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Candice sat there and listened to the water running as she was waiting for her best friend Maria to finish in the shower. She looked around and

saw her luggage sitting there and began to remember...

Candice picked up her bags and walked to the door but, before she left, she turned around to see Randy sitting on the bed.

"If you can't accpet it then fine!...but, you didn't have to cheat on me!...and certainly not with a skank like her!!", she screamed "why can't you

just accept that you're going to be a father?!...or at least a failure by the looks of it right now!"

Candice had been dating Randy for 8 months and after she became pregnant with his baby, he decided to cheat on her. Not because he couldn't

handle the baby...because he didn't WANT to.


She snapped out of her thoughts when she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket.

"Hello?", she said.

"Hey Candy, are you ready we're gonna be late", she heard a voice with a strong North Carolina accent say.

"Oh...Hey Jeff, I'm just waiting for Ria to finish in the shower"

"Well, in that case, can I come over??"


"Ok , bye",he said and hung up the phone. Jeff and Candice were best friends and after her breakup with Randy, he had helped her alot.He never

even knew why they were dating in the first place.

A few minutes later, she heard some one knocking on the hotel room door. She got up making sure that she didn't hurt herself and headed for the

door. She opened it and saw the rainbow-haired worrior standing before her, smiling.

"Hey Candy!", he said and looked at her.

"Hey come on in", she said and locked the door behind him. Candice sat on the couch and Jeff sat on the floor and turned on the TV.

"Jeff..are you sure you don't want to sit on the couch...I don't bite!"

"I know", he said and smirked "it's just to annoy you", he said. He got up and sat right infront of Candice so she couldn't see the TV. He knew that

she was too tired to move with the baby.

"Jeff!", she yelled "move!...god you have such a big head!"


"Ooo Jeff I know you can hear me!!", she folded up a nearby magazine and hit him in the head.


"Well then move your big head!"






"What's happening out here!", yelled Maria coming out of the shower with a towel on. She hadn't realized that Jeff was there "Ahh! Jeff tell me

when you're here so I can be decent"

"Well, I really don't care", he said smirking. Maria rolled her eyes and Candice gave him another hit in the head with the magazine.

"Anyways, what was that?"

"It was us", said Candice.

"Ooo I thought it was two little kids fighting on the TV"

"But...", said Jeff

"Cause you two are a bunch of kids...or at least you fight like kids", she laughed and walked back to the shower.

"We're not that bad...are we?", asked Jeff

"Nah", said Candice.

They both heard a knock at the door. Candice was getting up and Jeff could see that she was struggling.

"I'll get it", he said getting up. He walked over to the door and opened it to see John Cena himself standing in the door way.

"Hey Hardy...what's up??"

"Nothing much...come on in", he closed the door behind John.

"Hey's it going with the baby?"

"Fine", she said.

"Now where's my Maria?", asked John.

"She's taking a shower apperently", said Jeff staring blankly at the TV.

"Ooo better sit down...this may take a while", said John sitting beside his best friend.

"Yea...women they take waay to long!", said Jeff turning on the game.

"Amen to that!", said John. Jeff saw Candice looking at him with the 'you guys are such kids' look. He just laughed to himself and waited for the

magazine to hit him in the head. Candice walked knocked on the bathroom door and heard Maria answer.

"Come on Ria!!", yelled Candice "we're gonna be late for our flight!". Vince had given them a trip to Italy. Candice was so excited for her and

Randy to go but, since the incident occured she gave the extra ticket to some one that she trusted...she gave it to Jeff. Even though, this made

rumors start about them dating, Candice didn't care becuase Jeff was one of her best friends and since Jeff was going the according to him,

the next best thing was coming...Matt. Also, Candice knew that it wouldn't be a trip without her best friend Maria and she couldn't go without

her sweet angel John. The needed one more person so they brought along Dave he and Matt had always wanted to go to see, as always, how

much they he could eat.

"I'm coming Candy!", yelled Maria. She walked out of the bathroom with a towel around her and one wrapped around her hair. She quickly

walked into her room and ten mintues later, she came out ready.

"Finally!", yelled Jeff "let's get going I have to go find that idiot I call a brother!".

"Ooo come on!...Matt isn't that bad", said Candice partly leaning on Jeff for some support.

"When your tooth brush falls into the toilet and he puts it back and waits for you to use it and then, tells you...yea!...he's pretty amazing!",he said


"Ewww!", exclaimed Maria.

"I knew something tasted different!", joked Jeff to annoy Maria.

"Ewww!", she exclaimed hiding her face on John's arm while they walked to the elevator. Jeff and Candice began to start laughing.

"Eww...Jeff you're so gross!", giggled Candice and pushed him. They all stepped into the elevator and saw Dave already inside.

"Hey guys!"

"Hey!...", they all said at once.

"Where's Matt?", asked John.

"We'll be at our floor soon", said Jeff. The elevator stopped at the 7th floor and Matt stepped in. He walked up to Jeff with both of them having a

fake expression of anger on their faces.

"Jeff", said Matt looking at him in disgust trying to supress laughter.

"'re looking well", said Jeff staring at him. They both turned their backs to each other and went to seperate ends of the elevator.

"You guys are so weird", said Dave. The elevator stopped at the ground floor and everyone stepped out into the hotel lobby. John went to go

check everyone out while everyone else were looking at brochures.

"OO wow...", siad Jeff looking at the sceneary in the brochure.

"That's beautiful", said Candice "can we go there!?"

"Yea sure", said Jeff turning the page "hey, here's something for you guys", he said looking at a whole bunch of stores.

"Ooo those clothes are soo cute!", said Maria.

"I know!", said Candice as they continued to talk about clothes. Jeff just sat there bored to death.

"Oh my god!", exclaimed Jeff trying to get some attention.

"What!", said Candice turning around to see Jeff holding the brochure.

"That is like...such a cute skirt!!"

"Jeff...", said Candice holding his shoulders and trying not to laugh.

"Yes...make this fast cause I've got a beautiful pink sweater calling my name", he said. At that moment Matt and Dave were standing behind him

with a confused look.

"Calm down...and that sweater is totally would look cuter in a nice light purple shade", giggled Candice a she saw Dave and Matt sit


"Ummm...", said Jeff trying to find an excuse "it's not what you think!"

"Yea...sure", said Matt sitting beside his younger brother "I always knew there was something wrong with you!"

"But...but!", said Jeff "oo never mind!".

They all walked to the rantal car and began their ride to the airport.

"Well...this is gonna be fun", sighed Jeff.

"It will", said Candice resting her head on his shoulder.


Ok there's the first chapter and I may not be making any others for a while becuase I'm going on a trip hope you enjoyed it and i'm working on

Chapter 10 of phantasma before I leave!