Chapter Nine:

"Ok. I'll be right over" Taiki said and hung up the phone. Picking up Toshiko, he walked into the family room where Yaten was reading a magazine. "Hey Yaten. I have a big favor to ask of you. Seiya still hasn't come back yet and I've got to go meet Ami. She just broke it off with Urawa and I need to see how she's doing." Without looking at Taiki, Yaten said, "Go ahead Taiki…spit it out. You want me to watch the kid, is that it?"

Taiki put Toshiko down and said, "Well…yes. Is that all right? It would mean a lot to me. I think that Ami and I should be alone right now, and I haven't heard anything from Seiya or when he gets back. Please Yaten?" Yaten muttered in the magazine for a minute, and then replied, "Get out of here then." Taiki smiled big and said, "You're the best. Thank you." With that, Taiki pranced out the door leaving little Toshiko staring at Yaten. Yaten slowly removed his magazine enough to see the child staring at him.

"What?!", Yaten asked. Toshiko shrugged her little shoulders and said, "What shall we do?" Yaten got up and answered, "WE are not doing anything. YOU are sitting on this couch and not moving while I make a call." Yaten flipped through his notebook and reluctantly dialed the number that was quickly filling up all of his pages. "Hello?" a voice said. "Hi… Minako there?" Yaten said regrettingly. "This is her! Is this Yaten?!" Minako said. "Yah…look. I need some girl toys. Where do I find those?" Yaten said.

"Oh no worries! I'll run to some of the girl's houses and grab some. I'm sure I can round up some dolls and other girly things. Did you want me to bring them over?" "Yes." Yaten said. "Ok! Be there in 10 minutes!" Minako said and hung up. Yaten hung up and then started writing a note. Toshiko was spying on Yaten during the whole conversation, but when he started heading back towards the family room, she dashed back to the couch and pretended to not have moved. Yaten looked at her and then went to their front door. Opening it, he taped the note on the door and shut it. Then he came and sat down by Toshiko and picked back up his magazine. Toshiko looked at it with him.

Minako came up to the door and read the note: Minako. Thanks for your help. We went out for ice cream. Just leave the stuff on the doorstep. –Yaten. Minako was disappointed because she wanted to spend some time "babysitting" with Yaten. Leaving the toys on the doorstep, Minako got in her car and drove away. Yaten slowly put the magazine down and went to retrieve the sack of toys. He picked up Toshiko and set her on the floor a couple feet away from the couch. Then he grabbed the sack of toys and dumped it all on the floor by Toshiko. "Now play with these…don't make a lot of sound, and we'll get a long just fine." Yaten said. Toshiko giggled and nodded sifting through the different toys. Yaten sat down and turned on the TV.

Taiki ran up and hugged Ami. She was sitting on the steps in front of her house. They held each other for a while. Finally, Ami broke the ice with, "So do you want to hear the whole story?" Taiki nodded and held her hand. She went through the previous conversation with Urawa. Taiki listened without saying a word and then when Ami finished, said, "So how are you doing now? Do you feel you've made the right decision?" Ami nodded and said, "I do feel like I made the right choice. I just don't feel great right now. I can't tell whether it's the morning sickness or just the fact that I'm so overly stressed with everything." Taiki offered to cuddle Ami while they watched a movie on her couch, and she accepted. "Everything will be ok" Taiki assured her. Ami smiled and he kissed her on the forehead. Everything might be ok after all, Ami thought. Ten minutes into the movie, both were asleep on the couch in each other's arms.

Yaten looked up at the clock. It was 2 hours already, and still no sign of Taiki or Seiya. Why me? Yaten thought. He was sick of watching TV. He turned it off and laid back on the couch. Letting out a huge yawn, he closed his eyes and listened to Toshiko playing dolls on the floor. In her best guy voice, Toshiko said, "Hello…my name is Kana. What is your name?" Then she picked up the girl doll and said, "My name is Ishta. Do you think I'm pretty in my new dress?" Then she raised the hand of the boy doll and said, "Oh yes. You look really pretty. Would you like to go to dinner with me?" Toshiko made the girl doll's head nod and said, "I would love to…" Yaten couldn't help but scoff at that last remark.

