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Walking the halls of the castle she had been living in ever since this plan began, she was soon joined by Zola, the computer Nazi who had worked for her father for so many years, was now somewhat under her control. He was still loyal to her father but he did what she asked, usually.
"i trust everything is in order?" she said without turning around and continuing to walk down the hall way.
"It is." Zola replyed in his computer voice, "You should know Sin that having the daughter of your father's enemy here was not the best idea."
Zola's words reached Sin's ears and Zola wished he could take his words back as Sin spun around on her heals and glared at him. He knew her to be as ruthless as her father. As a child she hadn't been that way. As a teen she had simply longed for her father's attention but now, with everything that had happened, if Sin was crossed, that was the end of it. In some ways she was more ruthless then her father could ever be and Zola had a feeling that now was one of those times.
"Despite appearances Zola, my father is not in charge here!" Sin said in a surprisingly even tone. However it was her even tone that meant she was furious. "If I want to bring the daughter of my father's enemy here, then I will do so! I no longer have to answer to my father!"
"but you do answer to me.' Came a deep voice from behind Sin. As she turned around, and Zola made his exit, Sin saw Victor Von Doom standing before her. His arms crossed and dressed his his usual Doctor Doom garb. "Zola is right. Bringing Sanction and T'Cama here was not part of the plan."
"it was always part of the plan. My plan anyway." Sin said, "You of all people should know about hidden agendas."
"You of all people should know that i don't do anything to help others simply to help others. There is always a price."
"And i will ensure that you get your price when this is finsihed." Sin said as she began to follow Doom through the castle and into what seemed to be a science lab of sorts. There was a tone of equipment lying around, including a multitude of Robots.
"No you won't Sin." Came a voice from a dark corner of the room. it was a voice that Sin had not heard in years and one she never thought she would hear again. Looking deeper into the far left corner she saw one of the robots move. It began to walk towards her and doom and when it came closer she realized who it was.
'Father?" she asked shocked. This had not been the plan either. She knew the plan with doom had been to attempt to bring her father back and use the clone in the event that it actually happened but she never thought it would actually have worked. "Your alive? but how...Doom, you knew about this? And kept it from me?"
"It's like you said, 'you of all people should know about hidden agendas.'".

Tony and T'Challa piloted the Quinjet that the two had built somewhat together. A Wakandan design group had aided in building and designing the jet but it was ultimately Tony's money that had brought the jet to life. this was a newer model but as expected, the jet usually didn't have a long life span. Especially when it was used by the Avengers. Before taking off, T'Challa had handed the beacon to his wife and now she was programing it into the navigations and map systems. Before too long, A 3d holographic image of the earth appeared in the middle of the isle in between Bucky and Natasha.
"Have you gotten the location yet?" T'Challa asked his wife lovingly.
"Yes, dear." Storm said, "The signal is coming from...

"Is that where I think it is?" Bucky asked, knowing the answer already as he looked at the hologram.

"That can't be right." Natasha said to herself.

"Where is the signal coming from?" Tony asked, wanting answers. The faster they got the signal, the faster they could find Ray and T'Cama.

"Tony," Natasha began, "The signal is coming from Latveria."

"Doom's place?" Bucky asked, "Why is it coming from there?"

"Maybe Sin and Doom have teamed up." T'Challa began, "Either way, that is where we are going. Regardless of what we are up against."

It had been a while since Ray had last seen Sin and she had exhausted herself attempting to escape her prison. She wanted more than anything to be able to escape and find T'Cama and make sure that he was all right. She had sworn that if Sin had killed him or hurt him any further, she would personally see to it that Sin died a very slow and extremely painful death. He was most defiantly the love of her life and would do anything to ensure his safety. Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted when she heard something crash in the corner farthest from the door. She had thought she was the only one in the room but apparently not. The room was still as dark as it had been before and even with her eyes used to the darkness, she still couldn't see.

"Whose there?" She asked hoping to get a response but wasn't sure. After a few moments, she heard a soothing voice.

"It's me love."

"T'Cama?" She asked surprised, "What? How...?"

"That is not important right now my love." T'Cama said as he turned on a flashlight that was on his left wrist. He aimed it at Ray and saw that she was exhausted and wounded. He imagined that the chains had something to do with torturing her but that would soon be over. "What is important is that I get you out of here."

Suddenly the two young heroes heard footsteps coming close to the door as T'Cama began to pick the lock to the cell.

"T'Cama, get out of here!" Ray said but he would not stop. "Darling, leave."

"Not without you!" He said, "I am not leaving you here to die!"

"T'Cama, I don't care about me right now." Ray said. T'Cama glanced at her face for a moment and saw tears falling from her pleading eyes. "Please, get out while you still can." She said once more as they heard the door being unlocked. They both knew it was only a matter of a few seconds before the door opened and T'Cama was caught. She watched as he reluctantly stopped picking the lock, shut the light off and made his way back the way he came.

The lights came on and Ray saw Zola and a few guards come into the room. This was the first time she had seen Zola in person but she knew all too well who he was. Stories of her father's adventures against the Red Skull had detailed the scientist very well. Zola stood in front of her for a moment but she refused to look at him.

"I am zola." He said.

"I know who you are." Ray said, still not looking at him. "I know all about my father's enemies."

"Of that I am sure." He said and then motioned for the Hydra agents to unchain her. "I trust you won't try to escape. That would not go well for you if you did."

Escape hadn't even come to her mind. She wanted to get Sin. If she escaped now, she wouldn't even know where to begin to look for her. If she allowed herself to be taken now, Zola would lead her right to Sin and she would have her chance. AS soon as Ray was taken out of the room, T'Cama dropped from the air vent. He hadn't left like Ray had begged him to. He just wouldn't get caught. There was no way he was going to leave this place, not now. Not when Ray needed him the most. She may not have known that he was following them but as long as he had eyes on her, things would be alright.

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