment before taking a seat at the small circular table. "Why did you bring me here?" he asked softly.

Taking his Ramen out of the microwave, Naruto grabbed himself a pair of chopsticks and sat at the table, slightly beside Deidara. The Jinchuuriki was an arms' length away. "Because," Naruto answered his previous question as he grabbed some noodles, "you looked really sad and alone. I don't like leaving people like that. So, you wanna talk about it?" He smiled as he slurped up his noodles.

A cold feeling washed over Deidara's core. This boy - the same he had reguarded a snothing to worry about a year ago - noticed Deidara's condition immediately and, out of kindness, decided to lend a hand. Perhaps he wasn't so stupid after all.

Oddly enough, Deidara found himself confessing everything to the blonde. He confessed how he had lost a lover that had been very dear to him and had been by his side for years. How he was now stuck with an idiot for a partner that actually noticed more than it seemed. How he noticed himself becoming more and more like his fallen lover and how depressed he had become. Nothing was edited, save for their names. The artist even found himself confessing how they used to have sex, how Sasori always decided everything in those situations.

Naruto was the perfect listener; despite his obvious hyperactivity, he listened quietly to Deidara's woes while he are, offering no criticizim. Putting down his chopsticks and wiping his face as Deidara finished, he murmured, "I remember you now, from when Gaara lost the Shukaku." He stood and moved off to the pantry, putting his dirty dishes in the sink.

Deidara's heart nearly stopped as it jumped into his throat. For an intense moment, nothing was said as Naruto leaned up against the far wall between the pantry and his room. He folded his arms as he rested his left foot against the wall.

Forcing himself to look away from the Jinchuuriki, Deidara managed, "Are you going to report me, un?"


The simple answer forced Deidara to look over at him again. "Hold me against my will? Torture me for information on the Akatsuki, un?"

"No," Naruto answered with a smile that sparked curiosity in Deidara.


"Because that'd be a waste." He offered no further information as he made another bowl of Ramen. Placing it in front of Deidara as he sat, he explained, "You're hungry. Eat up." Having gotten used to Sasori's commanding ways, Deidara silently complied. "As for your lover...His name was Akasuna Sasori, right?" Deidara winced, but nodded. "I never really met him, but I don't think he'd want you to be so miserable. I think he'd want you to find a new love and move on. He was your first - there's no replacing that. Simply having been with you is irreplaceable. Finding someone else is just moving on."

"Un," Deidara softly agreed, staring down at his Ramen as he continued to eat.

"So," the Kyuubi's Jinchuuriki asked, putting his chin to his hand, "are you going to tell me your name now, or not?"

The artist hesitated for a second before answering, "Deidara."

"Ooh, that's a pretty name!" Naruto exclaimed. "It suits you."

Deidara managed a half-smile before asking, "Why would it be a waste to report me, un?"

"Oh, it's cause I find you attractive and I want you to stick around."

Surprised, the blonde Akatsuki coughed his Ramen back into his bowl.

Naruto laughed. "I like how you spit out whatever's in your mouth when you're surprised, dattebayo." Once Deidara regained control of his breathing again, Naruto asked, "Are you going to leave?" Everything about him changed drastically; he went from happy and sociable to upset and withdrawn.

He seemed so upset at the mere possibility that Deidara couldn't bear to leave him. "I don't have to," he told the blonde fox. "My mission was to deliver the Ichibi to the Akatsuki, un. I've done that, so I'm not needed. They'll call when they want something, un."

Naruto's face brightened to the point where he seemed to be glowing. "Really? Great!" He jumped to his feet. "Anything you want or need, just tell me! Wait...I only have my bed..." A blush crept over the Kyuubi's face as he looked over at Deidara.

Deidara didn't miss that blush. Blushing as well, he managed, "I...don't mind...sharing..."

Both of the blondes' blushes increased. Silence followed for a long moment. Then, thankfully, Naruto changed the subject. "Hey, DeiDei-kun, how old are you?" He sat at the table again, waiting.

"'DeiDei-kun'...?" Deidara repeated. Sasori had never been one for sentimentals, and so nicknames - besides Danna - were completely new to him.

"Do you not like that? If you like, I could call you something else. Like Dei-chan or DeiDei or, um...Just Deidara..."

"It...doesn't matter." Deidara murmured.


"That's definitely out, un. 'Deidara' is ifne."

