Author's Note:

I'm so sorry for how long it took me to get this up. I'm currently taking this awesome class called . . . Arthurian Literature. Sadly since i'm reading like every known Arthurian book known to man, i really can't make myself write anymore. So i will probably take a break after this chapter is up and if i finish my other one-shot. Thank you for the reviews. Again i'm so sorry that it took this long for this chapter

I met Arthur in his front yard and together we waited for Lance, Gawaine and Cai. We were talking about various subjects that just crossed our minds. Our topics ranged from Chinese food, cars, books and favorite classes. I guess it felt odd to be standing there talking with a guy and not stumbling over my words. I was so proud of myself and I knew my mom would be if I told her.

In a little while Cai crossed the street and met us in the yard. He gave Arthur a hug and greeted me like he had knew me for years instead of only hours. Cai was bragging about showing me the football field and how it was the best in the state. I hoped he truly wasn't going to show me the field but I suppose it could be worse. About ten minutes later, Lance and Gawaine showed up and looked like they hadn't sleep all night. They claimed that they were watching a late night game but I'm pretty sure it was a lie and that there had been a party.

They decided to start on the farthest end of the town. The first place on the tour was the old drive-in. It looked like there hadn't been a movie shown there for about 20 years. Then there was an old church and graveyard that both dated back to pre-Civil War. I found the cemetery interesting and peaceful. If I wanted to be by myself I would definitely hit that spot up.

The school actually looked pretty big which slightly looked scary to me. I didn't mention it but it made me dread school even though I already had friends for once. Cai was true to his word and gave me a guided tour of the football field. He even showed me his favorite spots and least favorite spots. Arthur, Gawaine and Lance all had a knowing smile on their faces like this had happened many times before.

After the tour, Lance and Gawaine told the rest of us about the party that Vivianne would be having that night. When I got home I told my mother about the party and she thought it would be a great way to met the other neighbors. When we arrived at Lance's, the party seemed to be in full swing. Lance introduced us to his mother, Vivianne, and I guess his great-uncle Merlin. Vivianne looked a lot like me just a little shorter than me while Merlin had a white beard down to his belly button and horn-rimmed glasses. (sorry, stole that from Heroes). My mother meant Cai's parents and instantly got along with Cai's mother. I heard the door open up and glanced that way which made my heart flutter. In the door walked Arthur and his father. I could definitely tell where Arthur got his looks because his father was just as good looking. I personally introduced Arthur and his father, Uther. After that Arthur and I went to find the guys to and much to my sadness to play football. I have learned that being an athlete isn't my true calling. All of a sudden we began hearing an argument which sounded a lot like my mother freaking out. The back door opened up and my mother yelled for me to come so we could head home. I thought Uther and my mother would get along fine but apparently not.