I have always wanted to write a story where Edward leaves Bella pregnant. So I guess here is my attempt at it. Oh and by the way I own nothing.

It has been sixteen years since I've seen Edward. Sixteen years ago he left pregnant with twins. After I learned I was pregnant I soon realized that I couldn't stay in Forks so I ran away faking my death. It was one of the most difficult things I'd ever had to do. I can't even imagine how depressed Charlie was.

The thing about being pregnant with a vampire's children was that it was slowly turning me into a vampire so by the time my twins were born I was a full-fledged vampire; my twins were half vampire. It was really strange having to feed them blood out of a bottle instead of milk but the eventually grew out of that now they only hunt once every two months and eat human food.

I named them Vivian Ray Swan and Masen Anthony Swan. It is kind of funny but they were actually born with twin telepathy. They can read each other's mind and it is funny to watch because it usually starts with Vivian or I call her V winning an argument then Masen thinking, "yea but I'm still older than you." He was older by a minute and a half and he never let Vivian forget it.

As for myself I had two "powers". One is that blood still repulses me and the other is that I can block all other powers all but the power of Masen's puppy dogface, but really I don't think anyone could resist Masen's pout.

"Bella!" Masen called, "you ready for school?"

"Yep," I called back putting the final touches on my make-up. Yes I know but I missed Alice too much. I grabbed my keys off the counter and joined my kids in Jill. It was not my idea but we had the new Lincoln with voice activation. Today the voice was Jill. Tomorrow it would be Stan.

"Are Angela and Jack still hunting?" I asked my children. About a year after the twins were born I found Angela in a Seattle hospital dieing so I changed her. Six months later she found Jack and now they've been married for six years.

"Yes," Masen said, "they called and said they would be back around 3 o'clock"

"Cool so it's just me and you guys today," I said.

"You look very nice today mom," Vivian said. I looked at my daughter in the rear view mirror.

"Thank you V," I said, "You very nice as well." She was wearing white Capri's with a three quarter length shirt that went off her shoulders a bit. I was wearing gray skinny jeans and a purple tank top. I however did not buy them. Vivian did.

"They are supposed to be some new kids today," Masen cut in not wanting to hear our girly conversation.

"Oh have you heard anything about them?" I asked.

"Not much just that there are five of them and they are all adopted," replied Masen. My un-needed breathing hitched. I hadn't told them about their father only that he left me and that they looked like him in some ways. Vivian had green eyes like his when he was human but with streaks of gold and Masen had his face and hair, but with my eyes.

"Alright you know the drill guys," I said as we pulled into the parking lot of Jefferson High.

"No pulling pranks with our powers, no fights, don't go over board in gym, and remember that here you are not our mom you are our older sister," they said at the time smiling like angels. I knew they were going to disregard the first rule. Somehow the people who messed with us would end up tied to the flagpole or come to school with pink or blue hair or pink and blue hair. There were a couple of incidents.

"Great let's go to class." I said. All three of us got out of Jill/Stan and went to our classes. Vivian and Masen were sophomores so they were off to Math. I was a junior so I was off to Bio. In Jefferson High there were two Biology teachers a regular one Mrs. Highes and an AP/Honors one Mr. Kleary. Mr. Kleary was always trying to catch me off guard with a question I didn't know the answer to, but after fifteen years of online college classes in pretty much every subject it was kind of hard for me to be caught off guard.

As I got closer to my class I caught the scent of another Vampire. I kept walking foreword sniffing the air. When I got to my class I causally looked through the square window. Jasper was in there but not only was in my class but he was sitting at my table.

My breathing was ragged I tried to think about what to do. I don't look the same I mean after Edward left I did some crazy things like my hair was no longer long and wavy it was shoulder length with layers and side bangs; I also put a streak of purple put in, but that wasn't all now I had two tattoos. One on the inside of my left arm and one on my back; I angel wings on my back and on my arm I had fangs with the phrase "Vamps Rule!" underneath. However I didn't know if my scent would tip him off, so I did the only thing I could think to do. I ran. I couldn't run away though. I could only run to my car and skip my classes. So I sat in Jill/Stan and tried to reason with myself.

"You're going to have to face them eventually."

"I know that."

"It's going to happen sooner or later."

"Um how about later?"

"The longer you put off facing them the more awkward the situation will be. I mean really Edward has no idea that he is a father."

"Yea and whose fault is that."

"He left me."

"It's not like you tried to tell him."

"Once again he left me."

"So you are saying that it is his fault."

"No that isn't what I'm saying."

"Then what are you saying?"

"Ugh! What am I going to do?"

"I don't know but you need to decide two things. One: does he deserve to know and two: if you still love him."

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