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I woke up with the best, scariest, most life-altering feeling that morning.

Today is the day. This is it.

I made sure everything was prepared for my weekend getaway with Bella. Our surprise weekend getaway to Lake Geneva. Bella still thought I would be at the clinic all day, doing grunt work for the residents. Little did she know - which was exactly how I wanted things – I had gotten the day off.

I'd pretend to leave for the day, run a few last minute errands, then head right back home. The ring was safely stored in my jacket pocket. I'd put it there the night before and not touched it since…just in case. Reservations had been made at the White Swan Inn – so chosen because of my beautiful girlfriend's last name. She'd have to appreciate that gesture. Dinner would be a candlelit affair complete with violins accompanying the romantic mood. The boat tour was set up for the following day. I even scheduled a couple's massage at the local spa.

Here's hoping for a repeat performance of our first Valentine's Day massages.

So all in all, it was going to be perfect. Romantic, beautiful, everything the woman I love deserved.

You are the man Edward.

Yes, I am.


After pulling in front of the apartment building, I had to resist the strong urge to run inside. I needed to keep calm or Bella would figure out what was going on. And, despite her supposed hatred of all things surprising in nature, I needed this to work out exactly as I planned. The romantic in me wanted this to be the perfect proposal, the kind girls bragged about to their friends. The kind you saw in those cheesy jewelry commercials. Only better, because it would be real and. Just. Fucking. Perfect.

When I got upstairs the sound of music and water running grabbed my attention. Following the noise I found Bella in the shower, dancing around behind the curtain, singing along with Beyonce.

"If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it."

Ok. Really. Could my timing be any more fucking –I'll use the word again - perfect?


I'd be lying if I said things had been easy in my relationship with Edward. The loving part was easy. It was the separation, the commitment to things outside of our own happy bubble that made things so hard. My schooling. Edward's schooling. It was all so…demanding. But I had just graduated with my bachelor's from Northwestern. Things, at least on my end, were slowing down.

Too bad I was still spending the day alone.

Edward had been so busy lately that we hardly had the chance to celebrate my big day. But he had promised me we would go out that night. After he was done with school Edward wanted to take me to the fanciest restaurant in the city. A part of me was hoping we would just get take out and spend the night at home, celebrating in the way I liked best.

Still, our dates were few and far between. I decided to make the most of my alone time, by pampering myself in preparation for our evening out. I'd scheduled an appointment for a waxing, followed by a mani-pedi. Alice got news of my date with the spa and decided to tag along. She was never one to pass on bliss. And of course, she was giddy that I had volunteered myself for it all. No force necessary from the pixie girl.

When I got home, I felt relaxed and happy. My body was smooth and soft after the wax. My nails were nicely shaped and polished. I was…sexy. And I wanted to keep feeling that way all night long. I wanted to see Edward and have him buckle from the sex appeal I was radiating. Ridiculous, but still something I couldn't wait to see.

Trying to maintain the sexbomb attitude, I stripped out of my clothes and sauntered into the bathroom, turning on the shower. I plugged my iPod into the dock and went to my "Dance" playlist. It contained all the music I loved to dance to when no one was around, so I could be as foolish as I wanted to be. Song after song came on as I moved my body under the warm spray of water. By the time "Single Ladies" came on, I was completely lost in the music. Singing along, I tried out some sexy dance moves while I washed my body. I was even doing the pump walk, knowing no one could see how ridiculous I looked.

Thank god Edward isn't here to see this.

"Mmm, you know I love coming home and finding you all naked and wet for me."


His voice coming out of nowhere, scaring the bejesus out of me, coupled with my foot being mid-air from my dance moves, made me do some weird jump-step. Unfortunately, being in the shower didn't help matters either. When my foot hit the tub floor, it slipped out from underneath me. It all happened so fast I didn't have time to grab onto anything. I landed with a thud.

"Bella? Are you okay?" I heard the curtain push to the side as I tried to pull myself up to stand. My right ankle was throbbing painfully so I settled on sliding back down on my ass.

