Chapter 1: Starting my new life.


I sat on the airplane, looking out the window, watching Phoenix disappear behind me. Just moments ago, I said goodbye to my mother, my life, my home. I swallowed the lump that formed in my throat. Closing my eyes, I leaned my head against the cold window of the plane that was taking me to my father, in Forks Washington.

This was a good thing. My mom needed time with her new husband, Phil, and I needed space away from her. I would miss her, even though things got a little rough with us, she was still my best friend. Living with her was like living with a college roommate and saying goodbye to her was also more like saying goodbye to my roommate rather than my mom.

"You know, Isabella you don't need to leave," she said with apparent sadness in her voice.

"I know mom, but I think it's for the best. Besides, dad has been alone for way too long and now you and Phil can enjoy being newlyweds without having me interrupt."

I think I was trying to convince myself more than her.

"You know Bells you truly are my best creation," she looked over at me and smiled. That was her way of saying, 'I love you.'

"I love you too, mom," I replied. That was my reply to her every time she said that.

My mom married my dad right out of high school when she ended up pregnant with me. Then, one day when I was five, she decided the small town living wasn't what she wanted so she packed me up and we moved to Phoenix.

I used to visit my dad almost every summer and on school vacations but when I turned 12, it got to be too boring for me so Charlie, my dad, vacationed in California with me instead.

My mom and Phil met a few years back and they were recently married. She hasn't been able to spend too much 'alone' time with him so I made the decision to live with my dad. I was going to move during my sophomore year but decided I wanted to wait till the beginning of junior year. It's hard enough moving while still in high school, never mind moving in the middle of a year.


As soon as I stepped off the plane, the nerves started to set in. I could feel my hands shake and my stomach felt like it had enough butterflies to fill a room. I couldn't help but stress a little thinking of the days to come; a new school, living with my dad and worst of all, no sun. Forks, Washington is the rainiest city in the United States.

I immediately spotted my dad, my handsome, 37 year old father in his police uniform, holding his police cap in his hands, his dark black hair all messed up from wearing it. He looked almost as nervous as me.

My dad and I had an OK relationship. Both of us were very quiet and didn't open up easily; we were alike in many ways.

"Hi dad." I smiled, as I approached him.

"My god, Bella, look at how grown up you've gotten," he said, giving me a hug.

I skipped last year's spring vacation and this summer's vacation due to my mom's wedding and moving into the new house so it had been almost a year since I'd seen him.

Once we had my luggage, my dad looked over at me, I could see the happiness in his eyes and it made feel good to know that he wouldn't be alone anymore.

"Let's go, the car's right out front," he said, putting his arm around my shoulder.

"The police car, Dad, really?" I sighed and shook my head. I was definitely going to need to get a job so I can buy a car because there is no way that I'm showing up in school in the police car.

"Look at this way Bells, I saved on parking and you don't have to walk far," he chuckled at his own reasoning.

"You're a funny one, dad," I said sarcastically.

"Hey Bella," he said as we started to drive away from the airport.

"Ya dad?"

"Um, well I kind of bought you something."

"DAD!" I yelled, "You know how I hate people buying me things," I said sternly.

"Listen, it was actually really cheap. I just didn't think that on your first day of a new school, you'd want to show up in my police car." He looked over at me to evaluate the damage he had caused. But I think that he could see the shock on my face and that I was not angry with him so he smiled.

My dad knew how independent I was and how I liked to do things on my own. My dad understood that because he was exactly the same way.

"You…you bought me a car?" I asked shocked.

"Well not a car….actually it's more a truck."

"A truck?"

"Yes, it's Billy Blacks, you remember him, well he's in a wheel chair now so he sold it to me, cheap," He explained.

"Thanks dad, I really appreciate it." I was not mad at my dad at for doing this for me. Living with my mom, I was always the adult and when I

needed or wanted something I always got it. So it actually felt nice having Charlie do something for me.

We arrived at the house around 9:00 pm. I had inspected my antique red Chevy truck and decided I liked it, it suited me perfectly. As we got closer to the house, I got nervous to go inside. I had not been back here since I was twelve.

I got to the step and as my dad went to open the door, my foot caught the side of the step and I was on my knees.

My dad couldn't help it as he belted out in laughter.

"I see you're still clumsy, Bells," he said through his laughter.

"Very funny dad." I had to laugh with him; it was pretty funny, considering how clumsy I was.

"So now this will make what, one thousand two hundred and twenty-six or twenty-seven times you've fallen in your seventeen years of life?" He looked over at me and smiled.

I stood up and shoved him playfully.

"You know dad you could've helped your only daughter, actually only child, up," I joked.

"Now, Bells, you, scratch that, we, both know that if I tried to help you up, you would just get angry and push my hand away. You're very independent." He was right, I was very independent and I hated when people did anything for me. I'd always taken care of myself and I managed just fine.

I walked into my home and looked around. It was kind of strange being here. My dad still had all the family pictures on the walls, nothing was changed, it looked exactly the way it had in the pictures that I had from when my mom and dad were married. I couldn't understand why my dad never changed anything.

My dad walked me up to my room, showing me the new comforter set he bought for my bed. After a few minutes of silence, he told me he was going to clean up and go to bed. I shut the door behind him and plopped on my bed.

"Starting my new life," I sighed, as I looked around my new room and took in the settings of my new life.