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The village hidden in the leaves was gone…completely decimated. Fire everywhere, and twenty-one year old Ino Yamanaka stood at the epicenter of the destruction. The flames heat was contrary to the powerful rain.

It was as if the sky had split open so it could pour its tears on the vanquished city. Ino didn't care about the rain though, or the more dangerous fires that continued to blaze. No, her sky blue eyes could only focus on a lone figure.

The figures' back was to her. He was shirtless and heavy uncontrollable breathing made his muscles ripple and showed their hidden power. A sheen of water dripped down his body as his rasping voice spoke.

"Why?" It paused, it's muscles tightening even more. "I should have been here." Lightening struck in the distance briefly illuminating him, the light revealed matted blonde hair and slightly torn ANBU pants. Ino flinched at the light, and again at the inevitable thunder.

The man seemed to realize she was there and slowly turned its head toward her, the breath caught in her throat and she started to shake even more.

She looked at the shadowed face knowing where the eyes where. Lightening flashed again showing the red eyes and fangs of Naruto.


Ino woke up panting heavily her heart pounding heavily in her chest. She looked down at her soaked night clothes. She'd had that dream again. She wiped the sweat from her brow and got out of bed, her small beautiful form stumbled out of the room, her lack of sleep apparent.

Walking into the bathroom she flipped on the switch and looked into the mirror, the sight made her groan in frustration. She had bags under her eyes.

"Why can't that stupid dream leave me alone!" she huffed to herself since no one lived in the house but her.

She kept having it more and more as time went on, like it was some kind of warning. She sighed in defeat knowing she wouldn't be able to go back to sleep so looking at a clock on the bathroom wall. Seeing that it was 3 am, she stripped and stepped into the shower. As she turned it on she gasped as the hot water fell down her body.

As she stood in there she began to plan out her day. She had a meeting at nine with the Hokage, but that was six hours away…what the hell was she going to do for six hours? Twiddle her freaking thumbs?!

Grabbing the bar of soap and cloth she began to clean the sweat that had gathered on her body due to the dream. She would eat breakfast of course…but then what. Then it came to her, she smiled happily she would go get Naruto. Yeah, that would work she would just go get him to train with her.

Of course after she finished eating it would be about four in the morning. Then getting her gear and walking over to his house it would be almost five! She gave a 'yay' of excitement and hopped up and down before a thought came to her.

"Unless forehead girl kept him up all night again with her lust for sex!" She sighed. She couldn't really say anything bad about it though the two were married much to the chagrin of most of the villages single population.

"Oh well though, ill just go get him and ask him to train. Its not like its not normal we are in the assassination corps after all." Ino smiled at that. Her and Naruto had been in the assassination corps on the same team for three years now.


The blonde demon container, Naruto Uzumaki, shifted in his bed stirring the pink haired beauty that laid on his chest. His dark blue eyes opening slightly as his internal clock went off.

"Don't even think of getting out of this bed baby…I'm comfy." Naruto rolled his eyes and looked at the girl laying on his chest. "And what if I did Sakura-chan?" She smiled and looked up at him, her green eyes opening the playfulness apparent in them.

"I'll break you." She said quietly. Naruto sweat dropped and laid his head back.

"Why are you so mean to me hime?" he asked quietly. She growled and sat up straddling him. "Because I can be Baka-kun" Seeing her position he groaned.

"No Sakura-chan, I cant take anymore! Your gunna kill me!" She frowned and began to pout, her arms crossed over her already naked breast, complements of last nights fun. "Please Baka-kun?" Naruto shook his head, and she gave up seeing his stern expression.

As she climbed off he got out of bed and headed for the shower. On his way came a knock on the door. He growled slightly and looked at the time. "Who the hell is here at five in the morning?" He turned back around, walked into his room and put on some shorts (much to Sakura's dismay) and went to get the door.

As he arrived at the door it was knocked on again, this time a little harder. "I'm coming, I'm coming! Jeez freaking early birds!" He opened the door and rolled his eyes at the sight. A very much awake Ino Yamanaka stood looking at him. "Hi Naruto-kun!" She chirped much too loudly and happily for the hour of morning.

"Hey Ino-chan, what's up?" pulling every trick in the book to remain polite, then came a reply from inside the house. "INO-PIG WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE THIS EARLY IN THE MORNING!" Yelled Sakura from inside the house. Ino's happy expression instantly became annoyed. "NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS FOREHEAD!" She yelled back, Naruto sighing at the two rivals. "LIKE HELL ITS NONE OF MY BUSINESS! IT'S MY HUSBAND YOUR TALKING TOO!" Ino rolled her eyes and looked back to Naruto.

"Sorry, anyway I was wondering if you wanted to come and train with me!" She said happily. Naruto closed his tired eyes and thought about it. "Sure Ino-chan, let me go tell Sakura." Ino nodded quickly, her happiness apparent on her features.

Naruto walked into his house. Ino followed him in and plopped on the couch to wait for her teammate to get dressed. As Naruto walked into the room, shutting the door behind him he saw Sakura standing there covered only in the blanket on there bed.

"Where are you going honey?" she asked calmly. He smiled slightly and rubbed the back of his head. "Well Ino is wanting to go train with me…if that's ok hime?" Sakura nodded as she walked over and kissed him lightly. "Mmmk Naruto-kun, just be good." He nodded and proceeded to get ready.


The two blonde ANBU stood in front of the Hokage of Konoha, as the busty woman stared at her fellow blondes she couldn't help but smile. These two were the best of the best, the duo that had literally taken down thousands of enemy shinobi. "You asked to see us Hokage-sama?" asked the male of the pair. Tsunade nodded at him and looked at the female.

"Take those masks off you two I hate the emotionless faces." Seconds later a red fox mask and a white rabbit mask came off, revealing the faces of Naruto and Ino. Unfortunately for the Hokage, since the masks were gone so was the emotionless façade.

Naruto began to physically hop up and down like a two year old. "Hehe you got a mission for us don't ya Tsunade-baachan?!" Two seconds after that sentence came a loud 'SLAP' as Ino's hand connected with the back of Naruto's head, leveling the spiky haired man.

"You freakin Baka! Show some respect!" Yelled Ino toward the face planted Naruto. "Ow Ino-chan why did you have to hit me so hard…" he whined. Tsunade smiled at the antics of the best friends.

"All right you two that's enough," Tsunade said as Naruto stood. "And yes to answer your question I do have a mission for you." She now had there undivided attention.

"Naruto this is the mission you have been waiting for…. We have found Sasuke, and I want you and Ino to bring him back." The young adults didn't make a move. They both stared at her in disbelief.

No one had heard from the last Uchiha since the slaying of his brother and obtaining of the mangekyou sharingan.

Tsunade looked back and forth between them, awaiting the excitement from Ino and the determination from Naruto. Her face became confused when neither reaction came, in fact all Ino did was stare at Naruto intently as if the man would lash out at any moment.

Naruto in Tsunade's opinion looked utterly angry at her words, his eyes completely cold. "When do we leave?" he growled, Tsunade stared, trying to diagnose the mans sudden anger. "One week." was all she managed and with that he disappeared in a puff of smoke. All that remained was the Hokage and Ino.

"Tsunade-sama…" Said the younger blonde, gaining the olders attention. "Yes Ino?"

"Well you know how Naruto and Sasuke fought after Sasuke beat Itachi?" Tsunade nodded trying to figure out where this was headed. "Well…" Ino paused, unsure for a second. "Well Naruto won that fight." Then she disappeared leaving a shocked Hokage.

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