"Does it look like I'm okay?" Annoyed, I was really annoyed. I couldn't help it. I was all sprawled out on my ass, looking stupid.

"No, it doesn't."

"That's right. I'm naked, wet – not in a good way - probably have a sprained ankle, and all on the only night in months we've had to spend some quality time together." Saying it out loud got me all worked up. "What are you doing home?" Before I had a chance to realize how I sounded, I saw disappointment flash in Edward's eyes.

"I wanted to surprise you." He looked so dejected standing over me, slightly hunched shoulders with his hands outstretched toward me. The anger and annoyance melted away.


"Yeah, I had it all planned out. But now…" His hair had grown out into a sexy, disheveled mess. Stray locks streaked across his cheeks as he shook his head. It was kind of distracting.

"I'm sure I just sprained my ankle or something. We can still go out to dinner."

A sly smile spread across Edward's face. It had me wondering what was going on inside that head of his.

"Let's get you out of there." Edward reached down and began pulling me in tight against his body to help me up.

"I'm all wet so-"

"That's what she said." Edward's laughter rumbled through his chest and vibrated against me. Seeing him so happy and excited made me smile. He was always so stressed lately. I began laughing along when I gingerly stepped with my right foot.

"Ow!" Tears came to my eyes against my wishes. I knew if Edward saw how much pain I was in he'd call off our date night. Trying to hide the grimace and moisture in my eyes, I turned my head away from him. I figured my naked breasts were sufficient distraction from the very visible pain.

"Bella? I think I need to look at your ankle more closely."

Clearly I was wrong.

"Baby, I'm sure it's just fine. Don't worry about it. I just want to get on with our evening."

"What kind of doctor would I be if I let my beautiful girlfriend go without proper treatment?" He chuckled as he gently pushed me down so I was sitting on the edge of the tub.

"This isn't necessary, Edward." He helped swing my legs out over the tub and propped my right leg up so he could get a closer look.

"Bella…your ankle is really swollen." He lightly pushed around the inflammation.

"So?" I felt pain as he rotated it around.

"And you don't have full range of motion." He tried to gently push my foot up. It hurt so bad that I cried out before he moved it very far.

"It's not that bad." I bit my lip in attempts to conceal the pain again.

"You could have fractured something, Bella. This amount of swelling isn't exactly normal. I can't be sure if anything more is wrong unless we get it x-rayed."

"Oh no, Edward, we don't need to go to the-"

"No arguing, love. Let me help you get covered up and I'll take you to the ER." His expression was grim and I was afraid he might be mad at me.

"I'm sorry I ruined your plans for tonight." Hot tears pricked my eyes.

"You didn't ruin anything, Bella, don't worry. Maybe if they're quick, we can still make it."

"To dinner?"

"Yeah, dinner…"



I helped Bella pull on a pair of baggy sweats, some of my old NU ones, and watched on with amusement as she tried to wrestle her wet hair back into a ponytail.

"It's all knotted and gross." She pouted, making it impossible to not kiss her. After a quick peck I pulled back and noticed a slight frown on her face.

"What's wrong?"

"I won't be in any shape to go somewhere nice for dinner. Look at me! I'm a mess." Seemingly giving up on that adorable mess of hair of hers, Bella tied it up in a quick bun. She made to reach for some make-up, but we didn't really have time for that. The quicker we got her to the hospital the quicker we were on the road to Geneva. That also meant the quicker I got that ring on her finger.

Hell, I don't even care if we go to an actual restaurant tonight. Just as long as we get out of here and Bella says ye,s I am fucking fine eating whatever.

"Don't worry, we'll just pick something up on the way."

"On the way to where?" Oh shit, did I really say that? "To the hospital?"

"Oh, uh, no. Not to the hospital. On the way home. We can just enjoy a nice night in." She didn't have to know the night in would be at a Bed & Breakfast…

"That sounds nice." Her hands were on my chest all of a sudden and I worried if I didn't keep my mind right, I'd forget she had an injured ankle and take her in the bathroom.


