Dr. Wilson discussed the options with Sam in the hallway. Her recommendation was that since Dean still had his wisdom teeth pulling the damaged molar wouldn't cause too much trouble, because she felt the wisdom tooth would move to fill in the gap. Sam nodded, saying a silent thanks to his father for refusing to allow a dentist to touch either of their wisdom teeth.

"Do you think your brother will be fine with a simple local anesthesia or does he need nitrous oxide?" Dr. Wilson asked before heading back into the exam room.

Sam had been unprepared for the question and he stammered, "I…uh, really don't know."

Dr. Wilson nodded, "Well, will Dean follow simple instructions and can you ensure me he won't fight or hurt myself or my assistant?"

Sam thought for a second, he definitely didn't want Dean hyped up on laughing gas, who knew what would come out of his mouth. He shook his head, "I think he'll do fine with the local. He's had a few procedures done over the years and he usually does pretty good."

"Good, well my assistant should have everything ready and once Dean's numbed up it should only be a few minutes." Dr. Wilson headed back into the exam room.

Dean was still in his chair, playing Halo-3 and racking up the body count. Dr. Wilson took her chair beside his and spoke to him, much the same way she'd spoken to him earlier. She told him exactly what they'd be doing, and that there would be a small pinch and then a burning then she asked him if he understood.

Dean nodded and Dr. Wilson stood to wash her hands and put on a new pair of gloves. Dean glared at Sam behind her back and when Sam just shrugged, Dean gave his brother the finger, just as Dr. Wilson was turning back around.

She frowned, causing Sam to sputter, "Ah, come on Dean, you know better than that."

Dean gave Dr. Wilson a crooked smile and leaned toward her a bit as she sat down. "Dwoctwer Gwace, thu know whadt?"

Dr. Wilson smiled behind her mask and shook her head, "No, Dean, but you tell me."

What should have been Dean's most charming smile spread across his face crookedly, "I thwink that thu awre weally pwetty."

The dentist smiled, "Thank you, Dean that's very nice of you."

Dean nodded, "Thu know whadt ewlse?"

Dr. Wilson shook her head, "No, what else?"

Dean gave a little hiccup and reached into the pocket of the jacket he was still wearing, "Thammy, twold mwe not to twell thu, bwut, he gwave me thum spwethial juithe thwis mworning, twold mwe it woulb hwelp wid thwe pwain. He eben pwut it inth thwis spwethial cwup for me. I thwink I want thum mwore…you want thum too?" Dean pulled his flask from his pocket and made a show of attempting to twist off the top.

Dr. Wilson gave a startled gasp and her assistant giggled a bit until Dr. Wilson glared at her. She pulled the flask from Dean's hands and swiveled her stool around to face Sam, who was now beat red from a mixture of anger and embarrassment.

"Mr. Winchester. Your brother has enough problems. Feeding him liquor isn't going to do you or him any favors and while I understand you trying to help with his pain, his disorders could give him an inclination toward alcoholism." She handed Sam the flask and glared over the top of her mask, making Sam squirm.

Sam cleared his throat and nodded. "Yes, Ma'am, it was just a lapse in judgment. I'll always make sure he stays away from liquor." Sam's eyes dropped to the floor and he tried to figure out what Dean thought he was doing.

The dentist eyed Sam critically then turned back to Dean, "Okay, now put your head back down so I can give you some medicine to make your tooth sleepy, so I can fix it for you."

Dean put his head back and looked up at the dentist when he didn't open his mouth she pulled down on his chin a bit, "Open up, so I can take a look."

Dean obeyed and when he felt the needle, which didn't hurt that much, he yelped. "Owie, owie…that hwurths. Nwow you nweed to mwake it bwedder." Dean gave the dentist a sad look, borrowing Sam's lost puppy look as he held a hand to his jaw.

"It'll stop hurting in just a minute, okay?" Turning Dr. Wilson set the syringe down on the tray and began moving her other instruments around, while her assistant ducked out to process another set of x-rays.

