Chapter 4

Deidara awoke sometime later, on his back with his left arm cradling Naruto's shoulders, to the voice of his late Danna. "Wake up, brat." Instantly, Deidara's eyes shot open. "Forget whining about me being a ghost. Just listen. In approximately two days, Hidan and Kakuzu will arrive. Only hours after their arrival, Itachi and Kisame will return, and Zetsu will come along eventually. If you don't do anything to protect Naruto-kun, he will be taken from you."

The ex-Iwa nin blinked twice, moaning. It was too early for him to understand what the ghost was trying to tell him. He stretched, closing his eyes as he did so, and yawned. When he opened his eyes again, Sasori was gone.

Sasori's sudden appearance didn't phase him at all. Perhaps it was because he was too tired, or that he was getting used to it. For the sake of his own sanity, Deidara desperately hoped for the former.

Beside him, Naruto yawned like a baby fox - so adorable, Deidara thought - and rolled onto his side, cuddling up close to Deidara. "Mmngh...Dei-chan..."

"Hmm?" Deidara asked, his left arm still holding the younger.

"Was...was I good...?" His ocean blue eyes fluttered open as he looked up to the artist.

"You were excellent, un." Deidara responded with a smile as he wiped a stray hair from the Uzumaki's face.

"I like being on the bottom more, though, so you still have to be seme." He yawned again, and Deidara couldn't help but kiss him on the cheek.

"Naru-chan, you're so adorable, un..." He planted another kiss on the uke, this time on the side of his mouth. With a sigh, he backed off and looked to the ceiling, his arm still around Naruto. "How long has it been since you first came here, Naru-chan?"

"Three days," Naruto answered happily as he cuddled up closer.

"Three days, un?" Deidara asked as he returned his gaze once more to the younger blonde. "I'm no good at keeping track of time. So you have to do it for me, okay, un?"

Naruto nodded once and kissed Deidara's neck. He sat up and left the bed, collecting his clothes as he said, "Well, I'm gonna go take a shower, dattebayo. Would you like to join me, Dei-chan?" Naruto asked the last sentence as he looked over his shoulder to Deidara.

There was no defying those big blue eyes and that angelic face.

After their shared shower - which included no sex, Deidara was proud to say - the two blondes decided to have some Ramen for breakfast. Their morning remained clean, which made Deidara happy. It's awesome this isn't just about sex, he thought as he studied Naruto from across the breakfast table. The Jinchuuriki was unaware that he was being watched. Kami, he's so adorable. And when he's not adorably childish, he's unbelievably sexy. A capillary in his nose popped, and soon he was bleeding.

"Dei-chan, your nose is bleeding, dattebayo..." Naruto murmured as Deidara held his nose and looked to the ceiling. "Are you okay?" He asked in an adorably concerned-sounding voice.

Deidara managed a nod. "Un. I'm fine. No need to worry, Naru-chan." He smiled softly. "Just thinking about you, is all."

Out of the corner of his eye, Deidara noticed Naruto's heavy blush. The seme smiled, loving the sexy look of Naruto when he blushed. His nosebleed stopped, and Deidara lowered his head to look at the Jinchuuriki completely. Naruto smiled and moved to sit beside Deidara. Sharing the boy's smile, Deidara silently motioned for the Uzumaki to sit on his lap. Naruto did so happily - giving Deidara a brief kiss on the cheek as he did so - and leaned against his chest. The ex-Iwa nin wraped his arm around the Konoha-nin's waist, nibbling his neck as he did so.

"Nngh, Dei-chan..." Naruto murmured as he craned his neck back and nibbled at Deidara's neck. He paused for a long while, then murmured, "Dei-chan...can I tell you something?" The younger looked to his eyes.

"Of course, un."

"Before I tell you," Naruto replied as he turned around on Deidara's lap so that they were directly facing one another, "you have to promise me you won't get mad or sad or want to leave me."

A look of confusion slipped over Deidara's face. "Okay. I promise I won't do any of those things, un."

Naruto nodded, biting his lower lip for a moment. "Well...alright."-he looked away nervously--"I...was sorta thinking, and...I think I..." his voice drifted off as he looked into Deidara's eyes. There was a moment's pause, then a heavy sigh, before he finished, "I love you."

Deidara froze in surprise. A moment of silence passed between them as Deidara fought for words.

It must have been a moment too long, because Naruto burst into tears. "Please don't leave!" He forced a hug with the seme, holding on tight. "I-I'm sorry I said it, but I really do feel that way, dattebayo! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Just please don't leave me!"

Deidara chuckled lightly and returned the hug. "I love you too, un. Why would I ever want to leave you?"

"O-only once before, I...I told someone that I loved them. I said I loved them like a brother keep them from leaving. I finally admitted how I admired them and everything. D-demo...when I told them...they just hurt me more and left anyway. A-and so I don't want something like that ever again." He sniffled weakly.

"I will never leave you, un." Deidara whispered in the uke's ear.

"T-thank you, Deidara-chan." Naruto sniffed, his grip loosening in comfort.

"Hey, Naruto-bishie, I've never showed you my sculptures, have I?" Deidara asked softly, thinking of the sculptures he had made of Naruto.