I managed to get Bella in my car by carrying her on my back to keep all weight off her right foot. She kept giggling, jokingly calling me her pony. Then she started singing Ginuwine in my ear. I was so fucking hard, even though the timing was completely wrong. But when your girlfriend starts singing about riding you, your cock pays attention.

Dr. Gerandy saw us enter the clinic and luckily worked some magic to get us in with a nurse quickly. After she asked the standard questions about what was wrong and how much pain Bella was in, she informed us that as soon as Dr. Gerandy was done with his other patient, he'd be in to see us. Unfortunately, the paper thin walls made it possible to hear some of the conversation going on next door. It didn't sound like Dr. Gerandy would be done anytime soon.

Even after the talking died off, Bella and I were sitting and waiting for several long minutes.

"This is getting ridiculous." I thought I'd have some pull around here… "I should go find someone to help you out."

"Don't bother, Edward, I'm sure the doctor will be in soon." She was still clearly in pain but patient despite probably being as anxious as I was to leave…though not necessarily for the same reasons.

In fact, I was amazed I'd managed to keep my cool for this long. I had originally planned to be on the road by then. We would already be cutting into our plans. If Dr. Gerandy didn't hurry the fuck up, we'd miss even more. I didn't want to postpone the proposal for another night. The idea of having to sit on this any longer had me itching all over.

A knock on the door announced Gerandy's arrival. Finally. He walked in slowly, taking his time as he settled behind the computer. I wanted to growl at him. Hurry up.

"You just couldn't stay away for one night, huh Cullen?" I wanted to scowl, but since I worked under Gerandy, I had to suck it up. So I laughed.

"Guess not."

Gerandy went through the same routine as the nurse, only taking on a hands-on approach like I had done in the bathroom. Bella told him whenever she felt pain, wincing and struggling against his assessment. I noticed his brow furrow when he reached the same conclusion as me.

"I'd like to get this x-rayed."

Bella groaned even though I had basically told her to expect that.


"I'll have someone from Radiology come get you."

Which meant more waiting. Great.

Gerandy left us to our disappointment. Bella, disappointed because our date night was looking ruined, and me, disappointed because the first night in what was supposed to be our weekend getaway was ruined.

A low rumble broke me from my thoughts.

"God, I'm starving." Bella patted her empty stomach, looking sheepish. Another strange sound came from her, making me laugh, despite my sour mood.

"Bella Swan?" A stocky, balding man came in the room with a wheelchair. "I'm here to take you to radiology."

When Bella was safely in the wheelchair and covered in a warm blanket, I decided to use the time for some last minute cancelations.

"Love," Bella turned to look at me before being wheeled out of the room. "Why don't I pick you up some food while they're getting your film?" I figured I could call from the road so she wouldn't overhear anything and feel guilty.

"The usual?" A smile touched her lips, making it hard to leave her.

"Of course." The drive to El Famous would give me plenty of time.


Bella's food lay on the passenger seat as I dialed the White Swan. I explained about Bella's accident and not being able to make it up that night only to be informed that due to their 24 hour cancellation policy, I would receive no kind of refund. Damn it.

My hand reached into my pocket, finding the small box there. Pulling it out, I flipped open the top and looked at the ring I wanted Bella to wear for the rest of her life. Simple, classic, a timeless piece of beauty. Just like Bella. When I woke up that morning, I had everything planned to perfection. How had it all gone to shit?

No candlelit dinner.

No romantic music.

No heartfelt, sappy speech.

No down on one knee as Bella finished her dessert.

No hectic scramble to our bedroom to celebrate.

No rose petals, tea lights, music.

Or, to put it simply, no perfect proposal for a woman who was more than deserving.

I managed to make my way back to Bella's room without realizing. My body was on auto-pilot as my mind slowly berated itself for not being able to make everything come to fruition.