With the dentist's back turned and the assistant gone, Dean caught Sam's bewildered look, raised his eyebrow in challenge and mouthed, "bitch" to him. Sam perked up and shook his head, pleading with his eyes and a silent string of, "no, no, no", for Dean to behave. Sam was hoping against hope that his brother wouldn't willingly humiliate himself just to get back at him, but he also knew there was never a low, too low for Dean Winchester to stoop in order to get his revenge.

Sam suddenly picked up a magazine and feigned interest in the article, Ten Top Ways to Keep Your Man Happy in Bed, refusing to be party to his brother's idiocy. Thirty seconds later, when the assistant returned her hesitantly stated, "Dr. Wilson…umm," giggle, "…ahh, I…ahh…" giggle, prompted the dentist to swivel back to face Dean.

Sam peeked over the top of the magazine, but Dr. Wilson sat between him and his brother. Dr. Wilson's shocked and what sounded to Sam anyway, as some-what appreciative, "Oh, my dear...damn…Ah, Mr. Winchester…please get your brother under control," managed to finally convince Sam to drop the magazine to his lap and sit forward.

The dentist was propelling her assistant out the door ahead of her and as she turned to shut the door, Sam swore he heard, "What a damn waste…" but it could have as easily as been, "That's a damn case."

Sam stood up as the dentist moved out of the room and stalked to his brother's side. Dean was laughing quietly, as he readjusted himself and re-zipped his jeans. "For fuck sake, Dean! You just exposed yourself to two perfect strangers. You'll be lucky if she doesn't call the cops. What the hell has gotten into you?"

Dean sat up, "Fwunny you woulb askp." Dean's tongue was heavy from the anesthesia and his words were even more slurred and funny sounding than before, but it was also the first time he hadn't had any pain in a week. "Sweems thu mwe thwad I'm subbenly a retwarded, nwymphlo, wib angwer isthwoos anb awtwism. Hmmph, how'b dwo thu wike thwatd? Two cwan pway thwis gwame Thammy, anb I hwold all the cwarbs."

"Shit Dean, I was trying to help you. All you had to do was let me get you in to a dentist, but no…you have a thing about men staring into your mouth…what you think their fantasizing about something? But…"

Dean interrupted with, "Bwitch."

"Shut it Jerk. The only female dentist in the damn tri-county area is a pediatric dentist and well I couldn't get you in unless you had some developmental delay shit going on…so I embellished the truth, we do that all the damn time. Get over it, hell think of it like another job. Just shut up and behave, we can be outa here in less than ten minutes."

Dean shook his head, "Ohh, nwo way Thammy, thu're gwonna thuffer thwough thwis. Now gwo gwet the dwentist and twell her I'wll bwehabe." Dean sat back in the chair with his most charming smile, well as charming as it could be with half his face numb.

Pissed, Sam cocked his fist, aiming for Dean's bicep. The door swung open and Dr. Wilson breezed back in. "What do you think you're doing? You can't hit him. It's abuse and you do realize I'd report you." She moved to stand between the boys and looked down at Dean, who was again with the puppy dog eyes, "Does he hit you at home, Dean?"

Dean swallowed and eyed his brother over the dentist shoulder. Sam was mouthing "no" again, and this time Dean shook his head, "Nwo, thumtwimes we pway anb I hwurt hwim though." Dean dropped his eyes, "Thwat mwakes mwe fweel bwad."

Sam rolled his eyes when the dentist clucked and cooed, telling Dean it was okay and since he didn't do it on purpose it didn't count. She narrowed her eyes at him and shook her head, "Now you know what you were doing before isn't a bad thing, right?"

Dean tried not to laugh and nodded, hell no…it wasn't a bad thing, "Thammy swez thwad itd's fwine thu dwo whem I'm im pwivate. Thwa dwoor wasth shutd, stho I thwought itd wasth pwivate."

Dr. Wilson gave Dean a smile and then looked up to Sam and nodded, "That's right it's fine to do it when you're in private, but that means when you're by yourself…not when there are other people around. Think you can remember that?"

Dean smiled and nodded. He caught Sam's eyes in the corner of his gaze, "Bwut, itd's mwuch bwetter whem I cwan wook ath a gwirl's bwoobs." Dean let his eyes fall on Dr. Wilson's modest bust line, and he raised an eyebrow, even as he let his right hand drift toward his waist.

