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Author's Note: I notice that lately there have been a few more femSena fics showing up, sorry to add another. This has been in thoughts for the past month, and I hope you enjoy my own side of a female Sena story. The title of the story is the same as the third ending of the anime, an inspiration for this story.

"Eeek!! I'm going to be late!" A dark brown hair female quickly placed her mid-back hair into a high ponytail and promptly ran out of the door in an explosive dash, hoping she wasn't late in meeting her childhood friend at the school she was trying to get into, Deimon High.

"Sena-chan! Over here!" Sena turned around to see her childhood friend, Anezaki Mamori waving her right arm in the air, trying to get Sena to see her.

Sena made her way over, grabbing a sheet of paper out of her pocket. Nervousness swept over her features the closer she got to Mamori.

"What's your exam number?" Mamori quickly pulled Sena by the arm to get to the board, which determined if she made it into Deimon or not.

"Umm…021." Sena looked down on the paper. Sena could feel the pressure build and tried to turn tail, however, Mamori caught a hold of her first. "I'm going home. I failed anyway."

"We haven't even looked properly yet."

The two spent the next minute looking through the list of numbers, until Mamori pointed out her number. "There it is! There's 021! Well done Sena!"

A few tears of happiness fell from Sena's eyes as the two girls jumped up and down in excitement. "I made it!"

Thinking back to what Mamori just said, Sena spoke, "It's been a while since anyone complimented me. Usually they insult me or tell me to get better." Unconsciously, Sena raised a hand to her shoulder and rubbed it. She could still remember when he nearly dislocated it from all the rough handling that went on between the tug o war he and his brother played recently when fighting over her.

Mamori broke Sena out of stupor by elbowing her lightly in the ribs, not noticing that Sena was acting a bit strange a moment previous. "And you used to be so horrible at math and English. I guess you owe it all to me, Mamori. We went through a lot to raise your grades."

Yes, but I also had them. And they were worse than you when it came to helping someone else study. Sena thought dryly, completely missing Mamori's fading sentence. Remembering all of her bullying back in elementary school, she realized. "We haven't gone to the same school since elementary school."

"Aren't you glad you get to walk to school with your older sister childhood friend?" Mamori smiled, and elbowed Sena once more, this time on the arm. Calming down, Mamori turned towards Sena, tears starting to glitter in her eyes. "Sena…con-" Mamori stopped abruptly, remembering something. "Oh yeah, I need to get you a school information packet!"

"Huh? What?" Sena's mind barely comprehended how fast Mamori turned away from her. Glancing once more where Mamori stood, she couldn't help but wonder. Was she about to cry?

"Whoa!" A shout came from behind Sena. She turned around only to see two guys throwing another guy into the air, shouting about how he made it into Deimon. Looking at the two throwing the guy into the air, Sena shivered. Something about the blond demonic guy struck her as familiar.

A light bulb went off in her head. Of course, she thought, they warned me about him.

"Watch out for a demonic looking spiky blond guy. He blackmails, threatens, the whole thing except getting into fights. That was his job." A bald guy a year older than her, pointed to another who shared the same face, but had dreadlocks. "His name is Hiruma Yoichi; remember it and stay away and you should be fine. Then again, he might see a show of your legs and force you to join the team."

"If that fucking bastard does anything, let me know. I'll torture the fucker and then I'll kill him." The other gave a feral grin before the two left. They told her to be careful at Deimon on their way out, somewhat dreading on leaving her to face with Hiruma, alone.

Sena shuddered at the memory, the younger of the twin brothers sprouted off an aura of pure hatred at the mere mention of Hiruma's name. "I better find Mamori-neechan." Sena took another glance at Hiruma and sprinted off, not knowing that Hiruma saw her running, striking an interest within the devil genius.

Sena put the finishing touches of her school uniform and stepped back to examine herself in the mirror. What were his words about her looks? You have an athletic body, hardly any rack, but a pretty face that makes up for it. You're definitely a chibi though.

Sena shook her head as she thought more of the uniform, a white undershirt with a green blazer on top with a knee length black skirt. Sena's tie was giving her some problems, however, having not worn anything like this previously. The blazer looked slightly bigger than her, and Sena remembered that Mamori bought her a bigger size, saying she'll grow into it. I'm sorry that I'm so short.

