Disclaimer: I do not own any Twilight characters or themes

Disclaimer: I do not own any Twilight characters or themes.

Chapter 1:

This story will be, unlike the FFATWR story, told in Catherine's POV unless told otherwise!

Family Movies

The meadow was decorated perfectly. There was a silk runner going up in between the white chairs creating an isle and walking path. There were candles within the wild flowers causing the meadow to glow. It was twilight. The sun was just setting and dad was standing in the front of the minister. The music started to play and my mom's friends Angela and Ben were walking up the isle. Next went Aunt Rosalie and Uncle Emmett, Aunt Alice and Uncle Jasper and finally... me and Angela's son Tomas. I was in a puffy white dress and was throwing pink and red flower pedals while Tomas (Who was only 2 at the time) went up holding the pillow with the 'rings'. A new music began to play and the camera zoomed showing my mother walking down the isle. She was walking alone since my grandfather, Grandpa Charlie, died before I was born. My mom looked beautiful in her white wedding gown. It was a long dress with lace covering every part of it. She looked like Cinderella with her hair culled and up on top of her head and the crystal tiara on holding on the veil. As she walked, she didn't trip until she got to Edward (my dad) and that caused everyone to laugh. Thankfully he caught her or she would have ripped Aunt Alice's hand made dress.

"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to witness this man and this woman in the bind of holy matrimony. If there is anyone who does not agree to this marriage please speak now." The minister began. The crowd was silent and then he began again. "Now, Edward and Isabella have asked to recite their own vows so... please pledge your love to each other now." My mom smiled and blushed and Dad smiled too.

"Bella. Before you... my life was empty. I was living in a dark world where nothing could please me. I had nothing to live for until you came along. When you sat next to me that first day in biology I admit that I was nervous to be around you but then, I got to know you and before I knew it I was in love. I will never leave you or hurt you... again as that surly hurt you and I, you more then me and I wouldn't like to ever do that again. Besides the fact that you complete me, you gave me the most wonderful thing any man in the world could ask for. Our wonderful and beautiful daughter Catherine. With this ring I now give myself, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen to you forever and a day." my dad said while happily slipping the ring on my mom's hand.

"Edward, I used to live in a world where I never existed. In Phoenix I was a nobody and then I moved here and before you I was suddenly the most known person in the town. You made me feel special, but still normal. I knew you were the one that I would love forever after you treated me like I was anybody else... except for the fact that you would tell me you loved me and you would constantly picking me up when I fell. (my dad chuckled) I will always be your heart and I will be with you forever. With this ring I give myself willingly over to you and your family for eternity." my mom stated, blushing.

"Now, with the power invested in me and the state of Washington I pronounce you man and wife. Edward you may kiss your bride."

"Finally." my dad whispered before kissing my mom hard on the lips. I ran up to my parents and hugged them while they kissed. I was only 4 so, what could they expect? My mom and dad walked out holding hands. Unlike most weddings though, my dad was carrying me while walking down with my mom.


We were all now sitting in front of the TV watching the end of the wedding. My parents were sitting with each other... my mom sobbing tearless sobs and my dad was smiling as if it was his wedding all over again.

"Happy 10th anniversary love." He whispered. I smiled. They didn't bother me anymore when they did this anymore. I really got over it by the time I was 10.

"Okay... Edward, stop. Catherine, time for bed. Everyone is leaving in an hour or so and you need to get some rest. You have a big day tomorrow!" my mom exclaimed.

"Yeah, first day of high school! It's going to be so much FUN!" Uncle Emmett boomed.

"Mom, why don't any of you have to go to school anymore? You all look like teenagers.!"

"Catherine baby, we've all finished high school at least once and it would completely suck if we had to go through with that again." Emmett stated.

"Well, um... what if one of the neighbors asks why you aren't in school?"

"We'll say we are home schooled. I don't think that anything will happen, but... who knows wht the future may bring." Alice giggled. I heard dad hit is head wiyh his hands, of course aunt Alice would know the future.

"Fine." I grumbled while going up to my room. I brushed my teeth in my bathroom and then closed my door. I knew it was going to be a long day tomorrow but I couldn't sleep. I grabbed my favorite book, a great and terrible beauty by Libba Bray, and read until I heard a knock at my door.

"Yea?" I moaned.

"Can I come in?" my dad asked.

"Yeah, sure... what's up?"

"You're reading again? Baby, its 12:00 in the morning. Please go to sleep." He said while taking the book from my hands. He kissed my forehead and then shut my light while walking out of the room. I closed my eyes and then let darkness take over me.

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