4 of a Kind

Once more Bixby High was buzzing with the news of the new kids. Not only was there going to be one new kid, but four. From what could be deciphered through all the rumors, they were all related and quadruplets. It wasn't going to be hard to pick them out; after all there were hardly over 100 students that attended. School hadn't even started yet and the new kid's lives were already being intruded on.

Melissa sat on her newly fixed Ford, trying to block out the loud thoughts of the student body. Even with her mindcasting under control, she couldn't ignore the gossip everyone was talking about. Next to her, Rex held her hand, trying to comfort himself more than her. He could feel the student body's unanimous excitement, his half darkling side picking up on everything.

"I heard that the CIA uses them for mission that needs kids, since there are four of them and they look alike. I bet they're here to investigate what happened a month ago," someone said as they passed in front of Melissa's car.

"Yeah well I heard that they're some super geniuses and they've come to find away to transform the oil to even more oil!" a girl said.

"Yeah well I heard that they're freaks that move around from place to place and look like they're in mourning," Dess whispered as she reached the car. "Wouldn't that be nice? Someone even creepier than us." Melissa rolled her eyes. Yeah right, like that was going to happen. "What do you think Melissa, what do you think about them?" Dess asked, not really interested in her answer.

"So much talk and they're not even here yet," Melissa grumbled. It was true; the newly famous quadruplets hadn't arrived to school yet. Rex just shrugged.


A black Toyota pulled up to the almost empty parking lot. It found a spot away from the main parking, near the far end. The four doors opened simultaneously and four people stepped out. All four of them had natural black hair and wore black outfits, despite the oddly heat.

"Great, another daylight school," one of the girls mumbled as she tossed a backpack to her brother, who caught it easily.

"Relax Dannie, it's just like all the other daylight school," he reassured his sister.

"It maybe simple for you, Marcus, but I hate tasting their false friendship," said his younger brother.

"Yeah, I agree with Alec. It's as false as oil is slick," said the last person, as she placed a pair of slim headphones over her ears.

"I agree with Lea. Let's skip," said Alec enthusiastically. Everyone turned to Marcus, who as the oldest made the choice. He sighed, as much as he wanted to, they couldn't skip. Bad first impression. Lea and Alec groaned, they already knew his answer.

"I'll take that as a no," Dannie said disappointed as she slung her backpack on. From their car they heard the bell ring. Alec placed the headphones that hung around his neck on, letting the music drown out the tastes and thoughts of other. That left the other two to talk amongst themselves. Dannie and Marcus watched as their younger siblings started off toward the school. It was hard for the two of them to switch schools and they could only imagine what it was like for the other two, having to deal everyone and everything.

"Stop pitying us and come on," Lea shouted, not turning around to even look at them. The older two sighed and walked up to catch up. Marcus turned around, and pushed a button on the remote, locking the doors to their car.

They walked to the front of the school steps together, before stopping and looking at their schedules. Taking out of their pockets, they examined them carefully. Alec groaned. "Great, we have homeroom, third, fifth, sixth and eight hour separate," he said.

"Hey, we all have lunch and seventh together," Marcus said trying to sound upbeat, it wasn't working.

"Save your false happiness for someone else," Lea snapped at her brother and walked into the school.

"I'll work on her, I have second with her. Sense you later chicos," Alec said, catching up with Lea.

"We both know that there was only 1/8 of a chance that we were going to be in the same class, altogether," Dannie said to her brother.

"You mean you knew, I just took your word on it," Marcus told her as they walked into the school together. Dannie looked at him unbelievably.

"That was a simple mathematical equation! How could you not do it!" Dannie said irritatingly. She stomped off in the opposite direction of him. "I'll see during second hour."

Marcus watched his sister walk. He knew that she had no idea where she was going, but as long as it was away from him, she was okay with it. Marcus sighed. What happened to the days when they all understood each other and didn't get mad so easily? He looked back to his schedule, then at the first door number. This was going to take a while.

A/N: So what do you think? Everyone still lives in Bixby; they didn't want the police involved with even more 'disappearances'. That's kinda lame, I know, but I have no other explanations. Wanna make one up? Be my guest and message me.