"Oh! I almost forgot my cell phone!" Sena walked over to her desk, picking up her cell phone. "After all, it was a present for making it in to this school….I feel so mature!" Sena looked through her phone book, seeing four names on there currently. She shook her head. I doubt that anyone would call anytime soon. They're going to be busy with football practices and girlfriends, and Mamori probably doesn't need to call me.

"Morning!" Sena turned around to see Mamori running to catch up with her. Mamori, taking a short look at Sena and fixed her tie, which was too loose. "Hey, that's too loose!" She pointed out the obvious as Sena just watched her do it, not bothering to fidget or fight back knowing it would be idiotic to do so.

In a few minutes, they continued on their walk to school. "Sena…this time you've gotta make some friends."

"Hey, I have friends!" Sena protested. Three names instantly popped into her head besides Mamori's.

"Are you talking about those Kanagawa boys I've heard you were hanging out with from Mihae-san? I meant get some friends from Tokyo who you can hang out with on a regular basis!"

It went silent for a moment as Sena sent Mamori an exasperated look. She realized that they were in Kanagawa, but they were still her friends. Well, she knew that two were for sure; the other still scared her at times.

"Hey! Why don't you join a club?" Mamori broke the silence. "You can't be so passive! If you join a club you'll even get to talk to upper-classmen." She slapped Sena on the back as a sign of encouragement.

"I'm not a little kid, you know!" Sena felt a little more discouraged. She only got along well with one person in her own age group, but he moved away only after a few weeks. The rest used to bully her until middle school where her niisans took care of them.

"Oh! But there is this one guy! You shouldn't get mixed up with him for sure!! His name is Hiruma…" Mamori made a scary face at the mentioning of Hiruma's name, and she whispered it to boot.

I wonder how this Hiruma character is really like.

"Really, he's such a demonic guy that once he sets his sight on you he'll suck you dry to the bone before he's through."

Sena sweat dropped at Mamori's description. Nothing at all like their descriptions, but it seems that she too, felt disdain for this Hiruma. "I better remember that. His name is Hiruma-" Sena didn't even get to finish her sentence as the mere mentioning of Hiruma's name sent the people around her into panic frenzy.

"P-please you've gotta help me…he's coming." A random second year grabbed a hold of Sena's arms, which sent her dashing to the school, easily breaking out of his hold.

Class work is as boring as always. How do they manage to last, this is hard? The numbers on the paper made her head spin. The bell rung, officially declaring class was over. She filed away her homework for the day into her back pack, and took several papers out.

"Join a club, huh?" A Tea Ceremony paper lay on top. Sena didn't hesitate to imagine what they would say.

"Aw, Sena, you're doing Tea Ceremony? How sweet…" More gushing happened.

"Never knew you had it in you, Sena-chan." Laughter could be heard directly after.

"If this is what you want?" Unsure and a twitch of an eyebrow for all the things she could choose.

"You're fucking not doing it and even if you attempt it, I'd knock some fucking sense into ya. Use your damn legs fucking brat." An evil aura became blatant.

Why is it that every time I imagine him, he swears all the time? Sena brought a hand to message the area near her temple, which started to ache. She flipped through the papers, the only ones capturing her attention was American Football and Track. Maybe it's best if I do track. Hiruma's in American Football and they all said I needed to avoid him. Somehow, at the thought, I'm finding it impossible. Sena thought back during the day. She caught sight of Hiruma at least five times.

A beep sounded from her cell phone. It was a text message from Mamori. If anyone tries to make you their gopher, say'll you'll rock-paper-scissors them for it!

"I told her…I'm not a little kid anymore! Plus, no one bullied me for the last three years, if anything I'd tell them and no doubt I'll have revenge." Sena pulled a face at the last thought. Her niisans had this strange ability to tell when she was lying or if anyone was bullying her, at that very moment. Their Sena sense as one of them jokingly called it.

On her way towards the exit of the school, she caught sight of four guys running as if their lives depended on it. A familiar huge guy chased after them before giving up, looking downcast. Sena's eyes trailed back to the equipment that was flung off in the formers' attempts on getting out of there, a jersey, helmet, shoulder pads, rib pads, thigh pads. Definitely American Football... I guess since it's been thrown in my face, and he looks so sad. It was in that moment that Sena decided to approach the kind looking giant.

