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--Between Two Loves--

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Summary:Ino is stuck between two guys. SasuInoGaa Main: SasuIno

--Prologue: The Beginning--

Chuunin Exams were taking place and the stadium in which the battles were occurring was packed. The audience watched battle after battle, waiting diligently for one certain fight. The battle of the year, century even: Sasuke Uchiha versus Gaara no Sabaku.

The time finally came for the most waited battle. The Sand nin stepped onto the battle field, but Sasuke was still nowhere in sight. They were just about to call off the fight, when all of the sudden, the entire stadium became silent. Leaves swayed in the wind to reveal the raven-haired boy and his sensei—Kakashi Hatake.

"Sasuke! It's really him!" Ino Yamanaka could feel her heart beat rapidly as she stared down from where she was sitting. The blonde turned to her once again friend and smiled. "Sakura, he's here!"

"I know!" The equally excited girl exclaimed.

Not too soon after the Uchiha arrived, the battle between Sasuke and Gaara began. Sasuke charged towards Gaara with his fist aiming at the Sand ninja's face. As soon as the raven-haired boy was mere seconds from his opponent's nose, sand shot up to protect the red-haired boy. Sasuke quickly moved out of the way in order to avoid some sort of trap. Gaara launched sand towards the Uchiha, who quickly dodged the attack.

The intense battle continued with each opponent avoiding the other's attacks. Suddenly, Gaara's sand began to surround him. Everyone was transfixed as the sand shaped itself into a sphere with Gaara being the prize inside. A perplexed Sasuke stood in a fighting stance as he stared at the thing before him.

"Oh, no. Gaara." Temari looked at Kankuro with a worried expression. Their little brother had done something bad.

Sasuke snapped out of his trance and decided now was the perfect time to win this battle. He was going to prove once and for all that he was the strongest of all the genin taking the test. The Uchiha's arm began to spark up—it was time to show his new jutsu!

"Chidori!" Sasuke charged at the sand sphere and tried to punch through the sand. He managed to do so, for at that precise moment, a piercing scream reached everyone's ears. That was when things got bad. A deformed Gaara came out of his hiding spot and reveal by his body that he was part demon.

'Sasuke!' Ino thought from the audience seats. As the blonde looked around, she noticed things were just as bad in the audience section as it was on the battle field with Sasuke. Sound ninja suddenly appeared out of no where and ambushed the Leaf citizens. 'Oh no! They're putting a genjutsu on us. Release! Better pretend to fall into the trap in case things get bad.'

From her position, Ino felt Sakura do similar hand-signs as she had done. The Yamanaka heard as Kakashi told the rest of Team 7, his summoned dog, and Shikamaru to go retrieve Sasuke—who had run out to follow Gaara.

Ino stood with her head to her knees as Kakashi, Asuma, Kurenai, and Gai fought alongside the ANBU Black Ops to demolish the Sound ninjas. The cerulean-eyed girl waited until she was sure no one was paying attention to her and slipped away to follow her friends. 'Kami-sama. Please let them be all right.'

On her way to follow their tail, Ino spotted Shikamaru fighting against a mob of ninjas. She was just about to go help him when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Though she didn't turn to see who it was, she knew perfectly well whose hand it was.

"Asuma-sensei. I know that you're going to say I'm stupid for coming here alone, but I just had to come. And no, I'm not going back!"

Team 10's leader chuckled as he heard the blonde's words. Ino turned to look back at the man with a questioning look. "Ino, I'm not going to stop you. Hecks, if Sakura gets to go, I think you should, too. You don't want to lose to her, now do you? Go. I'll stay and help Shikamaru."

Ino smiled brightly and hugged her sensei. "Thanks, Asuma-sensei."

With one last took at the jounin, the mind-possessor went on her way. Ino finally arrived to witness a horrible sight. Sasuke was being pummeled by a horrible creature, and Sakura was being crushed against a tree. Ino looked all over for any signs of Naruto. She finally spotted him and was glad to see he was okay. That feeling soon went away when she redirected her attention to Sasuke.

The obsidian-eyed boy screamed in pain as he was thrown carelessly across the forest. He landed on a fallen tree trunk, and lied motionless as he watched Naruto take over his fight. "Dammit!" Sasuke yelled with all his might; through all the exhaustion, he slowly closed his eyes and passed out.

"Oh my goodness, W-w-w-what's going on?" Ino stayed hidden as she witnessed Gaara transform into his full-demon stage. At seeing Shakaku, Naruto tried countless times to summon the frog that had sworn loyalty to him. After many attempts, the orange-wearing ninja seceded and went on to a full on battle with Gaara.

When the coast was clear, Ino rushed off to go see Sasuke. "Sasuke? A-a-are you…Sasuke! Say something!" Tears poured down the Yamanaka's face as she checked to see if Sasuke was still alive. Relief spread through her body when she confirmed that he was in fact breathing.