"No," Naruto murmured, releasing Deidara completely and looking into his eyes.

"Well, then, let's go see them, un. You'll like them a lot." Naruto nodded once and climbed off Deidara, wiping the tears away.

Smiling in anticipation, Deidara led Naruto to his studio and proudly showed him his most recent sculptures. Naruto beamed with adoration and pride as he carefully held the sculptures in his hand, one by one, and studied them. "You made sculptures of me!" he shouted happily after replacing the last one on the table once more. Naruto forced a hug with the seme, nuzzling his face into the nape of Deidara's neck. "They're beautiful," the Jinchuuriki murmured against Deidara's neck.

"So are you, un." Deidara replied honestly as he hugged Naruto back. His heart fluttered with joy, and in that instant he knew he loved Naruto. "I love you," he murmured in Naruto's ear.

Naruto inhaled slightly at the phrase and looked up at Deidara, into his eyes. Their gaze was locked, and in Naruto's eyes Deidara could see all the love for him Naruto held. Gently, Deidara took Naruto's right hand in his own and cupped the boy's cheek with his left. Willing the mouth on his palm to stay shut, Deidara kissed Naruto as forcefully, passionately, and with as much love as he knew how. In his right hand, Naruto's hand clenched firmly with pleasure as the younger leaned in closer.

When he could feel Naruto really getting into it, Deidara pulled away. Naruto stuck his tongue out as Deidara moved, and Deidara smiled at the sexy image. "Let me show you the difference between 'having sex' and 'making love.'" It was a phrase that Sasori had used on him when they were first going out. A pang of sadness hit his heart, but he ignored it; Naruto was worth dying for.

Naruto's eyes sparkled as Deidara led him into his bedroom.

Once inside, Deidara held Naruto close and kissed him lovingly. Naruto responded with a passionate kiss of his own, running his hands up Deidara's shirt. Deidara smiled against Naruto's lips, kissing the side of the boy's mouth, then his chin, then his neck, which he nibbled on a little. Naruto groaned Deidara's full name and ran his hands up Deidara's shirt even more, to the point where Deidara had to back off so that his shirt could be taken off properly. Deidara's smile never faded as Naruto threw his shirt to the ground. The seme did the same, lustily unzipping his uke's sweat-shirt and throwing it to the ground. Naruto wordlessly took off his black tanktop and threw it to the ground.

Deidara bridged the small gap between them and kissed Naruto's lips, pushing him back against his bed. Naruto inhaled sharply as he fell into a lying position and Deidara crawled on top of him. Taking things slow, as Sasori had taught him for true love-making, Deidara passionately kissed Naruto's neck and nibbled at it again.

Naruto exhaled with pleasure, arching upwards as Deidara nibbled and kissed his neck. The uke's arms wrapped themselves around Deidara, holding him close as Deidara left a trail of kisses from his lips to his chest. Naruto took another breath of pleasure as Deidara moved to the uke's pants and nibbled at the button holding them together. Deidara pulled up on them with his teeth, earning him a satisfied moan from Naruto. Slowly, carefully, Deidara took off his own pants and dropped them to the floor. He returned to Naruto, then, and planted a kiss on the boy's lips.

Deidara nibbled on Naruto's lips, and the younger male gave entrance immediately. Their tongues met, and Deidara found himself moaning into Naruto's mouth. In response, Naruto wrapped his arms around Deidara's shoulders, digging his nails into his back in a needful way.

Things were coming without conscious thought, now. Nibbling Naruto's collarbone, Deidara slid his hands down the boy's body, following its length until he reached the uke's pants. Once there, Deidara carefully removed Naruto's pants and massaged the Jinchuuriki's throbbing penis. Naruto groaned Deidara's name in pleasure, and Deidara kissed his neck.

Naruto slipped off Deidara's boxers, earning him a grunt of satisfaction. Deidara followed suit and held Naruto's member gently, letting the mouth on his palm lick and nibble at it. Naruto took another deep breath, whispering Deidara's name as the seme slid off the boy's boxers. Deidara moved to the area just before Naruto's length throbbed and kissed it lovingly. He then returned to Naruto and kissed his neck as he slowly hitched the boy's legs over his shoulders. Naruto bit his lower lip and arched upwards a little as Deidara stuck first one, then two of his fingers into the Uzumaki's entrance. Deidara kissed Naruto's lips again as he simultaneously scissored Naruto opened and closed.

Satisfied, Deidara retrieved his fingers, then slowly entered Naruto's still-tight entrance. Naruto cried out - like a human, Deidara was surprised to notice - and Deidara let him. After a moment, Deidara slammed into Naruto with all the strength he had, hitting the prostate dead-on. Naruto screamed out Deidara's name in pleasure and held him tightly. Deidara smiled at the uke's reaction and continued slamming into Naruto's prostate. Naruto continued to cry out in pleasure.

They continued this for a while before tiring. Deidara slowed to a halt, released his fluids, then pulled out of the uke, collapsing onto him in exhaustion.

Naruto was crying. "Naruto, why are you crying, un?" Deidara whispered, concerned.