"Okay. So, how old are you?"

"Nineteen," he answered.

"Yeah? I'm sixteen!" He smiled and adjusted his headband. "What village are you from?"


Naruto nodded, then looked out a window in his bedroom that was plainly visible from where they sat. "Wow, it's dark out." Stretching, Naruto yawned and stood, walking over to his refrigerator. "I feel like something sweet," he said aloud. Searching the refrigerator and finding nothing, he cried out and fell to the ground on his stomach, crying, "There's nothing in there!"

Finishing his Ramen, Deidara left it and moved over to Naruto, extending a hand. "We could go out,"-Wrong phraze, he silently admonished himself--"and get something, un. I've got plenty of money."

"Really?!" Naruto suddenly reanimated himself, taking Deidara's hand and getting to his feet. "Yay! I want something chocolately!" He had yet to relinquish Deidara's hand. "Hey, what's that?" Naruto asked, picking uo the hand holding Deidara's. "It is...licking my palm?"

The Akatsuki froze, unable to think. He had forgotten to control the mouths on his hands. How would the blonde Jinchuuriki react? "They're," he began, trying to wet his dry throat, "mouths, un."

Gently, Naruto took Deidara's other hand in his free one and studied the mouth on his palm. "Huh," the younger blonde murmured as he carefully traced a finger around it. "Do they bite?"

"Not hard," he managed to answer. "More like nibbling, un."

Nodding, Naruto coaxed the mouth open, then dipped a finger inside, causing Deidara to gasp in surprise. Deadly shivers ran up his arm, down his spine, and throughout his entire body. He hadn't been so excited since Sasori.

Slowly, deliberately, Naruto hugged close to Deidara as he ran his head under the Akatsuki's shirt from behind. Deidara gasped softly at the sudden touch, arching closer to Naruto. "Nngh, Naruto, un..."

Naruto paused. "It is too soon?" He whispered in Deidara's ear. They looked like they were hugging.

"N-no, please, Naruto, continue..." It had been too long since he had last experienced this, and now that the offer was there, he couldn't let it go.

"C'mon," Naruto urged, keeping hold of Deidara's hand as he guided him to his room, closing the door behind them and shutting the blinds to the window.

Naruto turned back to him then and hugged close to him again. Again, Naruto explored Deidara'sback. But this time, Deidara realized, he was shaking more. "Kami, Naruto, are you still a virgin, un?"

"Y-yeah," he admitted softly. "I wanted to please you...Make you feel better. But I don't know how, really..." He chuckled weakly. "I-i'm sorry."

"Ssh," Deidara replied, holding the boy close. "don't apologize. Here, let me show you, un." Although a small pang of guilt ran through him, he ignored it and slowly unzipped Naruto's jacket, appreciating the form he could see under his black tanktop. Carefully, he pushed the jacket off of Naruto's shoulders and let it slide to the ground.

The Kyuubi was shaking even more now, if that was possible. Gently, Deidara wrapped his arms around him and kissed him as passionately - but as passive - as he knew how. Slowly, Naruto warmed up to him, his lips loosening. Feeling this, Deidara ran his tongue along Naruto's lips, begging entrance. Naruto gasped at the surprise show of tongue, and Deidara used that oppertunity to send his tongue inside his sweet cavern.

Naruto shuddered all over as Deidara's tongue explored his mouth. The Akatsuki invited him into his own mouth, encouraging the boy with movements of his own tongue. Eventually, Naruto warmed up to him and followed his instructions, willing his tongue into action. Excited shivers ran down Deidara's spine at the tongue-on-tongue connection, spurring him to gently push the other blonde down on the bed. Naruto silently complied, staring up at his seme with slightly lustful eyes.

Standing before his beautiful uke, Deidara pulled his shirt up over his head and off, throwing it to the side. The two stared each other down for a moment, before Naruto made to stand again. "Ah, ah," Deidara stopped him with his words. "You always were too eager for your own food, un." Deidara told him as he descended onto the bed, planting his lips on Naruto's. Exerting a little force, the Akatsuki coaxed Naruto into a lying position on the bed. Moving the position of his lips against Naruto's, Deidara slid his artistic hands up the uke's shirt, carefully learning his chest's geography. The mouth son his hands ejected their tongues, kissing, licking, and sucking Naruto's chest.

The blonde below him whimpered, causing Deidara to look up at him. "Nngh..." was all he could manage before whining again.

