Obi-Wan's brother died when Obi-Wan was sleeping. There were nightmares that night about their latest quarrel, but awakening and knowing without doubt that Anakin was one with the Force was the worst nightmare of all. As days passed, every Master still in-Temple paid his respects to Obi-Wan, Yoda included.

"Mourn him not, miss him do not. Fulfilled his destiny, he has." Obi-Wan had to agree as he pulled himself together and read the reports trickling in detailing Anakin's heroic defense of the Supreme Chancellor's transport. Anakin had decimated Grievous' sortie and the battle became one-on-one combat with the cyborg's fighter. The end of the report, from Anakin's own Delta-7 black box, Obi-Wan sat through once and never again.

"We got him, Artoo -- wait, he's cabled my left control surface, he's coming over out of the wreckage -- claws cracked the viewport -- fry him, Artoo! -- no air -- aaaakkkrk --

Grievous' remains were under study in the Analysis Room, but what was left of Anakin had been brought back with due reverence by the Supreme Chancellor himself to the south hangar. When Obi-Wan lit the pyre that night, all the resident Masters praised Obi-Wan's tutoring. Yoda kept his own counsel, stooped and shaking his head. Mace Windu and Quinlan Vos flanked Obi-Wan as the flames licked the shrouded figure.

"He could not have had a better Master, Obi. It wasn't your fault he was so headstr-- "

"Enough, Vos! Obi-Wan, later on we'll talk about another Padawan for you. The new crop of Initiates is outstanding, I must say -- "

Obi-Wan walked away from them both to stand side by side with Palpatine. After a moment's hesitation, he did something that Qui-Gon would have done. He put one arm around the old man's slumped shoulders.

"Master Jedi, he hated the cold so and to pass on like that -- "

Obi-Wan's throat constricted. The flames rose higher and standing as close as he was, he was as overheated as those days on Tatooine. He pulled Palpatine gently away with him and stepped backwards into cool shadows.

The End