"Mm, something smells good." Bella was back in her room, sitting atop the bed. She shifted her weight to lean closer to me, making the paper underneath crinkle noisily.

"The usual."

She rubbed her hands together, so childlike, in her joy. It was really quite adorable how easily pleased she was. I loved how much she loved the simple things in life.

"Gimme!" I barely had the chance to hand the white styrofoam container over before she had it opened. She was in the middle of shoving a chicken taco into her mouth when Gerandy came back into her room with film in hand.

"Good news, Bella. No fracture. Although your ligaments did suffer some damage…"

I tuned him out, already knowing the proper treatment for a moderately sprained ankle. Instead, I watched Bella. Her hair was making a desperate bid for freedom from the tie that held it in place. Tendrils had made their way around her face, behind her ears, half in her eyes. She didn't seem to notice as she listened to everything her doctor said. She was completely caught up in what he was saying, probably wanting to make sure she'd follow his advice to the best of her ability.

However, that didn't stop her from eating. A white, plastic fork made its way to her mouth. I stared openly as she slowly wrapped her lips around it. From the look on her face, I knew she was savoring the taste. After watching her swallow, she pulled the fork even more slowly out of her mouth, keeping those pouty lips firm around the plastic. When it was out of her mouth, she used her tongue to lick off any remaining beans. So sensual. So erotic. And it was fucking Mexican food.

Oh fuck.

I looked up at her eyes and noticed she was staring at me, catching me eye fucking her. The tiniest smirk graced her lush lips. Even though I had been so impatient for the good doctor to arrive, I was now more than ready for him to leave.

"Make sure to take it easy. Avoid being on your feet as much as possible."

"I know the dril,l doctor. This isn't my first time with an ankle injury." Bella turned to face me completely, eyes laughing.

I didn't think it was funny at all. Because of me she was hurt and unable to participate in the activities I had planned for the weekend. What was the point of even going away? So that she could spend the next two days in bed? She wouldn't be able to enjoy the boat ride, the dancing, the strolls through town…

"Edward? What's the matter?" I looked up to find us alone in the room. Gerandy had slipped out while I was distracted.

"I'm just, well, fucking pissed." Bella cringed. "Not at you, love! At me. I'm pissed at myself."


"Because, look at you!" She cringed again.

"That's not exactly the smoothest thing you've ever said to me."

Shit, this was not coming out right.

"I'm sorry; you know I don't mean it like that. You're here with a sprained ankle instead of out celebrating with me. We're going to miss out on…so much."

"Like what?"

I shook my head, not wanting to go into details.

"And then you made that joke about having gone through this before, as if that's even funny!"

"It is funny, at least to me. It's like we've come full circle." She waited for me to respond, but when I said nothing, continued with her train of thought. "Doesn't it seem like a lot of our biggest moments happen in a hospital? Or at least, they did when we were first dating?"

"Such as."

"The night at the club. That was a pretty big night, right? You decided to take a chance. And then, our first date at the concert. I ended up here, with a broken ankle, my left ankle to be exact. It's almost too perfect that I've managed to screw up my right ankle the night we were going out to celebrate my graduation. Don't you think?"

Not just your graduation.

"Still, this isn't what I had planned."

"That's okay. I think it's almost better this way." Did she have any idea what she was even saying? "Because I mean, you know I don't need the big, fancy, over the top stuff. This is more us anyway. Me doing something stupid and you being there to take care of me." It was almost like she wasn't talking about the date night she was expecting anymore. "Besides, we're together. And I have my El Famous. The night seems pretty damn close to perfect if you ask me."

"Bella-" My hand was in my pocket and my knees were bending. I heard a soft gasp that brought my eyes to Bella's face. Her eyes were bright and shining. "Will you marry me?"


"I mean…shit, Bella, this isn't how I planned on proposing, but you're just sitting there all beautiful and talking like that, telling me how perfect this is. And all I wanted was for the perfect proposal, because you deserve the best and I am so ready to make it official and make you mine forever." I opened the box, but Bella's eyes never left mine.