"Are you alright?" Sena stood in front of the giant nervously. Somehow, she knew that things won't bode well for her in the days to come.

The giant turned to face her, tears streaming down his face. "Are you here for American Football tryouts." Without a moment to spare, the giant pulled Sena into a nearby shack. Inside was completely filthy, but he pushed everything aside and offered Sena a seat on the chair. "Here! Have a seat. Make yourself comfortable!" The giant went over to where they had the beverages and asked, "Care for tea? Coffee? Or…?"

Sena was internally panicking. She did not expect to get dragged here. She only wanted to see if he was okay! "No…uh…that's…it's just that I'm not here for tryouts…"

"I see…that's okay, fine, really…please, gone ahead and enjoy your tea." An aura of despair radiated off of the giant, who bowed his head in submission.

He's so disappointed, Sena thought as she sweat dropped at the ludicrous of the situation.

Things seemingly settled down from there on out. Introductions that weren't made were fixed and Sena felt more comfortable than in the beginning. At least Kurita's aura of despair had vanished.

"How many dozens of sugar do you take?" He poured in more than a dozen of sugar cubes into his own teacup.

"No…uh…just one." Sena sighed, lifting a hand up pitifully. Sena took the time to get a clearer look at the room. The number 77 jersey caught her attention. I'd be kinda cool to join, but the body contact will definitely hurt me.

"I guess we'll only have two players again this year…and we have a game coming up too." Kurita gobbled up his creampuff, a sullen look on his face.

"Don't you need eleven players to play football?" Sena looked at him confused, wondering how they were going to play with only two people.

"You know about football? That's great!" His mood increased as Sena showed some knowledge of American Football. "For our games, we get 'support' players from other sports team." Kurita opened a drawer and took out a videotape. Walking over to the TV in the room, he inserted the videotape in the VCR.

"Here's a video of last year's game!"

It showed one of the players from Deimon getting tackled rather brutally while another injured his shoulder in a dive. "Hey, he doesn't look so good! Get a stretcher!"

Kurita let out a light laugh, trying to rid the atmosphere of its tenseness. "Both of them fainted and had to be taken away. In the end we lost, but it was fun! That was our last year's practice game against the Ojo White Knights!"

Th-this sport is definitely not for me… Sena turned away, sipping her tea with a frightened look on her face. I can't handle body contact like those tackles. I'd die!

"By the way," Sena took a peek at Kurita, "is it even allowed for females to play American Football?"

"Of course." Kurita beamed, smiling down at her. "It's just that they don't join because of the harshness of the game."

"Oh, well…" Kurita took a small sip of his tea. "I won't even get to see the "C" in the Christmas Bowl…"

"Christmas Bowl? That sounds familiar." Sena turned her attention back to Kurita, once more interested in what he was going to say.

"The All-Japan Championship game. Once a year, on Christmas day…the best teams from the east and the west face off! It's really amazing! And at Tokyo Stadium the replays are broadcast on the giant screen…"

Now I know why the Christmas Bowl sounds familiar. Sena broke out of her stupor when Kurita gave a loud exclaim.

"It's like the last major battlefield in a war! Someday I'll stand on that field with the rest of them! You see, I know we'll probably lose…but I really want us to compete in the next game! With all of us united towards a common goal, we literally collide against our opponents. The moment is ablaze with passion!"

Watching Kurita speak of the Christmas Bowl as if it were the most precious thing in the world, Sena could feel her heart going out to him. Her gaze trailed to the wall behind Kurita. "What's a team manager?"

"Huh? Oh, that…" Kurita thought a bit more about what a team manager does. "They do what's called scouting-they analyze opponents' plays, set up visiting games, and handle general management duties. They are ultimately responsible for the team's administration."

Sena day dreamed about all she could do with being team manager. She knew how to scout and what to look for because of a certain someone's showing off ways. You can't be so passive! Mamori's words echoed in Sena's mind, bringing her into a decision.

I'll probably regret this later, but Kurita-san… Sena turned her gaze back to Kurita. "D-do you think that I could be a team manager?" Sena couldn't keep the slight stutter out of her voice, but the deed was done.