Just then, Ino remembered Sakura and rushed to her aid. The unconscious pink-haired nin was breathing but was still strapped to tree by Gaara's sand. Ino figured that since Gaara was longer there to control the sand, Sakura would be freed. But as much as the blonde tugged, Sakura would not be completely freed from the sand's clutched.

Ino finally gave up but was at least glad that the Haruno was alive. With one last look at her emerald-eyed friend, Ino walked back to where Sasuke was lying. The cerulean-eyed blonde smiled as she stared at his sleeping form. She sat near him and moved Sasuke's head on top of her legs.

Sasuke finally began to stir and when he opened his eyes, Ino was staring at the destroyed forest. "Yamanaka. What are you doing here?"

"Oh! Hi, Sasuke!" Ino was still absent-mindedly running her hand through the Uchiha's hair. He gave her a questioning look as she did so, and then Ino pulled her hand away quickly. "Right. Sorry. I just…I wanted to see if you were okay."

Sasuke stared at Ino and then turned his head away. "Sasuke, is something wrong?"


The blonde used her hand to force Sasuke to look at her and stared at him with deep concern. "Uchiha. What's wrong? Do I have to use my Shintenshin to get my answer?"

"Uchiha, now is it? Hn." Sasuke said with a smirk.

"Sasuke, c'mon. I know we're not close like you are with Sakura, or how we use to be, but…I'm worried about you. I do care about you. Just…please tell me. Trust me."

The avenger avoided eye contact and then realized his head was resting on Ino's legs. "Ino, why am I resting on top of your legs?" A small, yet evident, blush appeared on both Ino and Sasuke's cheeks.

"It's nothing like that, I swear. I just thought you'd bee more comfortable here than lying on the hard tree trunk. I'm sorry. I can move if you want?"

"No. It's fine. Just don't tell anyone, got it?"

The Yamanaka smile brightly and raised her hand as if on oath. "I promise. But you have to tell me what's wrong. I know something is wrong with you."

"Hn. I don't want to talk about it."

"Sasuke, I think I know you better than anyone. Not because I stalk you or anything!" Ino laughed as Sasuke raised an eyebrow. "Fine, I do stalk you. But that's only when I get bored. And who can blame me? You're so damn sexy." Ino blushed as Sasuke smirked and rolled his eyes simultaneously.

"Fine. I'm angry."

"Care to elaborate?"


"Fine. But just to tell you, I could figure it out if I wanted to. After all, I am a girl, and a Yamanaka, and excellent kunoichi. So blah!" The cerulean-eyed girl stuck out her tongue and then the unthinkable happened. "Sasuke! Oh my goodness. You laughed. Is this some kind of alternate universe or something?" Ino chuckled lightly.

"Very funny, Yamanaka."

"It's Ino. Not Yamanaka. That's too formal."

"Whatever." Ino gave Sasuke a look, and the boy couldn't help but sigh. "Ino."

"Thank you. Well, I'll be back, Sasuke. I'm going to go see if Naruto is okay." The Yamanaka felt Sasuke tense up but she kept quite. She knew his male ego had been hurt and didn't want to push her luck by asking him more questions. The last Uchiha survivor sat up and stared at Ino's form disappear. The lightest blush appeared on Sasuke's features as he remembered how comfortable he had been. "Ino."

The blonde got to Naruto as soon as his and Gaara's battle had ended. Ino saw as Temari and Kankuro helped their baby brother to his feet. Ino began walking towards Naruto to help him up, but the bright blonde boy was already to his feet. Ino got as far as a few feet from him.

Suddenly, Gaara's eyes caught those of Ino. The blonde felt as if all the air had been sucked out of her; her heart began beating rapidly and confusion spread through spread through Ino's body. Shouldn't she despise this guy for hurting Sasuke, Naruto, and Sakura? Shouldn't she be afraid of him? He had a demon inside him, for goodness sake!

But no. Ino wasn't angry or scared of Gaara. Something inside of her was attracted to that look in the Sand nin's eyes. By the look in his eye, Ino could tell that he felt the same thing, too. Their eyes stayed interlocked as Temari and Kankuro left with Gaara.

"Ino! Hi! What are you doing here? Ino? Hello?" Naruto waved his hand in front of the blonde's face.

"Huh?" Ino blinked back into reality. "Naruto. Hi! I…uh…thought you guys needed help. Well, I took care of Sasuke and Sakura. They're alive. Let's go back?"

"Yeah, okay." A perplexed Naruto answered. "Lead the way."

Ino returned the Uzumaki's smile and turned to go back to the other two Konoha genin. But on their way there, all Ino could think about was of the red-haired boy. Something about him awakened a feeling as Ino had never felt before. But the more she thought about it, Ino realized that she had felt like this before. That feeling had been only for Sasuke. What the hell was going on with her emotions?