Title: Try

Rating: M

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto

Note: The title has nothing to do with anything. You can probably tell already that I'm not a very practiced writer. It's rushed and unorganized but I just wanted to try it out once.. hence the title. ohh. I guess the title does have some meaning :] Sasuke-Kakashi pairing is my favorite of alllll!

Summary: An innocent conversation with Naruto helps Sasuke uncover his own hidden feelings for the only other Sharingan-user in the world.

When Sasuke thought back on the events of the past three years, he could tie in multiple events that all contributed to the present.

After the death of Itachi and his discovery of a very alive and very vengeful Uchiha Madara, Sasuke, even more, could not escape from the gift and curse that was flowing in his veins. The Sharingan, the technique that defined his clan, brought with it nothing but death and revenge that poisoned his soul and blinded his heart.

Fueled by Itachi's death, Sasuke set upon Konoha. In the final confrontation, Sasuke, seeing how he had been manipulated, turned on Madara and was able to destroy him once and for all. In the aftermath, Sasuke was, once again, standing side by side with the former Rookie 9 and Team Gai.

For his defection and attempt to destroy the Hidden Village of the Leaf, Sasuke fully intended to face the punishment he would undoubtedly receive. However, whether by Naruto's loud, obnoxious threats or simply on a whim, the Leaf nin present at that fateful battle chose to keep it to themselves.

Sasuke returned to Konoha a hero although he refused to accept it. He also returned to the Uchiha compound in the village and burned it to the ground.

That was two years ago. Sasuke, now 19, a jounin, and a Konoha ANBU, was alone. Every Uchiha was now dead. The Sharingan would disappear from the ninja world; the Uchiha line would end with Sasuke.

A part of Sasuke was glad. This curse would never again bring anyone the type of pain it had brought him. Another part of him, a sizeable part, longed for his Nii-san back. If only he knew back then what he knows now…

Sasuke knew that daydreaming about Itachi coming back was useless, but simply sensing the chakra of an activated Sharingan seemed to be the only thing that soothed his crushing, self-denied loneliness.

That was probably why when Hatake Kakashi arrived, in his usual puff of smoke and whirlwind of dust, Sasuke's eyes softened and his heartbeat gentled.

In ANBU training, Kakashi was assigned, once again, to be Sasuke's sensei. The Uchiha had initially refused, knowing how much his old sensei reminded him of everything he had lost, but after much deliberation and a "deal with it" from the Godaime Hokage, Sasuke all too quickly fell back into a steady training routine with the older ninja.

During sparring sessions, Sasuke would go hard. In an instant, the younger ninja's Mangekyo Sharingan would flare to life and he would make the first attack. So powerful was Sasuke's opening move that Kakashi became accustomed to raising his forehead protector the moment Sasuke went into his fighting stance.

Sasuke knew that the strain on Kakash's body when using the Sharingan was almost doubled his, but somehow the jounin always matched his Sharingan blow for blow. By the end, even when both were running on their last bit of chakra, Sasuke still pulled out his best moves, drawing out the fight a little bit longer.

When Kakashi would finally say "Enough" and collapse against a tree to rest, Sasuke was content to sink to his knees and enjoy the soft grass while he regained his chakra.

It was something Sasuke would never admit. The idea itself was hard for him to swallow, but Sasuke couldn't deny that being with or near Kakashi brought a peace and gentle warmth to his heart that no one else in the entire universe could bring. The Sharingan, the catalyst in his life of suffering, was now the only thing that could tie him to this world, and Kakashi was his anchor.

Whether Sasuke realized it or not, soon he was finding excuses to be with Kakashi longer and more often. These extra meetings started as mission debriefings or assignment run-downs: business. Slowly, however, the meetings became less formal as a comfortable atmosphere between student and teacher was established.

Kakashi, for his part, began to notice the change immediately. The normally cold and stoic boy that he trained from a genin was finally taking to heart the lessons he had been trying to teach since the Wave Country. Sasuke had finally formed relationships with his fellow Leaf ninja, even going so far as to extend a hand to Lee who, eyes glistening, grasped it and flung himself on Sasuke. The older ninja had seen arguments that used to end in a "humph" and a "you're an idiot" develop into honest admonitions and compromise.

However, Kakashi knew that he was special. The relationship that he and Sasuke shared was, and always would be, different from all the others. Sasuke found comfort in knowing that while he was the last Uchiha, he was not the last Sharingan user.

The importance of his life to Sasuke was not something Kakashi took lightly. When he began to notice Sasuke making the effort to see him, he willingly obliged. Extra training sessions and more-frequent-than-necessary trips to the armory were for Sasuke's benefit and not really because "my kunai handle needs new grip tape." Mission meetings started at ANBU headquarters but eventually migrated to other places like Kakashi's apartment or secluded corners of the training grounds.

While the meetings were still all about business, Kakashi found himself enjoying them more and more. His half-masked face would never betray the feeling, but his own self analysis soon revealed that he was beginning to need Sasuke just as much as Sasuke needed him.

Unfortunately, it was for a different reason than Sasuke's. Kakashi began to see Sasuke in a different light. Once a sullen and moody twelve year old bent on nothing but revenge, Sasuke had grown and matured into a stunning, levelheaded ninja any jounin could be proud of. While the Uchiha was still as emotionally unreadable as ever, Kakashi knew that Sasuke had genuinely changed.

In any case, it still came as a shock when Kakashi himself finally recognized that he had fallen for his student. The way Sasuke depended on him and enjoyed his company made Kakashi cherish the Uchiha even more.

Even so, to say the attraction didn't also have a physical component would be a lie. Sasuke at age 19, breathing hard and lying in the middle of the training ground was a breath-taking sight. Eyes closed and brow furrowed slightly, sweat from his forehead slowly trickled down his jaw line to trace the contours of his neck. Now only three inches shorter than a 5 ft 9 inch Kakashi, Sasuke had filled out with muscle over the past years without losing his lean, svelte physique.

Despite all his daydreaming and fantasizing about Sasuke, Kakashi continued to train him just like the old days. No matter what Kakashi's desires added up to, Sasuke needed him for companionship, platonic companionship. Kakashi loved Sasuke enough to respect that.