"WHAT!? O-OF COURSE!" Kurita looked like his dream came true. "Yeah!! Let's go for it! To the Christmas Bowl!" He became swinging Sena around, crying out in joy.

Soon, it became apparent that Sena needed to head off home. It was getting late and she promised her mother that she wouldn't stay out that long. Plus, she needed to take the train instead of her usual jogs to get back home or that's what her mother ordered, and she wasn't one to disobey her.

Looking down at her phone, Sena couldn't be happier that she received it. Now, she'll need to learn how to take responsibility more for she'll be a team manager. Looking through her phone book, Sena's face glowed as she had another contact, Kurita Ryoukan, another friend to talk to.

She gave a jolt when a hand was placed on her shoulder. "We've been waiting for you." Sena glanced up to see three of the males that were running away from Kurita earlier. They were also from her class if she recalled correctly.

"M-may I he-help you?" Sena felt more scared than she felt for a long time. It was like back in elementary school where people used her as a gopher or they bullied her.

"Normally we don't do anything to girls, but that fatty…do you know him, Sena?" The leader of the group of three had short light blond hair and a cross shape scar on his cheek. Juumonji was his name. "You tell us where we can find him and then we'll let you go."

Sena kept quiet as another one spoke up, the only dark haired one in the group, Kuroki. "But do you think one baseball bat is enough?" He gave a small swing. "He was so strong."

They're not planning to-

"One bat will be fine." Juumonji let out a smirk, looking smug. "I already called the police."

"The police?" The last of the group of three had a darker shade of blond hair and wore sunglasses. The last of the three's name was Togano. He looked up from his shounen jump manga that he was currently reading, raising an eyebrow at his friend.

I need to get out of here. They're going to hurt Kurita-san! Sena's eyes were wide; however, she couldn't budge without alerting Juumonji, his hand was still on her shoulder.

"We just have to get him to fight us. Then we'll say Fatty attacked me with the bat and gave me this injury." Juumonji let go of her shoulder to finger the cross shape looking scar on his face. "That'll get him suspended from any future football games."

"Right on!"

You see, I know we'll probably lose…But I really want us to compete in the next game!

"Come on…out with it. Tell us and we'll let you go." Juumonji lit up a cigarette and stared down at Sena.

Sena clenched her hands into fists, hearing Kurita's words echo in her mind. Another thought popped up, one that he told her. "Oni, it doesn't matter if you don't have the strength, if you have the speed, that's all you need." With that in mind, Sena raced off, barely hearing the boys running after her, shouting threats in the air.

I wonder if they found out I'm being bullied? Their Sena senses must be going crazy right now.

Sena ended up running straight into Deimon's Spring Festival. "No way!!" Sena cried out, adrenaline coursing through her veins. Should I hide in the crowd? No, take a detour? Nope, whatever I do, they'll be waiting for me at the station.

"There she is!"


Sena though back to Kurita, her heart beating wildly. Crouching slightly, hands holding down her skirt, Sena looked ahead. It was like routes appeared in front of her, of the ones she ties to practice every day after having it for ten years, a reminiscent of her old bullying and gopher days. In a burst of speed, Sena rushed off and into the crowd, treading through with relative ease.

"All right, I got you-" Somehow, Togano had gotten in front of her. By instincts drilled into her from her friends, she did a fantastic spin move, completely avoiding him.

Sena dashed her way into the subway and seeing the door about to close, she dove right in making it on time, scaring some of the passengers all ready inside.

Sena brushed her hair, thinking about all that happened at school and afterwards. A feeling of dismay curled in the pit of her stomach at the thought of it. She'll need to deal with those boys tomorrow, and she didn't know what to do!

Beep…beep! The sound of her phone rang through the otherwise quietness of her room. At the noise of the phone, Pit who was sleeping, woke up hissing.

Sena went to pick it up and the name Kongo Unsui flashed on the screen. If I ignore it, they'll come charging to my house tomorrow. With a sigh, Sena answered.


"Who were the fuckers that were bullying you? I'll kill those fucktards!" a violent snarl met Sena's ears, indicating that it wasn't Unsui who answered the phone, no doubt that both were there calling her though.

