This came to me and i thought why not. This is my first fanfic. The plot so far is what happens it the mists of avalon or something similiar happened today.

I don't own The Mists of Avalon, Marion Zimmer Bradley does and i'll probably murder the characters. i have taken some liberalities with the character descriptions.

Chapter 1

I had hated moving to a new town. I hated the thought of trying to make new friends and most likely being rejected by these people. Granted the town in which we lived truly didn't accept me either but I had managed to make some friends. My mother thought it would be a good idea for each of us to have a new beginning. I, however, thought she had flipped her lid and needed to be locked-up in a mental hospital. The only good news coming out of this move was the fact that it was summer and school wouldn't be starting for another two months. Hopefully, moving in during the summer would hide me from other future classmates and when school started no one would notice me. However, I soon found out that my prayer was extremely short lived.

As we were driving into town, we pasted this guy in his front yard playing catch with some of his friends. Three of the four in the group were kind of tall and with sandy blond hair and with what appeared to be brown or blue eyes. However, the one guy had short dark brown hair with the most piercing green eyes and was reasonable tall. I admit I never go for the jock types because most of them are extremely dense and cocky. Although this guy had the athletic build, I could see his intelligence and feel his charisma radiating off of him. The strangest thing about this guy is the fact that it felt like I knew him or had met him before. I would have remembered if I had been here before, because its the only place I've been to that didn't have its own suburbs.

As my luck and fate would have it we pulled into the driveway next to where those guys were. I wanted to crawl under the car and never come out but I knew if I tried my mother would drag me out. So I climbed out and prayed that I wouldn't fall flat out on my face. I guess fate was trying to be nice because I managed to stay on my feet and look somewhat graceful. I started towards the trunk of our car when the four guys came over.

"Hello, your family and you must be new to the neighborhood. These are my friends Lance, Cai and Gawaine. My name is Arthur but everyone calls me Wart or Pen. Does your family need help unloading?" the brunette offered cheerfully.

"Hi, my name is Morgaine. Um sure some help would be nice," I nervously responded.

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