Dr. Wilson blushed, ten shades of red and Sam jumped from his chair to grab Dean's hand, "Dean, we just talked about that. Remember, we need to treat girls the right way and doing that in front of them is wrong." Sam ground his teeth in frustration. What he really wanted to do was tackle Dean to the floor and knock the damn tooth out with his fist. He'd never been so embarrassed.

Dean was finding it more and more difficult to not laugh, so he nodded and put his hands sedately on the arms of the chair. "Okway, Iw'll bwe gwood, Tham…thwen thu cwan bwuy mwe an iwce cweam."

Sam nodded, and apologized to Dr. Wilson, yet again. She was graceful about it…again, and she turned and told Dean to open his mouth. It took her less than five minutes and the tooth was out. She packed the socket with gauze and reviewed the instructions with Sam. Then she headed out of the exam room, leaving the brother's glaring at each other.


Local Bar, 6:00 pm

Sam stared in mild disgust, as Dean inhaled his second bacon cheeseburger, medium well with pickles and onions. He'd also finished off the last of Sam's fries and an order of onion rings.

"Pie, Sammy. Think they have pie?" Dean asked as he licked ketchup off his fingers.

Sam sighed and took a long swallow from his beer. He shrugged and motioned to the room, "It's a bar Dean…how often do bars have pie?"

"I dwon't know," Dean said around the last of his burger, "S'not impossible." He chased it with the last of his beer and then holding up his empty bottle, and two fingers he got the barmaid's attention.

She sauntered over and placed two more bottles of Budweiser down before prying off the caps. She smiled and leaned forward so that Dean got a good look at her best assets. He smiled back appreciatively and raised an eyebrow when a napkin with a cell number and: Becca, I'm off at 11, appeared at his elbow.

Sam watched and rolled his eyes before pulling one of the beers over and drinking. The door to the bar opened and a couple came in and suddenly Sam wanted to hide. Dr. Wilson was heading their way and though he tried to get his brother's attention, he was too busy, looking at a girl's "bwoobs."

"Dean…shit…" Sam offered as Dr. Wilson came to stand behind Dean.

"How's the tooth, Dean?" She asked, arms crossed and eyes locked with Sam's.

"Fine, how did you…" His voice trailed off as he turned and saw Dr. Wilson standing behind him. Dean stood, and managed his most charming smile.

"And thanks so much for taking such great care of me, Dr. Grace…Sammy was just buying me a cheeseburger." Dean moved to stand beside Sam, hoping his little brother could do something to stave off the upcoming uncomfortable awkwardness.

Sam raised his hands in defeat, shook his head and grabbing his beer he headed toward the pool tables, "Hell, no. I'm not a part of this…you made your bed, bro…"

Dean did a double take, cocked an eyebrow and turned with a smile, "Ahh, well…you ahh…"

The dentist took a step closer to Dean and looked him up and down. When he gave her a cocky smile and leaned back on his heels, she ran her palm over the fly of his jeans.

"You know, I guess I was wrong, because I was thinking it was ohh…a huge shame to go and waste this," she traced his hardening form through the denim, "on a developmentally challenged man."

Dean smiled and licked his suddenly dry lips, "Yea?...I ah mean hell yea, you were wrong."

Grace Wilson nodded, "Uh-ha…I was definitely wrong." She dragged her nails down his length and then dropped her hand.

Her knee moved so fast Dean's lust addled brain didn't see it coming, but Sam did and he gasped when the dentist's knee made solid contact with his brother's groin. Dean dropped to the floor holding himself as he curled into a ball.

The dentist gave him a cold smile, "Yes…like I said I was wrong. It's still a huge shame…but only it's because it's going to waste on a cocky, little jackass."

Grace Wilson turned, and walked away, leaving one brother curled in pain on the floor and the other curled with laughter by the bar. Well, after all, Sam did promise him cheeseburgers by dinnertime, he never said he wouldn't call in an anonymous tip about where one dentist might find a certain mildly retarded, autistic, nymphomaniac with anger control issues…

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