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After five minutes of feeble desperation to hide beneath Shane, he casually stood up and brushed off his swimming trunks.

"I don't know what happened between you and her, but I'm not getting in the middle of this. I'm going to go say hi," he said, leaving me slightly embarrassed in the sand with everyone around me staring.

I flushed beet. Why did I have to get the unbelievably sweet and kind-hearted boyfriend?

"Hey, Mitchie!" Caitlyn yelled from across the beach. She waved happily and I could tell she and Shane were catching up. Then, they came my way. Oh no, oh no! I screamed in the back of my head. This is what comes of my problem with not being able to say no.

"Hey," Caitlyn helped me up from my position in the glistening white sand. We shared a hug.

"Hi, Caitlyn," I replied, nervously. I was dying for her not to bring up the subject I've been trying to avoid for so many months. But of course, she wouldn't mention it in front of Shane.

"Do you want to—", Shane started.

"I'd love to go in the water. Wouldn't you, Caitlyn?" I finished for him.

"Um, sure," she said, not knowing what I was doing.

Without another word, I pulled both their hands on opposite sides of me and dragged them into the water.

"This is so fun!" I faked my enthusiasm and prayed that they wouldn't notice the missing authenticity. I splashed them and tried to force them to have a good time; it didn't work. Shane stared me down like I was causing people to watch us.

"I think I'm hungry. I'm gonna go get a hot dog. Be back in ten." Caitlyn hurried back to land.

As soon as she left, Shane's eyes turned on me. "What was that about?"

"What? Oh, nothing," I pretended to stare at the sun. Then, I realized Shane was still glaring at me. "Okay, so maybe I promised her something by accident that I shouldn't have promised her because I can't be sure I could make the best or keep the promise and it was all due to my not being able to say no."

"I think I know what you're saying… But, what could you have possibly have promised her? I have never seen you this stressed," He raised an eyebrow.

"Hypothetically," I began saying.

"Is it that bad?" He knew that when I began my words along the lines of 'hypothetically', it was usually some nerve-wracking news.

"Kind of, but I know you'd kill me for it." I smiled innocently.

"Just spill it,"

"Okay so, hypothetically, let's say that Caitlyn is interested in a certain best friend of ours."

"Let me guess: you promised that you'd talk to Nate for her and get them connected. But then, life got hectic and you forgot about it and you didn't."

"You know me too well. How the heck did you know?" I asked.

"First off, Caitlyn wouldn't be interested in a girl, which knocks out more than half the list of candidates. Second, she would have to know them personally so it would knock out the rest except for Barry, Nate, and Jason. Now seeing as you don't talk to Barry that much and Jason is too old, it only leaves Nate. And he's the most suitable for the title of our best friend." Shane explained proudly.

"Wow, except Cate's more than just interested in him. She's like, obsessed." I nodded slowly, watching Caitlyn as she almost finished her hot dog.

"It wasn't as bad as you were making it, but you still have to do something before she brings it up. Plus, Nate likes Hallie, remember?"

"He does? Why didn't he tell me?"

"Oh, well I'm sure he was going to. She's coming now! Just say that Nate just wants to have fun with being single since you can't say you haven't seen him with the whole tour and all that." Shane quickly whispered the last part.

I decided to just bring up the entire subject myself instead of dreading for someone to mention it.

"Caitlyn, do you remember that thing you asked me to do for you last summer?"

"Yeah, yeah! I was just about to ask you. How'd it go?" She asked eagerly.

"I think he just wants to be single. It's a little hard to be dating on tour." I chose my words carefully, trying not to break her heart.

"Oh, well that's understandable," she unconvincingly mumbled. Her eyes twitched a little; apparently I didn't succeed.


-MEANWHILE ON THE FIRST BUS (Nate, Hallie, Matt, Giselle, and Weston)-

(Nobody's POV)

"Really?" Nate gasped.

"I really like you. So yes, I want to go out with you." Hallie sparkled her gorgeous emerald eyes.

"That's awesome. I guess you're my girlfriend now." He rocked back and forth from his toes to his heel and smiled a crooked smile.

"I guess you're my boyfriend," she replied. She looked out the window. Hallie knew Weston and she had to tell people eventually, but she was afraid. She was devastatingly afraid.

"What's wrong? You don't seem too happy about it."

She quickly snapped out of her thoughts. "Of course I'm happy. I'm just thinking about some things; no big deal."

"What kind of things?"

"Oh you know, stuff. I miss my family," she lied.

The door swung open and made a big thud against the wall.

"You whore," Giselle breathed in fury and glowered at Hallie. "I thought you were my best friend; the friend I could rely on for anything. I was wrong. You are definitely not my best friend. I don't even know you anymore!" She stormed right back out.

