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Sena and Monta helped each other with several exercises. The two of them, along with Hiruma and Kurita, were training in the club house.

"Are you sure this is alright?" Monta questioned, a hand pressing down against Sena's face. He helped her with a neck stretching exercise. "I'm not making you uncomfortable, am I?"

"It's fine," Sena said through clenched teeth, pushing against the force Monta was using. All these stretches hurt more than they should. She really needed to get the rest of her body in shape, not just her legs.

The two of them continued their exercises, switching to different ones every so often. Hiruma and Kurita did their own training. Sena fell from her position when the door abruptly opened.

"Sena-chan!" Mamori came rushing in. "Are you alright?" she fretted. Mamori helped Sena up slowly.

Sena let out a groan. "I'm okay…" She rubbed the back of her head sheepishly, giving Mamori a smile. "I just wanted to work hard with everyone else!"

Mamori frowned. "Well, take it easy, okay? Don't push yourself too hard." She rubbed her fingers into the knots on Sena's shoulders. Sena relaxed into Mamori's massage. Both the females turned as they heard Monta start to crow out.

"Ow…my shoulders seems like it's out of whack…" Sena sweat dropped, watching him make a fool out of himself for Mamori's attention. She had to stop herself from giggling when Kurita went to help him out instead of Mamori. Oh, Monta-kun…she shook her head fondly. But at least Kurita-san is happy. We're slowly gaining more teammates. Sena smiled brightly at the thought. She was also happy that Monta decided to join the American football club. No offense to her senpais, but she did enjoy having teammates the same age as her who doesn't treat her cruelly.

Before her thoughts turned darker, Hiruma spoke up, "Oi, damn chibis – work on building up your necks…otherwise you'll get killed in the game." He continued polishing his guns.

"But the next game is so far away." Sena turn to look at Hiruma, and pouted when she realized she was being ignored. Oh well... Monta patted her on the shoulder.

Hiruma looked down at Cerberus who ran in with the morning paper. Quickly grabbing it and unfolding it, he scanned the sports section. His eye twitched. "THOSE DAMN SCRUBS!" Hiruma all but snarled, throwing down the newspaper onto the table. He was seething.

Sena and Monta leaned over. "Another bag snatcher? That's where we go running!"

"I bet it's those guys from Zokugaku."


"The High school across the river. Really, they're like a gang of thugs. It stinks having them so nearby…"

"Now that I think about it, Zokugaku does sound familiar."

"That's not the article I mean!" Hiruma slammed Sena's and Monta's heads together despite Mamori's outraged cry. "Look at the sports page!"

Sena's gaze found what Hiruma was talking about, the shock took away all her pain from the banging of her head, only to resurface in phantom pains. "Hiiiieeee! Ojo only won by 1 point against Sankaku?" Sena held her ribs in remembrance of Shin's spear tackle.

"A one point game!" Kurita wandered over. "That's pretty close." Kurita broke out into a cold sweat. The Deimon Devil Bats had such a hard time against the Ojo White Knights that for another team to have come much more closer than them scared him.

A tick mark formed below Hiruma's eye, his mouth twisted into a snarl. "Why'd their third round game have to be so close? Now we can't brag against scoring twice against them!" He scowled, barring his teeth. Everyone took several steps away from the angry blonde devil.

"Well, there's the publicity." Mamori piped in. "The fliers and posters are great, but what if we played a game in our own school yard?" she offered. The Deimon Devil Bats only played two games thus far. If they won that one, there would surely be more recruits – willing ones, anyway.

Hiruma took a moment for consideration before whipping out one of his many cell phones. In a matter of minutes, Hiruma did his tricks. "All right! It's set – a game this weekend!"

"So soon!" Monta freaked. He had only been an official member for a day, and now in a few days would be his first match! Monta gulped at the thought. Sena offered him a sympathetic smile. She knew exactly how he felt. Hiruma did that to her with both the Cupids and White Knights games.

"Che, well, can't do much other than start training." Hiruma marched forward and grabbed both Monta and Sena by the back of their shirts. Once more ignoring Mamori's protest, he tossed the two outside the club. "Damn, chibis! Go shop for equipment while you're out running!"

Hiruma let go and slammed the club door shut on his way back in. Once he left, both first years gave each other a look.

"So to the sports shop?" Sena spoke, tilting her head to the side. She offered a smile to Monta.

Monta coughed, blushing. "Sure!"

The two took off.

It took twenty minutes before they came close to seeing it.

"Hey, that's it!" Monta pointed it out. He dashed forward before Sena could say anything. "MAXIMUM EFFORT! RUN!"

"Hey! Wait up!" Sena called out, but Monta kept running ahead. She pouted. He always did get a little too excited. She went after him, but ran into someone. She felt familiar arms wrap around her. Glancing up, Sena froze. "Shin-san…"

"You…" Shin glanced down at the petite form in his arms. He stared at her, the familiarity striking him. "Are you Eyeshield 21?"