He tried so hard to ignore the conversation but found himself looking behind the couch to see what Toshiko was doing. "So could I have a kiss before I go?" Toshiko said in her guy voice. Then she picked up the girl doll and said, "Yes. Make sure you pick me up at 8." Then she took the two dolls and smashed their faces together as if they were kissing. "NO, NO, NO!! ALRIGHT, THAT'S ENOUGH!!" Yaten jumped over the couch and sat down next to Toshiko.

Grabbing the girl doll from her, he shook the doll and said scoldingly, "Don't you know what it means to play hard to get? She wouldn't just give in like that. She doesn't even know this guy!! That's not how it works. Do you know what he's going to think of her?" Toshiko was shocked but delighted that she now had a playmate. "No. What?" Toshiko replied with a smile.

Yaten shook his head and pointed his finger at her. "He's going to think she's easy. Yah…he's going to think that he can get in her pants by the end of the night. Do you want your doll to be named Slut doll? I didn't think so. So let's try this again. I'll be the girl, and you be the guy. OK?" Toshiko shrugged her shoulders and picked up the guy doll. Yaten ran his fingers through his hair and cleared his voice. He was trying to imagine himself as a girl.

Toshiko walked her doll up to Yaten's doll and said in her guy voice, "Hi…my name is Kana." Yaten flipped the doll's hair and said in his best girl voice, "Yah? So?" Toshiko didn't know what to do. "So what's your name?" Yaten raised the dolls hand and said, "Boy, please. I don't have to stand here and talk to you when I could be with my girl friends shoppin." Toshiko giggled and said, "Well could I come to?"

Yaten flipped the dolls hair again, and replied, "I don't even know you." Toshiko smiled and said, "Well, I told you, I'm Kana." Yaten turned the doll around and said, "Yah, but you didn't even care to ask what my name was." Toshiko said, "Yes I did. I asked what is your name?" Yaten was in spite of himself starting to have fun. He said with more attitude, "Yes, but you asked me in that tone. I don't answer when guys talk to me in THAT tone."

Toshiko looked up at Yaten and said, "What tone Yaten?" Yaten said, "I don't know. They always say bullshit like that. We're just supposed to understand and apologize. So apologize to my doll." Toshiko shrugged and said with her doll, "I'm sorry." Yaten turned his doll to look back at Kana and said, "Well, since you're sorry. I guess I can forgive you. My name is Minako. And I just think I am so much better than everyone else." Toshiko said, "Do you have any friends named Ami or Usagi?"

Yaten made a shocked expression on his face and said, "Are you stalking me?!" Toshiko was starting to have fun as well. "No. I would never…" Yaten started having his doll stomp on Toshiko's doll and said, "I'm getting a restraining order!!" Toshiko laughed uncontrollably while Yaten stomped the doll on the other doll. "Now you mind your own business." Toshiko picked up the doll and said, "I think you gave me a black eye."

Yaten flipped the doll's hair and said, "Well, men like you deserve a black eye…going around stalking girls." Toshiko's doll replied, "Please. What can I do to make it up to you?" Yaten made the doll stand there like she was thinking for a couple minutes and then finally said raising her little hand, "I guess you could buy me dinner. You are awful cute…for a stalker." Toshiko giggled and said, "So what time should I pick you up?" Yaten said, "You're not picking me up! I'll meet you there. Until I can trust you, what would make you think I would tell you where I live?"

"Ok- well let's meet at the restaurant at 8 o'clock." Yaten said rather lightly, "Better make it 9. I've got to recurl my hair. And lord knows I need to paint my nails a different color." "Ok" Toshiko said. "I'll plan on meeting you at 9." "Fine", Yaten said and had the doll exit the scene.

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