Loveless Souls

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Chapter one:


Today was just a normal day for us. I was half asleep and Edward stroked my cheeks gently. He really ought to record some of the things I say at night, to my displeasure Emmett certainly got a few laughs out of it. And Rosalie certainly was getting tired of smacking him in the head. Carlisle and Esme were out for the week on a hunting trip. Alice was being her usual energetic self, attempting to cook dinner and take me shopping. Jasper was trying in vain to help her while Rose and Emmett were in the garage doing god knows what.

It wasn't much later than seven o'clock, but Alice had forced me into a blindfold and then into thirty-nine bridal dresses. Unfortunately I had time to count. I crashed afterward and Edward wasn't leaving me for a moment.

"Dinner!" yelled Alice from downstairs. Edward groaned, his sister was many things, a chef not one of them.

I groaned but still wasn't completely awake. Edward carefully kissed me on the cheek, "Alice finished preparing your dinner. You wouldn't want to hurt her feeling now would you?"

Me eyes fluttered open but I had to force myself into a sitting position. Brown hair falling over the shoulders of my blue tee-shirt, I rubbed some knots out of my neck and kissed Edward. When I finally remembered the stupid human need to breathe she asked, "Do I really have to?"

"I heard that!" yelled Alice from the kitchen. "And yes or I won't let Edward whisk you away in the middle of my wedding planning."

"Evil little pixie," I muttered to myself, sure that Alice would hear her. Regardless, I got up and trudged down the flight of stairs and a glacial pace. Edward was walking behind me, admiring every last bit of peace before our hellish dinner. He always thought of me as his forever.

Everyone was already in the dining room. The two heads of the table were left empty for the places Carlisle and Esme would have been, I felt kind of lonely without Esme so Alice tried to keep me busy. Couples sat across from each other, Edward and I in the center. Even though I was afraid that Alice had somehow managed to make another picture perfect dish that tasted like mud I took a spoonful of soup attentively.

Promptly I spit it out and Edward stared daggers at Alice. "Need…water…!" I ran to the kitchen and Alice blurred after.


Those nurses were so oblivious. I swear, if one more of them told me that "he isn't in," I was going to rip out their human throat. It took thirty minutes. Thirty minutes to get an address. In that time I could have found it myself. No, you have to do this normally. At least he won't be there.

I have to admit, Carlisle was doing damn good for himself. That was one nice house, a bit big for two vampires, but still nice. Now how the hell am I going to explain this? I ran off years ago, I think it was sixty.

The town was nice, rainy and overly suspicious, but nice. But, anyone who doesn't look at a soaking wet girl in a bright yellow shirt and shorts in pouring rain would be kind of crazy. Normally I like the rain but my hair sticking to my neck and people always asking me if I'm lost is getting on my nerves.

"Finally," I muttered. Great, I'm talking to myself. But honestly, Carlisle didn't need to hide his house behind a mile driveway. And seeing I'm too tired to run everything needs to be done human speed.

I knocked on the door. If he wasn't home, than he was at his house, or hunting, or chasing Edward down. So if he wasn't at work, or at home, I get to kill whoever I want and find him. I was thinking of what or who to kill when some blonde guy who towered over me opened the door.

"God damn it!" I screamed turning away.

"Wait, it's pouring do you want to come in?" I shot the most threatening glare at him and turned around…to see him in front of me. "Who are you?"

"I need to speak to Carlisle. Now."

"He's away," the blonde one said. From inside the house I heard someone ask who was at the door.

"Jasper? Like the friendly ghost? Isn't that a bit…I don't know, spineless for a vampire?" I never get to have any fun. Why not get on a vampire's nerves? I mean, it's not like I can't take him, he's looks younger than me.

Somehow I wound up in the house. Pinned to the wall by the friendly ghost. "That's Casper, not Jasper. And Carlisle is not here little girl." Well, at least he's a fast vampire, but I'm a smarter one.

I spun under one of he's arms and kicked the back of Jasper's knees and jammed my elbow into the bottom of his spine. That's gonna leave a mark. Especially when I slammed him into the wall. "Do. Not. Call. Me. Little. Girl."

I turned to smile at whoever was the one that asked him who I was originally and found a small house, a super model, and…no. "Edward Masen?"

He snapped around. "I apologize but I don't know who you are."

Now I blurred towards him. Not remember me? Impossible! "Edward, it's me! Adaleen! You have to remember me! Me and Andy, what you did to us, how I had to leave, don't you remember the carnival, how you flipped, the city, how I had to find you in London, you have to remember me!"

He honestly didn't remember. I could see it from the look on his face. I crumpled to the ground and started crying. Legit crying. I was crying a lot lately. Over Andy, over Aly, over Edward now. "Why can't I find Carlisle!?" I screamed into my knees.

"Just tell us who you are," Edward came over and touched my shoulder. I burned him.


Who was this girl? She was soaking wet, looking at a piece of paper and the number on our house multiple times, and staring at me in total shock. But I felt disappointment, rage, sorrow, and an overwhelming sense of loss.

"God damn it!" she screamed at me and turned to leave. How could I leave, she looked so lost and mad. Maybe it was the gentleman in me.

"It's pouring, do you want to come in?" I took the glare as a no. I ran in front of the girl, "Who are you?"

"I need to speak to Carlisle. Now."

I told her that he was away. Carlisle and Esme went hunting with each other somewhere in Europe. They were supposed to be back a week ago but they were alone around a strange country and, well, they're worse than me and Alice.

"Jasper who is it?" I heard Rose yell.

"Jasper? Like the friendly ghost? Isn't that a bit…I don't know, spineless for a vampire?" that was it! Emmett called me Casper for fifty years! Her anger and frustration got to me as I slammed her into the wall near the house. I heard something crack.

"That's Casper, not Jasper. And Carlisle is not here little girl."

She zipped behind me and drove a kick right into the back of my knees. I crumpled when she elbowed me in the back, smashing my face into the wall. "Do. Not. Call. Me. Little. Girl."

She looked into the dining room and at my family. How could I be so powerless, I tried to move but she just slammed my face back into the wall. I made a mental note to wash it later.

"Edward Masen?" she asked letting go of my head and walking towards him in a daze.

Whoever she was, Edward didn't know her. "I apologize but I don't know who you are."

I sensed his bafflement while I regained feeling in my right leg. The girl went insane, I nearly fainted from all the emotions she sent my way. Fear, outrage, confusion, misery, and heart break. So much heart break.

Why am I here? I don't belong. Maybe I could escape this if I moved on, past this life, past my hurt…

"Jasper!" screamed Alice running into the dining room. She grabbed onto my shirt hugging me and begging into my shirt. "Please don't! Please, please, I saw you! Don't leave me Jasper!"

"Sorry!" said the girl, I think she said her name was Adaleen. She sent a wave of calm and happiness. "I tend to have that effect on people."

"What just happened?" asked Emmett.

"I almost made Jasper kill himself. I'm not a normally happy person and I think he absorbs emotion."

"You figured that out all by yourself?" asked Rose sarcastically.

"Yep," Adaleen didn't mind. Now that I've decided how not to kill myself, Alice was back to being perky.

"You're totally wet, you need a new outfit, I can help!" yep, Alice was good.

"Now I need to speak to Carlisle. Or Esme."

"Neither of them is here," said Bella walking in from the kitchen. She had a glass of water which she downed in one gulp. "Hunting in English woods."

Adaleen got up and walked to the door. "Bye, I'll get directions to the airport in town."

"Wait!" yelled Edward pulling her back. "How did you know my name?"

"Silly Edward," she smiled. "I loved you and you broke my heart."


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