"Everything I planned got screwed up. I wanted to…wanted to woo you all over again. But of course it never works out-"

"Edward, yes." I felt her warm hands cup mine, bringing them and the box closer to her. "Of course I'll marry you!"

"Yeah?" I was a little dumbfounded at my outburst, and that she had actually said yes.

"Yeah. Now get that ring on me."

With shaking hands, I managed to slip the ring on her finger. It looked perfect there, like she was always meant to wear it. Mine. Bringing her hand up to my lips, I placed a soft kiss on her finger, just below the ring.

"You have no idea how happy you've just made me."

I stood up and kissed her, showing her through my lips, teeth, and tongue just exactly how she made me feel. She moaned softly when I put both hands on either side of her, trapping her underneath me. When I felt the cool metal of her ring on the back of my neck, I fucking lost it. I pressed my hips into hers, rubbing my erection against her roughly. Bella gasped out my name and some sense returned to me. I grudgingly removed myself from between her legs and made my way to the door.

"Where are you going?" Her cheeks were flushed with her desire.

"To lock the door. Don't want anyone interrupting, now do we?" When I had done just that, I rushed back over to Bella, needing to be as close as possible.

"Hurry, Edward." Her eyes were dark and hooded with desire. "Want you so much."

"I know, love. As much as I want to take my time worshiping you, I can't. I'm too impatient. I love you. I want you. Right now."

"Oh God." Her hands were on my pants, quickly unzipping the fly so she could reach her tiny, warm hand in to grab my dick. "Take off your pants."

Bella moved her hand away so I could push my pants and underwear down. As soon as they hit the ground though, her hand was back, stroking my slowly. I pressed myself closer to her body, crashing my lips down on hers. While I kissed her, she worked me up and down. Every time she brought her hand up, I felt the pad of her thumb graze across my tip. I trembled against her mouth as she drove me to the brink of insanity. Before I could get too close to coming, I gently removed her hand from my dick. I was able to pull away from her without too much protest.

"Those sweats have got to go." I yanked down the pants, being careful to avoid her right ankle as much as possible. I was in the process of removing her underwear when a noise outside caught our attention.

"Everything alright in there?" I didn't recognize the voice behind the door.

"Yes, Bella's just finishing her dinner and we'll be on our way." Somehow, I was able to calmly speak, while Bella's hands found their way to my erection again.

"Ok. Just leave the door open when you're done."

We both stood still, waiting for the sound of footsteps to fade away.

"What if someone catches us?" Bella sounded worried.

"The door is locked, remember?"

"But what if they hear us and come bang on the door to get us to stop?"

"Well then, you'll just have to be quiet then. Won't you?"

My hands went to the waist of her underwear, needing them out of the way so I could get inside her.

"Wait. Can you…leave them on? Just in case…"

She was worried about getting caught with her pants off. Even though the door was locked. Even though she'd be covered by me. Even though it was my ass completely bare, pants down around my ankles.


"Please." She reached down and moved the crotch of her underwear off to one side.

For whatever reason the sight of her like that made me even harder. It made it more exciting because we were doing something we weren't supposed to.

"Please." She repeated herself, this time using her other hand to grab onto my cock and guide toward her pussy. She slid my head up and down her lips, rubbing it against her clit, making her moan.

"Shh, Bella. Gotta stay quiet." I used my lips to keep her quiet, swallowing her moans as she used my cock as she pleased. When she finally pressed me up against her entrance, I was wound up so tight I couldn't stop myself from thrusting into her. Hard.

The muffled gasp only spurred me on. Bella was so tight around me. Tight and warm and wet. Her left leg wrapped around my waist while her right lay to the side, an attempt to keep it from getting injured more.

I couldn't stop kissing her as I continued to pound into her. I wanted to be attached to her in every way possible. Her lips moved against mine eagerly and I knew she was feeling the same way. The need to be connected to each other was tangible. Her hands were on my upper back, stroking my shoulder blades; nails biting into my skin.

