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It's the made up sequel

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It starts right after Shane and Mitchie sing "This is Me", so forget you ever saw the last scene. Haha.

I made up the town Malinde.

"So your the girl behind the voice." Shane walked backstage.

"I guess so." I smiled. "But can I ask how you heard me singing?"

"Hah. Funny story actually. These crazy fans were chasing me so I ran and hid behind a bush. You were in the dinner hall." He explained.

"Oh. The one with the piano?"

"Yeah. So... I'm sorry that I acted like a jerk to you without listening to you first." He apologized.

"It's okay. You had the right to be mad at me. I'm sorry I lied." I apologized back.

"It's okay. So are we good? No hard feelings?"

"Nope, none."

Summer ended like that. He gave me his cell number and even though he lived about 350 miles away from me, we gave our relationship a try. Luckily, we both used Verizon so it was free to talk mobile-to-mobile. I was the luckiest girl on earth. Not only was Shane Gray MY boyfriend, but people finally knew who I was for once in my life. It was like Jake Ryan and Miley Stewart from Hannah Montana. I still avoided the mean girls of my school. After all, they tried to befriend me just because I was invited to the most glamorous Hollywood parties and given free clothes to try from the best stores in the mall. I finally understood what Shane meant by people always trying to get you to like them.

Shane visited me from LA for two weeks near the end of summer and the paparazzi followed us EVERYWHERE. What I'm saying is that I lived in a small little town called Malinde south of San Francisco, a place where everyone knew each other. It was such a small town that even our mayor had a difficult time pointing it out on a map of California. My face had made it on HotTunes TV, Access Hollywood, EXTRA, and almost every other celebrity news show. I was even asked to sign six autographs.

My dad usually chased away every guy I dated, not to mention if they were two or three years older than me and a rock star, but for Shane, they were like father and son. Shane's dad had left him and his mom when he was really young so he doesn't even remember him. He bonded with my dad really easily and I was glad that they liked each other. Since I was dating Shane Gray, my parents' names were also let out and it did lots of good for their businesses. I lied about my mom cooking for Jessica and Nick pre-breakup, but now, I am actually able to say things like that because she caters a bunch of celebrity benefit dinners and such. It's crazy. As for my dad, a few months after he opened his hardware store, he designed his own hardware tools and Shane endorsed them! Parents actually let their kids obsess over Shane now because he changed from the jerk he was at the beginning of Camp Rock. So I would definitely say things were going good.

Today was the first day of school. I could say I was excited to see how things would change, but for the first time in my life, I didn't dread it. I pecked my mom on the cheek before I got out of her car. It made you popular to be dating someone older than you, preferably two or three years. It also made you popular to be dating a musician. It made you even more so if they were famous or a rock star. Now that I was with Shane... I was supposed to be like, triple-popular. If that makes sense. I didn't really want to be popular, though.

I walked down the familiar hallways and random people started waving and greeting me.

"Hey Mitchie!" A skater dude yelled.

"What's up?" A girl with pigtails high-fived me.

I hated the sudden attention. I could bet that even the mean girls of our school wanted to befriend me.

That's when I crashed into them. The mean girls. Mandy, Elizabeth, and Dayna. Usually there's a head bitch and the others are just followers, but not with them. All three of them were equally as mean, bitchy, and cruel.

"Hey Mitchie." Mandy said. "How's your summer?"

"Yeah, didn't you date Shane Gray?" Elizabeth added.

Dayna stepped back and quietly rolled her eyes at Mandy and Elizabeth. Maybe I was wrong; maybe she was only a sidekick.

"First of all, he's still my boyfriend and second, why are you even talking to me? I'm not going to become friends with you. It's your own fault you were mean to me from the beginning." I pushed past them and headed to homeroom.

In homeroom, people waved and I got a load of 'hey's, 'hi's, and 'how's it going?'s. I was thinking. What if everyone was like this to me? Shouldn't I decide who was good friend material and who was backstabber material?

I made the decision of sticking with people who I knew were nice.

"Hey guys." I said as I walked over to the group of people who signed up for P.E. last year with me. This summer, I got less timid and shy, too. All because of Shane Gray. That boy really has an impact on my life.

