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Naruto didn't want anything to do with the dog. He knew that the adults at the orphanage would kill any animal that was following him around; they had done it before. So when the boy who stayed in one off the dorms had a spotted dog with him, Naruto stayed clear of it. He didn't want them to think it was his and kill it. The dog never hurt anybody, yet.

That night he was forced to sleep in the basement. The overseers had given his room to a new boy and thrown his stuff into the underground room. It wasn't the fact that it was underground that scared him, in fact, the closer he was to the ground, the better he felt. Living underground was his dream-come-true. No, it was that it was unbelievably cold in the basement, even in the summer months. So Naruto was left was left shivering every time he slept down there. He was drifting off to a less than comfortable sleep when a warm body plopped down beside him. Reaching out, he felt the warm, fur covered body next to him. 'Oh no! It's the dog.' The scooted closer to the five year old and its warmth soon stopped his shivers. Naruto didn't have the strength to push the animal away and before long he was asleep.

Pain and screaming woke him up in the morning. For some reason he couldn't open his eyes or breathe, there was something being held over his face. He could hear fine though.

"Look what you did! The poor beast has to be killed now, you've corrupted it!" Naruto knew the best way to survive the next few minutes was to stay still. He didn't move as his body ate through his supply of oxygen and began to shut down. He had woken up like this so many times that his body had gotten used to not being allowed air. He could go awhile before he really was in trouble. The pressure over his mouth and nose was shortly gone and he was allowed to breathe again. Looking up, he could see the female caretaker holding a ratty pillow in her grubby hands. "Because of you that dog is gonna die. Ren took it in the back and buried it. Get the hell up and get the hell out!" Naruto scrambled to get away and out. He stayed on top of the Hokage monument the whole day.

"I didn't want anything to do with the dog. I didn't want anything to happen to it." The two sentences repeated themselves in his head like a mantra. He headed back to the orphanage with a heavy heart. When he got there, the caretaker threw him into the basement without dinner…again. Tonight started like yesterday night; no dinner, thrown into the basement, and a dog comes and helps him fall asleep. 'Wait, a dog?!' Naruto reached out and felt the dog's fur. It was eerily similar to the dog's fur from yesterday, only full of dirt. The dog shifted until it was right next to Naruto and curled its tail around his small body. This action made Naruto feel protected.

'I will always be with you Naruto-sama.'

"Did you just talk to me?" His voice could barely be considered a whisper.

'Go to sleep. I will protect you.' And with that, Naruto fell asleep.


Screaming awoke Naruto in the middle of the night. He sat up to see the caretaker hitting a furry something with her broom. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, "Why won't you die?!" She sounded hysterical and Naruto could see why. The animal she was hitting was the same animal she had killed yesterday. The same animal she watching being buried, and the same animal she saw curled around her most hated charge. The thing was filthy; covered head to claws in dirt and its fur near the throat was smeared with clotted blood. Before she knew it, the dog jumped on her and held her throat in its jaws.

"Don't kill her. She's not worth the trouble we'll get into." Naruto yelled. The dog slowly let go and got off of her. It walked over to Naruto and motioned for him to get on. Naruto's body easily fit onto the dog's back with a little room to spare. "I'm not coming back to the orphanage." He then motioned for the dog to go forward and it walked up and the stairs and out into the street. "You know, in a few years, I won't be able to fit on top of you."

'Do not worry, I will stay by you no matter what happens.'

"How can you talk?"

'Your power gives me power. I am your watcher, and as such I am more powerful than any others you may summon up from the earth. I was the first.'

"Oh. Does this mean I can control zombies?"

'No, I am made from bone. Soon my left over flesh will rot and fall off, leaving only the bones.'

"Oh. How do you know so much?"

'Your power, your knowledge. You know all of the answers to these questions; you just don't realize it yet. As your watcher, I am tied to you and your knowledge is mine. Only I can reach the knowledge you have yet to unlock.'

"Wow. So where are we going?"

'The only place I know you will be safe, the Hokage monument. We will stay there for awhile till we can contact your Hokage.' They spent the rest of the trip in silence. When it stopped, Naruto laid down and the dog stayed next to him.

"Will I have more watchers?"

'Maybe, it has happened before. The forms your watchers come in have something to do with your future.'

"What do you mean?"

'I am a dog. In your future, you have many dealings with somebody related to dogs. You will also have to deal with someone that resembles any other watcher you may call. Like a snake or crow.'

"Why did you use those animals as examples?"

'Because you have called them, look.' Naruto rolled over in his spot between the dog's big paws to see a five foot bone snake slithering toward him. Before he could move in the direction of the reptile, a bird dropped out of the sky and landed next to it. The bird was able to fly because it still had pieces of flesh attached to its wings. Both of them moved to stand near their master and in the moonlight, Naruto was able to make out two kanji on their foreheads. Together the symbols formed hakkotsumeaning skeleton or bleached bones. They waited for Naruto to speak before they decided to talk themselves.

'Naruto-sama, it is a pleasure to be in your presence. I, crow, promise to aid you in any way I can.' The bird spread its wings and showed off its three foot wingspan.

'It is also a delight that I, snake, have the opportunity to assist you as well.' The snake then moved forward and wrapped around Naruto's upper body. Not to be outdone, the crow hopped over to Naruto's head settled itself next to his shoulder.

'Go to sleep, we will protect you.' Naruto went to sleep for the first time in his life not worrying about what the next day held.

Naruto didn't want anything to do with the dog. But now the dog would go everywhere with him along with the snake and crow. That thought alone made Naruto warm on the inside as he slept.

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