Treasure Hunting

The warm breeze sighed over Sesshomaru, nectar and fresh blossoms in its breath. Sitting beneath a tree's leafy, outstretched arms, penetrating sunlight dappled his hakama and bounced off armor. He inhaled and savored summer's scents. Contentment nearly forgotten in the last five or so centuries.

At the sensation of a tickle on talon, Sesshomaru peeked through black lashes. A yellow and black leaf balanced just on the edge. His eyes fully opened, the demon realized the leaf was an petty insect. "No, a butterfly."

Translucent wings fanned up and down, testing the currents from its perch. In the manner of daiyokai, Sesshomaru remained perfectly still. Slowly, he twisted his wrist so the decorated guest now stood in the platform of his palm.

Such a fragile existence, he quietly marveled. Here was this tiny creature surrounded by claws and it waved antennae as if addressing an old friend. Sesshomaru could crush it if he so pleased; not too long ago, he wouldn't have wasted time observing it.

Of course, the butterfly knew no better. It explored meekly, tasting new territory with every step. This frail construct of matter had a yesterday and would probably see a tomorrow.

Truly, a little gift of life.


For a stretch of three seconds, Sesshomaru's eyes didn't register the small sack that engulfed his hand until Rin chirped, "You got him, Lord Sesshomaru!"

The daiyokai blinked. Rin scraped fingers over the still outstretched palm, then tightened the neck of her sack. Sesshomaru tipped his hand and a bit of yellow wing fluttered off.

"Great, now I can go show Jaken!" She glanced back at the demon. "Why the long face? It's just a bug." Turning, Rin rolled eyes, mumbling, "You know when he sits alone too long, I get really worried about where his mind wanders."


A/N: Inspired by that third-grader at Freemont Park. In memory of her subject.