Suspecitng, Deidara glanced at Naruto's pants. He was already fully erect. Groaning, Deidara murmured, "Already, un? I'm ony semi..."

Naruto laughed weakly. Then, seemingly, a wave of impatience went through him, because he cried out as he arched upwards and whined, "D-deidara...It hurts..." He squirmed under Deidara's grasp, whining in discomfort.

Looking down at him, Deidara realized that he used to be the same way when he and Sasori first kicked it off.

Sasori had molded Deidara in his image.

Damn you, Danna. Deidara thought as he pulled Naruto's shirt off. Well, no more. With Naruto as witness, Deidara would return to his old ways and go out with a bang.

Naruto buried his hands in Deidara's hair, holding him close. He needed to either be in something or have something in him, Deidara realized. It was obvious; the way he clung to him, his breathing, the cries and pleas he made. Moving quickly, Deidara slipped his right hand into Naruto's pants, using the left to hold his hips down.

The blonde uke cried out at the welcome touch, his hips fighting Deidara's hold on them. The mouth on his right hand licked and nibbled, causing Naruto to cry out the Akatsuki's name. He was breathing heavier now, his body sweating.

Not much time, Deidara thought. Retrieving his hand, he commanded Naruto to take the rest of his clothes off whilst he did the same, hoping the movement would relieve the younger blonde, if only a little.

Looking back to him, Deidara groaned. Why did Naruto have to be a virgin? Studying the younger boy's equipment, Deidara desperately wanted it inside him.

Turning back to the task at hand, Deidara glanced down at his own length. He, too, was ready.

"Okay, Naruto," Deidara began, wraping his left arm behind Naruto's shoulders to keep him from moving too much, "This is going to hurt. A lot, un. Are you sure you want this?"

Naruto silently answered by opening his legs wide.

Nodding, Deidara positioned himself with his free hand and slowly began to slide into Naruto's tight entrance. Without the chance to loosen it a little, it had remained wonderfully tight, which was good for the both of them. Once inside, Deidara moved his right hand to Naruto's swollen member. Naruto groaned, and - in perfect synchronization - Deidara pumped Naruto's length and thrust inside completely. Naruto cried out his name in ecstacy, arching upwards slightly.

Continuing with his pattern, Deidara slowly changed positions within Naruto, searching. Now, where's that prostate? He asked himself, searching.

As if in answer, Naruto moaned, "Nnagh...Deidara..." causing Deidara to look up to his face. "R-right there...hit it harder..."

In response, Deidara tightly pumped Naruto as he thrust himself at the point, full force. Naruto cried out his name loudly, arching upwards as he released his fluids on their stomachs. "Ah, there we are..." Deidara whispered, happy to have pleased the young blonde.

"W-what was that?" Naruto whimped, his voice barely audible.

"Semen. The stuff we get girls pregnant with, un." Staring down at Naruto's wet belly, Deidara's mouth watered. Pulling out of the blonde, Deidara licked ever inch of skin he saw, from chest to member. Naruto whimpered softly, calling out the Akatsuki's name.

Satisfied, Deidara then returned to Naruto and kissed him gently on the lops. He exhaled deeply, satisfied, and came all over the younger's thigh. Naruto whimpered again, and Deidara kissed his neck softly. "Go to sleep, Naruto. You're tired, un."

"W-will you be here when I wake up?"

"Right here." Deidara promised. Satisfied, the Jinchuuriki cuddled up close and closed his eyes, falling asleep. Deidara soon followed, exhaustion finally getting the better of him.



Kami - Japanese word for God

Konichiwa - Hello

Sempai - Upperclassmen/someone more expreienced

Nani - What

Baka - Idiot

Danna - Master

Itadakimasu - Thank you for this meal/I gratefully recieve/ yadda yadda yadda

Jinchuuriki - 'Power of Human Sacrifice' Those with one of the tailed beasts sealed within them.

Kyuubi - 'Nine Tails' Naruto's tailed beast

Shukaku - One of the many names of Gaara's previous beast

Ichibi - 'One Tail' Gaara's tailed beast

Seme - Dominant guy in a yaoi relationship

Uke - Recessive guy in a yaoi relationship

This was originally intended to be a oneshot, but I think I'm going to make it a short story. I love this pairing :) Even if it is a little on the crack side. But what the hell? I'm the queen of crack pairings XD