"I love you," she half whispered, half panted against my cheek.

Her words. Even after all the years, those three little words made me high. She loved me and now she would be my wife. I fucking loved her. So fucking much. And I needed every inch of her. All the time. Right now.

The hoodie that swallowed her was easily pushed up past her bra. Not having time to unclasp that, I shoved the cups up to expose her rosy pink nipples. They were hard with her excitement. Just begging for me to take into my mouth.

Licking around each stiff peak, I tasted the slight salt of her skin. My mouth enclosed around her nipple and sucked hard. Bella cried out in pleasure.

"Shhh," I murmured against her breast before scraping my teeth against her pebbled flesh.


I covered her mouth with my hand, yet again trying to keep her quiet. She lowered her noises and I thought she was going to cooperate. Instead, I felt her tongue flick against my palm. I drew away in surprise but didn't get far. Bella stilled my hand and took my index finger into her mouth, letting her tongue swirl around it.

"Fuck, Bella."

"Shh, Edward, be quiet."

She smirked at me as she gripped me tighter with hands and leg. Her mouth went back to sucking on my finger and all I could do was think about how good I felt inside both her pussy and her mouth.

"I'm so close." She was whimpering now, pushing her hips up to meet each of my thrusts.

"Me too." It was all I could do to not grab both her legs and hold her down while I lost myself inside of her.

Bella shuddered under me, tightening around my erection, and biting down on my finger to keep from screaming. The pain and pleasure mixed together, drawing out my own orgasm. I pulsed inside her, the feeling so intense I couldn't move.

"I love you. So much." All I wanted to do at the moment was collapse on top of her but knew we couldn't stay there like that any longer.


Edward hurriedly grabbed a paper towel from the sink area to clean us up before getting our clothes situated. While he went to toss our garbage, I took a few seconds to look down at my left hand.

The band was thin, either white gold or platinum, with an emerald cut diamond. So simple yet so elegant. I loved that he knew my style enough to choose the understated. And I'll admit to loving how the diamond caught the light. It sparkled so nicely.

"Ready, love?" He held his hand out for me, ever the gentleman, to help ease me down from the bed.

"Yes." I knew I probably had the goofiest smile as we opened the door and made our way out of the InstaCare. If anyone was staring at us, I didn't know. I purposely kept my eyes on Edward, choosing to remain oblivious to anyone that most likely overheard our romantic tryst.

"It's a good thing we have a set of crutches at home already." Edward seemed to be floating along next to me, so great was his mood.

"Yeah, I guess being a klutz comes in handy for when I'm…being…klutzy." I laughed as I hobbled out of the building to Edward's car. It made my precarious balance all the worse, and I found myself clutching onto Edward even harder. If it hurt or was uncomfortable for him, he never mentioned. He might have even enjoyed it for all I knew.

"Let's get you home and that foot up. You need to rest and I want to pamper my fiancé." Edward's smile was blindingly brilliant as he opened the passenger side door to his Volvo, easing my body into the seat.

"I think you rather enjoy calling me that," I told him as he got in behind the wheel.

"I do." He leaned over to kiss me sweetly. "But I'll enjoy calling you my wife even more."

We drove home in contented silence, not needing to say anything. I almost felt like if I did speak, I'd be disrupting the magic in the air. It hadn't been the most traditionally romantic proposal, but it was honest and sweet and just right for us. Still, I felt bad that he had been planning something big, and I ruined it. I wondered just what he had wanted to do.


"Yeah?" His response came across almost drowsy, though I knew he wasn't tired.

"What did you have planned for tonight?"


"Well, you said earlier that you wanted to propose differently. So if I hadn't sprained my ankle, what would you have done?"

"Oh." Edward looked straight ahead, seemingly thinking something over. "You know what? It doesn't matter what I had planned, because this worked out even better. This worked out…perfectly."

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