"A Time Lord's name isn't just a title given by their parents," he began, the unmistakable sound of arrogant glee in his voice, "It is a title granted by Gallifrey itself. In the whisper of the wind, the calls of animals, or even the patterns of the constellations in the sky, a child born of Gallifrey is forever linked to that world by their very name." Jack struggled against his chains as the Master continued his rambling. He knew it would make no difference- he would escape, be gunned down and eventually wake up back where he started again, but he had to at least try, all he had to do was get to the Master for one second...

"So I ask you, captain," the Master continued, pacing away from the immortal man, "how do you think a man who abandons Gallifrey feels when he uses a name born of the planet?" Jack simply stared at the malevolent Time Lord, refusing to grace his captor's question with an answer.

"How do you think the man who annihilated Gallifrey would feel when his name is used?" The Master asked, almost orgasmic with delight as he asked his question. "Knowing that every syllable, every stroke of the pen that made his name was stained with the blood of millions of his kin? Men, women, children, the very planet itself, reduced to ashes, all because of him?" Behind the Master, Jack could see the frail, aged figure of the Doctor simply sitting passively in his wheelchair, not moving, not even blinking.

"So what if I told you, Jack," The Master giggled, "that your precious Doctor's name was-"

Jack screamed. He screamed and screamed and screamed as long and as hard as he could, desperately trying to block out the sound of his tormentor's voice. He continued screaming as he felt the guards' bullets pierce his skin, and he screamed his way into oblivion.

The immortal man awoke gasping for air, aware of a presence merely inches from his ear, whispering something to him. Jack sagged in his chains, his body and soul defeated. He had known that the Master would make certain that the first thing he heard upon reviving was the Doctor's name. Jack slowly looked up and met the gaze of the decrepit Time Lord, whose eyes were flooded with tears. For the first time since his capture over eleven months ago, Jack felt his last shred of hope slip away. It was only when he looked up and saw the Doctor mouth one simple word, that Jack's will to fight returned- but with a vengeance.

The word was Martha. As long as she was out there fighting, so would Jack be.