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Komui Lee

I sat at my paper-filled desk, trying to get some work done, but to no avail. It had already been a few weeks since I saw any Exorcist other than General Cloud and General Sokaro. Which was understandable, seeing that they are all out on a mission.

What if they don't come back?

I shook my head, trying to chase out the depressing thoughts, but it was no use. I looked around the room in an attempt to distract myself.

The shelves lining the walls were filled with books and files. All these contained important information. The geology of the places the Exorcists were sent to, reports on past missions, personal files on just about everyone in the Black Order, of course, it included those who have died as well.

Why am I thinking of death again? I diverted my attention to the large statue of Virgin Mary at the far end of the room, just beside the door. It was there not only to create an impression of a church and not just for the religion. The statue seemed to be watching over everyone who walked into the room, with its imposing size. I like to think that it is blessing the people, especially the Exorcists and Finders, so that they can come back alive.

I felt myself calm down. Lowering my field of sight from the statue, my eyes came to a stop at the couch in the middle of the room, surrounded by a sea of paper.

Just how many people had sat in that worn out green couch? The seams were bursting, the deep emerald green it used to be was fading to a pale mossy colour and the cushions were already squashed out of shape.

I won't throw it away, that's for sure. It's probably the only memory left of the Exorcists who have come and gone.

And may not come back.

I really hate this job. I want to be the one out there risking my life instead of sitting in the office and knowing that the Akuma are probably no where near.

I swear, I really admire Allen-kun, Kanda-kun, Lavi and my dear Lenalee. They should be out there hanging around with their friends, messing around like inconsiderate youths, not fighting to save the world. They're just children, for goodness sake. And here is the one adult who is sending them to their graves.

(Knocking on door)

That better not be Reever. It's not a good sign when the Supervisor starts crying.

"Supervisor. We got a call from the Asian Branch."

"What is it?"

Reever looks like he's been choking back tears. That's not a professional way to handle bad situations.

"It's Allen-kun, he says that they are all safe and coming back."

I cried.