Kk here's another


Jeff sat there and lightly touched the baby's nose as it smiled.

"You're so cute", he said and smiled. He picked up his phone and scrolled through the contact list. He stopped at Randall Keith Orton. "Should I?"

He quickly goggled Randy's name and brought up his picture. He turn the phone and showed the baby. It was a picture of randy in his regular ring attire. The baby's hand touched the screen and by accident, changed it to a picture of Candice standing outside the ring holding Randy's hand after he won the championship.

"Don't worry i'll make sure you know your daddy",he said as the baby grabbed his hand. He heard a knock at the door and then opened it. It was a man in scrubs with a mask over his face... he looked like he was about ready to operate.

"Ummm..hi", he said in a clearly fake voice.

"Hi...John finally made it out of the washroom!",said Jeff and pulled him into the room.

"The nurses won't let me in just mother...and father",he said looking up at Jeff with a blank expression. Jeff went over and picked the baby up.


"Congratulations man!", he exclaimed and patted Jeff on the back "although you know he's not yours it's still..".

"Yea I know..."

"Pretty damn exciting!"

"Damn?",whispered Jeff.

"Fine darn geez he doesn't even understand yet"


"I named it after you", she said and smiled weakly.

"So!... you think that makes it better Amy!", yelled Matt.

"Please Matt calm down..."

"Calm down!...hell no! what the fuck is your problem!..."

"Matt please", she said and looked down.

"No Amy!...Just...why couldn't you tell me!", he said as his voice cracked.


"Why!",he yelled again.

"Matt stop!",she said. He calmed down when he saw the tears on her face.

"Just...is it a girl or a boy..."

"A little girl Matt",she said reaching into her purse. She took out her wallet and slid out the picture in the clear plastic window. She slid it across the table to him.

Matt took the picture and stared at it. He tried to look but he couldn't help his tears. He pretended to study the picture when he was really trying to hold back his tears.

"She's beautiful", he said and put the picture in his pocket. He watched Amy get up and buy him a bottle of water. He saw her stop and lean on a nearby tale. "Are you ok?"

"Yea Matt... I'm fine.. it's just ..."


"Why can't life be easier?... I'm sorry for everything..."

"It's ok... ", he said and held her.


"I love you", said Jeff as he was about to follow John out of the room.

"Which one of us are you talkin' to?", asked Candice and smiled.

"Both of you", he said and smiled. He felt Candice tug on his sleeve. He turned around and looked at her.


"Come here", she said and giggled. He leaned in and they kissed for what seemed like an eternity until there was a knock on the door. John opened it to see Matt and Amy.

"Can you guys come outside?", Matt asked. Jeff nodded and they both stepped out.

"What is it?", asked Jeff "I was in there with my baby!Ooo hi Amy"

"Hi...", she said and looked at him.

"Well he's very cute but what about mine?", Matt said and pulled out the picture from his pocket. He handed it to Jeff who, had a confused expression on his face.

"This... this kid... is yours?", asked John.

"Yes she is.."

"And her name is?..", asked Jeff.

"Well I obviously didn't name her after you like I said I did Matt... I named her after... your mom", she said and ran a hand through her auburn hair.

"Ohh", said Matt and looked down at the picture again.

"Her name is Ruby Elena Hardy"

"Beautiful", said Jeff and looked at the picture. He left Matt and Amy so they could talk things through.


"Oo my gosh", said Maria and picked up the baby "what are you and Jeff gonna name this handsome little boy?"

"I don't know yet..", said Candice and smiled at her little boy.

"Well you have to before you leave the hospital you know?"

"I know!.. I'm not leaving with baby unknown!"

"I know I'm just kidding... how about Josh...",said Maria and looked over. Candice scrunched her nose at the idea.

"Nah... maybe Jake..or Joseph"

"Joseph is nice..", said Maria and gently gave the baby to Candice.



"Jeff and are right... right?"


"I mean it's good we're together... "

"Yes of course everyone has been waiting so long for you two to hook up!"

"Ok", said Candice and laughed


"Hey everyone!", said John.

"Hey", said Shad and J at the same time.

"Who the hell is he?", asked J to the guy standing beside John.

"Shh!", said John "he's my new friend his brother Ling delivers my food"

"Ooo that new Chinese restaurant?",asked Shad.

"No... the Mexican one... why did it have to be a Chinese one?"

"Noo umm I meant"

"Dude we're in Italy... why is he here?", said J trying to change the conversation.

"Cause... his cousin Jin lives out here..."

"And his name is..", asked Shad.


"Ooo well I just..", said J and looked down.

"Oo what did you think.."

"No.. nothing..."

"That his name was.."

"Ok stop! oK!.. welcome Steve!", said Shad and shook his hand.

"Thanks", he said and pushed up his glasses.

"Yea Steve don't take any of their crap... no one's gonna push you around ever again", said John and held him close.

"Wow...", said J.

"I wonder how Maria is gonna react to this one", said Shad.


Candice just stayed there holding her boy and watched Jeff sleep in the chair.. she reached over and held his hand.
A smile crept across her face when she felt him squeeze back. Right now.. she didn't care about Randy.. she was so happy...


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