Hallie, Rachel, Joanne, Matt, Giselle, and Weston were their names. Rachel and Weston were twins and Matt was their cousin. Giselle was dating Weston while Joanne had been on again, off again with Matt for over two years now. Hallie was Weston's best friend since first grade and all of them became best friends in high school. I wasn't sure how I could fit in with their group, and I didn't really care anymore. As long as they were nice and they had potential to be a friend, that was good enough.

People had labeled them the 'Band Geeks'. Of course it was a clique, but no one was smart enough to realize the fact that none of them played a wind or percussion instrument. They weren't even geeks. They were actually in a band. Well, four of them at least. Hallie, Giselle, Weston, and Matt pulled something together for the awesome talent show last year and now, all of a sudden they had a band named "By the River". Rachel and Joanne were the songwriters and managers. They sounded really good actually. So technically, they were in A band, but not THE band.

"Hey Mitchie." Rachel replied. "Can I see your schedule?"

"Sure." I handed her a pink slip.

"Awesome. You have 3rd, 6th, and 7th period with me, Giselle, and Matt, and you have 2nd, 4th, 5th with Joanne and Hallie. Oh, and you have 8th period with Weston. That's cool. You have a friend in each class now." She smiled.

"Really? Okay." So now they were considered my friends.


After school, I picked up a snow cone with Weston. The rest of the people signed up for drama club so they had to stay after.

"Thanks for paying, Weston." I hugged him.

We took a stroll around the park, just talking. I found out he was really nice. In 8th period, I didn't have a lab partner and he just volunteered.

We hung out for about an hour before I had to head to work.

"Thanks again, but I have to go to work. Some burgers need flipping."

He laughed. "Okay. Catch you tomorrow in homeroom."



I arrived to work with a bright smile across my face. The first day of school was rather a success. I stood up against Mandy, Elizabeth, and Dayna, and I became friends with six new people.

I started flipping burgers using a green spatula. The clothes pin clipping my nose was getting very uncomfortable so I reached up to get it off. Yeah, a horrid smell came from the grease and a co-worker suggested I used a clothes pin.

"Torres! Phone!" My manager called from the front.

I managed to get the plastic gloves off, and went up to the clerk station.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"I don't know. But it's for you." He replied.


I grabbed the phone and put it to my ear.


"Guess what?"

"What?" I acted overly enthusiastic.

"We're going on tour! It's like a two month tour. They named it the 'Play My Music' tour. Our record label really liked our new sound and we're recording a few new songs right now."

"That's awesome, Shane!" My back was faced towards our customers because if I forgot to mention, word got out that I worked here and that boomed the business a little.

"Oh, and I was thinking about doing a few songs with you, if you want. It's okay if you don't."

"Of course I do. Well, it means I get to see you, right?" A smile crept on my face.

"Yeah, it'll be awesome! Oh, and my agent is- Never mind. It's a surprise." He said.

"You know I can't stand surprises." I said.

"That's kind of the point." He laughed. "Well I have a huge surprise for you, but my lips are sealed."

"Shaneeeee!" I said in a whiny tone.

"I'm not telling! Okay well, I have to go. Nate and Jason are waiting for me to finish recording."

"Fineeeee." I said, still in a whiny mood.

"Oh yeah, about what time are you going to get home?" Shane asked.

"Uhh, 6? Why?"

"No reason. Bye!" Like I would really believe that.


I hung up the corded phone a turned around. Three preteen girls were standing on the other side of the counter.

"Were you just talking to SHANE GRAY?" The first girl said. She was wearing a t-shirt that had a blown up picture of Connect 3.

"Yeah." I replied, feeling slightly awkward.

"That's his girlfriend, smart one." Another girl said.

"Right." I started to walk away.

"WAIT! Can I have your autograph?" The first girl asked.

"Sure, why not?" I grabbed a pen from the counter and signed her notebook that had a picture of me and Shane walking out of a nearby drugstore. People started selling notebooks with printed pictures of Shane and I. To me, it was kind of stupid.

I ended up signing all three of their matching notebooks.

"Thanks so much." The third girl, who didn't really speak, said. They left.


I walked home. As much as I hated work, I still went because I was trying to get 500 dollars so I could go on an amazing shopping spree with someone. I opened the backyard get and-

"SURPRISE!!" My mom, dad, Shane, Nate, Jason, Hallie, Giselle, Joanne, Rachel, Matt, and Weston screamed.

Huh? My birthday wasn't until like a month or two...

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