A/N: look, i have good news and bad news

good newes: i got to ride in a helicopter!

bad news: it was to a hospital.

i swear! that tree came out of no where! not to mention that i'm a damn good skier. it wasn't even a hard slope, i mean, it was in vermont for crying out loud! now i dont really know if this is good news or bad news but i am (once again) in the hospital. meaning that while i'm stuck here torturing doctors who annoy me with useless questions, i will not be able to write that much. sorry people/vamps/wolves/jedi but not my fault. blame the tree. unlike me, it's still capable of standing!

so i'm just gonna go ahead and end the last chapter without the whole cliff and delet the sequal. once again, not my fault, blame the tree.

your...uh...no longer flying but will be back up on it soon friend
jace :P