Hello to all my fabulous readers and reviewers. Recently on another one of my stories I received a review that was more then just criticizing, it was mean and slightly rude. I will not say who wrote it since I believe that that would be mean and rude on my part. It was about how they thought that the ending for one of my stories ended horribly. Honestly, the story was never completed since one of the chapters for some reason never posted. I was told that it was quote …"crappy" I am okay with it since I have already confronted the reviewer about the review but I feel the need to once again remind all readers and reviewers to remember that fanficton{dot}net is a place for people of all kinds. It is a place where people of any age can post their stories and ideas for others to view and constructively critique. This is where aspiring writers come to place their writings online and get info back to help them become better writers. I will continue writing stories for fanfiction because it has become one of my many hobbies, but I really cannot come to except that others would write such terrible things on others' stories. Please keep this in mind for the next time you review a story and remember only say things that you would was to be said back to you if you were a writer. Thanks sooo much to all that read this and hopefully you will put this into action or just remind others about the importance of keeping this website a friendly environment for all who visit, whether their readers or writers. (Both maybe? :D)