"Agon, give me the damn phone!" Sena distinctly heard fighting over the phone before a calmer voice came. "Are you all right Sena-chan? We meant to call earlier, but it is the start of the school year. Agon even showed up to practice today."

"So you guys do know." Sena knew it was no use denying the accusation. As she said, they had their Sena sense and it worked for nearly five years all ready. She doubted it was going to change anytime soon.

"I'm fine. Like Ikkyu-niisan said, I may not have the strength, but I do have my speed."

"That's good. If anything happens call us immediately and we'll take care of them. Agon needs a way to relieve his stress that's been building up recently and they would make the perfect targets. How were things today at Deimon? Did you encounter Hiruma?" Unsui's calmness to any situation was a blessing to Sena. It was no wonder that Sena got along with him best. She heard another snarl over the phone. "I hope that you don't mind I turn this on speaker phone so Agon doesn't lose it completely."

"I'm fine, but I kept running into Hiruma today…" Sena went silent, debating if she should tell them that she signed up to be the American Football team manager for Deimon, the very club that Hiruma belonged to.

"You're not telling us something, spit it out you damn chibi!" Agon's voice rose Sena to debate at a higher level. If they found out, chaos will ensure. But if she didn't tell them and they found out on their own...


"IjoinedtheAmericanFootballclubastheirmanager!" Sena said it so fast that she was hoping that none of them would catch what she was saying. It was too bad that she forgot that Agon was a genius.

"You joined that fucking trash's club as their damn manager!" Agon's voice roared over the phone, sounding furious. "That fucker blackmailed you, didn't he? I'll slaughter him and that damn fatty!"

"You got it all wrong. I joined because I wanted to." Sena tried to pacify the situation. "I haven't met Hiruma-san, but Kurita-san's really nice."

"Agon, calm down!" Unsui's voice came again, overpowering Agon's curses. "Sena-chan, if Hiruma does anything you better let us know. We can't stop you from joining, but if he does anything, anything at all, I want you to tell us."

"You're letting her/me do this?" Agon and Sena chorused, each shocked that Unsui would allow her to join. Agon was the violent older brother; Unsui was the overprotective older brother or father.

"I'll be telling Ikkyu about this. He's been complaining about not seeing you. Expect us to visit you soon Sena-chan." Sena could tell that Unsui put his phone back to its regular setting. "Goodnight Sena-chan."

"Goodnight Unsui-niisan. Sorry about the trouble."

"It's no trouble at all. It'll take a while for us to relax and not worry about the situation, however, we are in Kanagawa, and you're in Tokyo. Just stay on Hiruma's good side and you're set for Deimon and Tokyo."

"You really did think things through. Goodnight!"


Sena shut off her phone, letting out a relieved sigh. She didn't think that they would react well to the news, but it seemed Unsui pulled through at the end. "At least I have one's approval. How about the other two?"

Sena closed her lights and lay down next to Pitt on her bed. Before the Kongo Twins called, she was ready to go to sleep. She could feel her eyelids getting heavy as she settled herself down in a comfortable position.

"Goodnight Pitt." The only response was a light purr, but that was enough for Sena.

Tomorrow will be my own personal day of hell. Was Sena's last thought before she drifted into dreamland. Dreaming about what was in store for her tomorrow as it happens that she'll have her first meeting with the devil on earth himself, Hiruma Yoichi.

This must be the longest chapter that I've ever written for this account. I hope that you enjoyed this. I'll be updating slowly on this since I'm still not used to chaptered stories. I'll try my best to last through this story as it's becoming a personal favorite of mine.

I thought it'd be easier for me to reveal Sena's niisans earlier than their appearance.

- Knows Ikkyu since parents and her mother were good friends in high school.

- Met Unsui through Ikkyu and Unsui and Agon's mother became friends with Sena's mother.

- Met Agon after having a bunch of bullies after her who Unsui and Agon dealt with quickly.

As for pairings for my female Sena, I was thinking Riku, Shin, or Kakei paired with her. I could do somewhat of an everybody paired with Sena, but it won't be all. Most will be fluffy shortly, compared to the three unless voting pairings say otherwise. However, I will not do any HirumaxSena pairings, I'm going to make it more of a sibling relationship like what Sena has with Ikkyu, Unsui, and Agon, so those four pairings won't be happening as anything other than sibling relationship.