"Hiiiiieeee!" Sena panicked, but seeing Shin's stoic face remain unchanged, she calmed down. "Um…yes…" She bit her lip, eyes trailing down to his arms still wrapped around her. Sena could feel panic rise again and tried to break out of his hold, but he didn't budge. She wanted to cry. If her niisans or even Hiruma heard about this, someone was going to pay. Agon already wanted to attack Shin for her bruised ribs.

All the while…

Monta glanced back in Sena's direction, seeing her form close to an unfamiliar man. "What is she doing?" Monta cocked his head to the side. "Maybe I should go back, max!" He started to head towards the two but his attention was stolen, along with the cash given to them by Hiruma. "HEY! GIVE IT BACK!" Monta began his chase of the two young adults on the motorcycle.

"See if you can catch us, idiot!"

"Ha ha ha – it's a pretty good take!"

Sena turned her head at hearing Monta's shout. "Ack, the team's money!" Shin let her go. Sena immediately began to chase.

"Interesting…" Shin put on his gloves and took off after his rival. It took him only several seconds to catch up. Sena glanced up at him briefly before turning her attention back to the thieves. "There's a traffic jam on this side of the bridge. With our legs, there's no one we can't catch. You come up on them from the left. We'll attack them from both sides."

Sena could still feel the panic, but then took a deep breath. Deciding to trust in Shin, she nodded. "Right." With the speed that only they could do, the two were off, chasing after the thieves.

Monta paused, eyes widening in shock at the scene in front of him. It took a second before he shook it off and followed.

Following Shin's advice to a tee, Sena came in from the left while Shin came in from the right, scaring the thieves. They lost control of the motorcycle and would've died if not for Shin's quick reactions in saving them. The money flew out, but was saved by Monta's catching skills.

Sena smiled, relief flowing through her. "We did it!"

The three walked off from the site as the police came and apprehended the thieves.

Sena bowed to Shin. "Thank you so much!" Monta followed her lead.

Shin gave her another one of his piercing stares. "…So you found yourself a receiver? Come to the fall tournament completely prepared. Ojo will be twice as strong in the fall. I'll be waiting for you at the finals."

Sena smiled brightly. "I'll definitely look forward to it." She couldn't stop the tiny blush from appearing on her cheeks. Shin-san, kakkoi ne… She could feel her heart pound just a little bit harder than normal.

With a nod, Shin headed off.

Monta shot her a teasing look before the two headed towards the sports shop to get the equipment Hiruma wanted.

"I'll be waiting for you at the finals." Monta tried to imitate Shin, but failed. The two of them were heading back to the club house, having done what they needed to do.

Sena giggled at Monta's act, but protested for Shin's sake, "He sounded way cooler than that!"

Monta laughed and elbowed her in the ribs. "You would know all about that, wouldn't you?"

"Monta-kun!" Sena blushed; her cheeks stained a rosy red. Monta laughed boisterously.

The two of them finally arrived at the club house. "Huh? Somebody's here?" Monta peeked into the doorway. He backpedaled quickly. "It's Habashira, Rui. He's the football captain, and the scariest of the guys from Zokugaku!"

"Are they the ones we're going to be challenging?" The two decided to quiet down and listen.

Hiruma laughed. "We're gonna rid the earth of all you scum!"

Habashira flexed his fingers, growling. "Damn you, Eyeshield 21! I'm gonna kill you!"

Sena nearly wailed at his words. What was Hiruma-san doing?

Hiruma cackled. "Oh, you think you're going to win?" He pointed at Habashira, taunting him. "Want to bet 5 million yen on it?"

Habashira sneered. "Yeah, why not? You're just a raggedy bunch that lost to Ojo! I'm the strongest linebacker there is! Shin? He's nothing!" Sena's heart skipped a beat hearing that. She clenched her first. He walked out past Sena and Monta. Without another thought, Sena ran in front of the departing cameleon looking thug.

"Shin-san is the strongest linebacker! The Devil Bats will meet him at the finals. And we won't lose against anyone else!" Sena stared straight into Habashira's eyes.

He merely sneered at down at her, placing a hand roughly on her head and pushed her down. "Learn your place, gaki."

Mamori rushed forward, but Hiruma stopped her. "Let her do this." Mamori was about to give another one of her outcries, but the serious expression on Hiruma's face stopped her. "He's a right bastard, but he won't harm her."

Sena broke into a cold sweat, but took a deep breath. She couldn't let him get away after defaming Shin like that. Not by scums like him, as Hiruma would say. With those thoughts swirling in her mind, defiantly, she spoke, "It won't be me needing to learn my place."

"Oh, and who's going to show me my place? You?" he mocked.

"Eyeshield 21!"

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