Hallie's jaw dropped a mile in diameter.

Could they have found out?, she asked herself. She sprung up to go find Weston, leaving Nate a little dazed.

"Wes, we really need to talk," she timidly murmured, trying to endure the force of Giselle's glare.

"What about?"

Without saying anything, she pulled Weston into the back bedroom and shoved Nate out.

"Hey!" Nate refused.

"I'll explain later. I have to talk to him—ALONE." Hallie pleaded. She slammed the door and turned toward Weston. "You told her?"

"Told who what?" He questioned.

"You told Giselle about what happened last year!"

"You mean our secret relationship?"

"Yes, but no. About how far we went the night my parents were out of town."

"God, do you think I'm that stupid? No, I did NOT tell her." Weston spat.

"Then how does she know?"

"What? Giselle knows? Since when?" He asked, suddenly aware.

"Oh, I don't know—a few seconds ago when she called me a whore?" Hallie sarcastically remarked.

"She's going to regret that." Weston's knuckles turned white as he formed fists.

"Whoa, you're not going to hit her, are you?"

"What? No! She's still my girlfriend. I'm just mad. I might have to punch whoever did, though."

Weston creaked the flimsy door open and peeked out.

"Zell? Can you come in here for a sec? We need to talk," he called.

Within a split second, there she was, standing beside him. "What is it, baby?"

"Hallie and I gave each other—", he coughed, trying to formulate the correct way to put it, "our virginities because we were secretly dating. And since gossip spreads so fast, we wanted to just keep one little part of our lives to ourselves."

Nate muttered something very unintelligible outside the door.

Oh crap! Hallie thought, Nate knows now. This is just great…

Giselle stood emotionless. Her intimidating sapphire eyes penetrated Weston's skull.

"What did you just say?" she asked in a vicious, almost seductive, manner.

"Oh my God, she didn't even know!" Hallie burst aloud.

"You guys were secretly dating, not to mention had sex together?"

Weston wasn't the only one around who fell speechless; Nate and Matt were outside, listening.

"If you didn't know, then why did you call me a whore?"

"It was a prank that Joanne and I were pulling! We were going to get a picture of your face the second time I said something mean, and put it in our group's embarrassing moment scrapbook!" She turned to Wes, "Why didn't you tell me? I mean, I always wondered who it was since when we did it, you obviously weren't a virgin."

"Well, excuse me if I'm not going to tell you who had my virginity while we were sleeping together." He said.

"You don't have to tell me while we're doing it, but I would've still wanted to know!"

"Is it just me, or are there all of a sudden a lot more mental pictures that I could've gone on without having?" Hallie interrupted.

Weston and Giselle both grunted as Nate and Matt entered the room.

Hallie hid her face between her hands. "God, this is so embarrassing."

"What, that you slept with Weston? Or that Giselle found out? Or was it that I, your new boyfriend of approximately six minutes, found out?" Nate pushed his boundaries.

"Ahh! You aren't helping at all!" She replied, still burying her head.

"I'm sorry," he blushed. He held her and whispered comforting words in her ear. "You're still my girlfriend and what happened with him doesn't matter."

Her face lit up. "You still want to be with me?"

"Don't be silly. Of course! Why would you think I wouldn't?"

"Because you're remaining a virgin until marriage; why would you want some dirty slut like me who's already lost her virginity?" She muttered.

"I like you for you. I don't care about what you've done or who you've dated. I care about you and solely who you are," Nate swooned her.

Hallie embraced him and hoped they would never pull apart.

"Are you mad?" Weston asked his girlfriend.

"Not really. I mean, the past is the past, right?"

"Right," he muttered, still holding the insecure feeling within him that he'd been holding for so long. Love her, love her not.

"The only thing that means anything to me is that we're together now." Giselle's smile seemed to reach from ear to ear.

-MEANWHILE ON SECOND BUS (Joanne, Jason, and Rachel)-

"We're making a mess!" Joanne called to Rachel on the other end of the tour bus.

"Sorry to break it to you, JoJo, but I have to come up with three new songs in four hours and you have to book the band for two shows when we get to NYC next week. I DON'T CARE ABOUT ANY FREAKIN' MESSES!" she stressed out loud.

"I know. This is so irritating! Ever since Shane and Mitchie went to Mitchie's 'family reunion', everything has gone bezerk! " Joanne cried.

"I don't think they really went to a family reunion," Rachel started getting suspicious.

"You think? I don't get why Nate and Hallie will tell us where they really went. We need them!"

"Now that you mention it, this bus looks like my friend's basement after her annual New Year's party."

They flipped the place upside down after they kicked Hallie and Giselle onto the other bus. Jason was in the back den, snoozing away.

Joanne's phone started buzzing.