"I just feel so loved, dattebayo. That wasn't just sex. It was..."

"'Making love.'" Deidara finished with a smile as he moved stray hair out of Naruto's face. "You know, you didn't go Kyuubi at all, un."

Naruto managed a small nod. "I know. I don't know why I didn't, though, but I think it's better this way..." His voice began to drift as his eyelids dropped.

Deidara kissed Naruto's forehead gently as he rolled off the uke. "You're tired, un. Go to sleep, bishie."

Naruto nodded, but before he complied, he rolled onto Deidara's stomach, using the seme's chest as a pillow.

When he awoke, it was to a panicked shaking. "Dei-chan, Dei-chan," Naruto hissed as he shook Deidara's arm, "Deidara, get up!" his voice never went above a whisper.

"Un?" The seme murmured, still half asleep. "What's wrong?" he murmured with a yawn as he propped himself up on his elbow.

"T-there's someone else here," the uke stuttered. "Two someones. One of them is really loud and swears a lot."

Deidara's heart stopped. "H-hidan and Kakuzu," he whispered. Inwardly, his mind was screaming many different things at once, in a language he couldn't understand.

Finally, one thing clicked into place: Don't let them find Naruto! Panicking, Deidara threw his clothes on, ordering Naruto to do the same. Once finished, Deidara grabbed Naruto's neck and kissed him with all the force he had. "Naruto," he whispered feverishly, still holding Naruto close, "go into the bathroom. Lock the door and stay in there until I call for you, un. Don't come out before then no matter what, okay?"

Naruto gulped and nodded once. "Deidara..." he murmured, cupping the seme's cheek in his hand.

Deidara gently put his hand over Naruto's, tightly closing his eyes. "There's no time," he whispered as he opened his eyes and gently pushed the younger away. "I love you, un." Deidara whispered as he closed the door to the bathroom.

An instant later, he heard the lock click shut.

Nodding once, Deidara left his room and his studio, making sure to lock both as he left. It was an Akatsuki rule to never enter a closed door without knocking first.

"There you are," Kakuzu said when Deidara entered the kitchen.

"We were calling for you for a fucking hour," Hidan cursed as he grabbed a snack out of the cabinets.

"Gomen," Deidara apologized. "I was sleeping, un." There was a pause as he grabbed a snack of his own, then asked, "So, what brings you two back so soon?" He tried to sound nonchalant, but he could tell both of the other Akatsuki had picked up on hidden meanings.

"We actually do our job," Kakuzu said softly, his voice ice water of Deidara's core. "instead of having sex all of the time. Waste of money, if you ask me." He mumbled.

Deidara went a bright shade of red. "I don't...sleep with Tobi. He's an idiot, un."

"You and Sasori used to fuck each other all the time." Hidan retorted, bits of food falling from his mouth as he did so.

Deidara could do nothing but look away. "Yeah, well...I bring in more money now. Besides, me and Sasori-danna always got our missions done on time, un."

Kakuzu shrugged. "Whatever. Vindicate yourself as much as you want."

After a long moment of silence, Deidara changed the subject. "Well, anyway, since the two of you are back, I'm going to leave for a while, un. Tell Pein-sama I'll be back in a few days." He turned away.

"Where the fuck will you go?" Hidan called after him.

"Why would you care?" With that, he left the room.

After obtaining Naruto from the bathroom, Deidara carefully led his uke out of the base. He held Naruto's mouth, so that the boisterous blond was perfectly silent as they walked. Deidara's heart raced with tension, but he was sure to keep it hidden from the Jinchuuriki.

It took Deidara a lot of careful strategies and some rule-breaking, but they managed to escape from the base. Once outside, the two blondes ran into the woods a distance, then stopped to rest. "You can talk now, un." Deidara told him.

"Your hand was frenching me the entire time, dattebayo!" Naruto shouted with a smile.

Deidara smiled back. "I know. Gomenasai. But I needed you to stay quiet, un. Well, we made it out. Where will we go now, un?"

"We could go to my house..." Naruto murmured. "But you'd need to take that cloak off, dattebayo."

He nodded and pulled it over his head, bundling it in his arms. "Can you fit this in your bag, un?"

"Ah," Naruto said with a nod as he took his bag off his shoulders and opened it. Inside, Deidara was surprised to find, was an odd hat and pajamas.

"You brought pajamas," Deidara said flatly as he stuffed his cloak inside.

"I didn't think I'd be naked ninety-percent of the time, dattebayo." Naruto answered with a smile as he adjusted his headband.

Deidara smiled and kissed him. "Lead the way, Naru-chan."

With that, they jumped through the trees, towards Naruto's village.


Iwa - Stone

Seme - Dominant male, or the one on top in a yaoi relationship

Uke - Recessive male, or the one on the bottom in a yaoi relationship

Dattebayo - 'You know,' not 'Believe it.'

Jinchuuriki - 'Power of human sacrifice.' Those with the tailed beasts embedded within them.

Kami - God

Konoha - Leaves

Demo - But

Bishie - Pretty boy

Kyuubi - 'Nine Tails.' The tailed beast within Naruto

Gomen - Sorry

Gomenasai - I'm very sorry


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