"Hello?—What's your problem?—I DON'T CARE, JUST GET IT DONE!—No, it must be perfect—White icing on top of rocky road—It starts at seven—That would be great!"

"What was that about?" Rachel asked as soon as she hung up.

"I was just, uh, planning a reception for the, um, after party of a major show our second night in New York City," she lied, straight through her teeth.

"Oh. That should be interesting,"

"Yeah, that's guaranteed."

(Mitchie's POV)

"You know, I think we have to get back to our hotel now." I excused Shane and me from Caitlyn. Well, I tried to excuse us.

"No, stay, they're having a bonfire at eight." Caitlyn tried to convince me.

"Yeah, let's stay!" Shane took a handful of sand in his palm and threw it in the air. Sadly, the wind was blowing at both Caitlyn and my face.

"Pbbh!" I choked as the sand flew into my mouth while Caitlyn coughed it up.

"Oops, sorry," Shane apologized, his expression matching his tone.

Once I got all the gravelly crap out of my throat, I helped Shane up. "So listen, Caitlyn, we have to get going, but you should call me sometime. We need to catch up."

Shane tried to catch up with me as I walked quickly up to the Hampton.

"Are you mad at me or something?" he asked, gasping for air.

"No, I just wanted to get away from her before I start promising more stuff," I had to explain.

In Room 268, history was being made. Shane and I were sure that no one at this hotel had ever gotten as much room service as we did. We ordered everything on the entrées menu and double of all the appetizers, desserts, and drinks. Tonight was going to be pig-out night. Joy…

"Room service!" A man called from outside our door. We both jumped up to get it.

As soon as the it swung open, I realized that the man was actually a woman with an abnormal deep voice, and that we wouldn't be able to finish all the food. There were literally 30 dishes of food and 20 drinks.

Shane signed the little paper thing clarifying that we ordered it and we rolled the carts into the room.

I slowly revealed each dish and laid out our utensils and plates.

Just as we were going to dig in, someone knocked on the door.

"As if this wasn't enough…" Shane remarked.

I went to get it and instead of finding an underpaid food deliverer, there were four teenage girls standing there. They were shoving pens and pads of paper in my face and screaming at the sight of Shane behind me.

Their squeals were making me a little nerve-wracked.

"QUIET!" I yelled. It suddenly fell silent. "Thank you. I don't mean to sound rude, but I get bad headaches." It was kind of funny how this contradicted the fact that just about three days ago, I was at a concert every single night.

"Sorry. Could you sign this for us?" A girl with beach blonde hair asked.

"Sure," I replied. Before I could get the pen, Shane came up behind me and whispered something in my ear. "Actually, would you guys like to eat with us? We ordered a little too much room service, and the room has a great view of the ocean."

"Are you serious?" The girls squealed once more, but only once, and stopped.

"Sorry," the first girl apologized again.

They piled onto my bed and each got a fork and a plate. They helped themselves to a load of Chinese food, mixed with hamburgers, spaghetti, and all the other varieties of food that you would never really think about eating together.

We started talking.

"So are you guys here on vacation? I thought school started," I said.

"It did, but we're homeschooled and we live down at the boardwalk. We heard that you were here so we rushed over," the teen wearing a green cast on her left arm pointed at herself and another girl with the beach blonde hair.

"What are your names?" Shane looked up from his food for the first time in ten minutes.

"I'm Alyssa, this is Diane, Trista, and Bailey," she gestured to her friends.

"Do you all live together or something?" he asked, curious.

They looked at each other, a little nervous.

"Trista and Alyssa are living with Bailey and me. My parents adopted Bailey years ago and Trista and Alyssa dropped out of Pallen Academy to become artists," Diane bravely answered for them.

"Your house must be pretty big," I contributed to the conversation.

"No, not really. There's only four people living there."

"Where are your parents?" Shane questioned.

"They travel the world so they're never around. Even when they are, they stay at our manor."

"You have a manor?"

"Yeah, but I hate it. It reminds me of old people and manners."

"What's Pallen Academy?" I ended their conversation and started a new one. "I know most of the schools in a 50-mile radius around Malinde. I've never heard of it. Is it private?"

"No, well, kind of. It's for kids who've been orphans as an infant. It's all proper and boring." Trista replied.

We spoke for another good half hour before they wanted to give us their phone number so that we could call them the next time we stayed at the beach.

"Do you have any paper?" Alyssa asked so she could write it down.

"Yeah," I looked over my shoulder. "Shane, could you get the wad of receipts I have stashed in my white leather purse?"


He flew across the room and retrieved my purse. "Receipt stash, receipt stash," he repeated, looking for it.

Then, he came to a halt. He held up a small white business card and looked like he just saw a ghost.

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