Kim Possible: Year One

Chapter One: Welcome Freshman

Kim Possible Created By Mark McCorkle & Bob Schooley

Dreams have always expand our understanding of reality by challenging our boundaries of the real, of the possible

- Henry Reed

It was a normal day in the city of Chicago, except for the bus of children handing over the size of the brigde. Earlier today, the bus was just carrying a normal ride full of kids on taking them back to their homes; however, a tire suddenly blew out and the bus curve out of control. The bus then hit the size of the brigde, and it is now handing by a thread. Suddenly, boat comes floating by at top speed, and standing on the edge of the boat is a young teenage girl with red hair blowing in the wind. The young girl's name, is Kim Possible. "Thanks for the help, Captain Robinson", said Kim Possible.

"It's the least I can do after you help save my cargo at that ship wreck", said Captain Robinson.

"No big, that blind spot is always hard to miss", said Kim Possible. "Ron, are you ready yet, we got a mission here."

"Coming your way, KP", shouted Ron Stoppable down inside the ship. Ron rushes up the stairs jumping around, while trying to tug in his shirt. "Sorry KP, I was in the restroom doing number-"

"Whoa, stop right there", spoke Kim interrupting Ron at the last moment. "I don't want the idea, but I see where you going."

"Okay KP", said Ron. "But you have to admit, those spicy tacos are worth the taste." Rufus jumps out of Ron's pocket at the mention of the tacos.

"Mmmhhh, Spicy", spoke Rufus while rubbing his stomach. Kim took notices of the other Boat on the right side, and wave to the captain to tell him that they're ready.

"Captain Jackson is ready", said Kim. She then turns her attention back towards Ron, while picking up a robe with a hook at the end. Kim then jumps over to the next boat, Kim begins to spin the hook around and around on the right side, and lands the hook on the front bumber of the bus. Ron then, took hold of his grabbling hook, and begin to spin it around. However, on the first spin, the hook came flying off the robe, and landed in the water.

"Yeah, I was pretty sure that the knot was the captain's fault", said Ron. Kim just press one hand against her face, and just shook her head left and right. Rufus then, wakes up from his nap inside Ron's pocket, and Ron took notices and glad to see his little buddy. "Rufus". Rufus looks up at his master. "Need a hook for the robe, buddy". Rufus looks at the robe, and gave Ron a salute. Rufus takes a bite to hold the robe, and gives Ron a thumbs up to show that he is ready. Ron begins to spin Rufus around, and he throws him at the bumber with the other hook. Rufus runs around the bumber, and ties it into a good tight knot. Rufus waves down to Ron and Kim that he did his job. "Way to go, buddy". Kim jumps back over to the other boat, and takes the robe from Ron.

"Thanks Ron", said Kim. "I'll take care of things from here". Kim, quickly jumps over onto solid land, runs over and jumps on steps on the side of the bridge, and lands on the side of the brigde. Kim takes the ends of the two robes and ties them together, and places it on her right shoulder. Kim jumps good and hard and grabs hold of a metal bar, and swings over to another bar and swings and lands onto the top beam. Kim carefully unties the two robes and creates a heavy knot on one robe, wraps it around the beam, and drops it down to the boat where Ron is. Kim carefully tip toes across the beam, and now is on the other side of the beam and the bus. Kim repeats the same way she did before, and drops the robe to the other boat. Both captains tie the ends to the front of their boats, headed back to the wheel, and give her a thumbs up. The captains switch the gears of their boats to reverse, and tug the robes backwards that begins to pull the bus to an even straight line and stable. Kim lands at the back end of the bus, does a forward flip to solid ground, and opens the door. "I believe this is your stop." Kim points the way out, and helps carefully to get the children out. As both the robes begin to break, Kim has gotten the last of the children out, and the robes broke apart sending the bus falling straight into the water. Everybody that was out of their cars at the time all shouted into the air, and give applause to Kim for making a daring rescue to save the kids.

"Kim", shouted Ron, as he runs across the bridge, and stops in front of Kim and takes a deep breath with his hands rested on his knees. "That was some fancy foot work you did up there, KP."

"Thanks, Ron", said Kim. "I'm just glad the robes hold out while they did." A newswoman and a cameraman rushes up next to Kim and Ron, and got into position for a interview.

"Miss Kim Possible", spoke the Newswoman! "You done a amazing job on rescuing that bus full of children! Lucky you were around when the fire department was busy with the downtown fire!"

"No big", said Kim. "Misses Rogers's cat was stuck in a tree, I was next to a police car with a scanner when it happen."

"Do you have time for a full interview, Miss Possible", said the newswoman? Suddenly, Ron jumps right in front of Kim, and puts on a smile like he is one of Hollywood's stars.

"Of course", said Ron. "We will gladly take up this interview over a nice breakfest over at Bueno Nacho over on how me and Kim display some of our amazing talents."

"I'm sorry, but who are you", said the newswoman? Ron makes a disappointing growl, and Kim gently pushes him to the side.

"Love to, can't", said Kim. "I am late for my first semester as a freshmen." Kim tugs hold on Ron's shirt at the shoulder, and drags him with her to get a move on. Moments later, Kim and Ron were on board of a cruise line jet plane that belongs to Bill Gates. "Thanks for giving us a ride back to my hometown, Mr. Gates."

"It's the least I can do after you help save company's project on the new video game console, almost losing megabytes of information after that weird power failure."

"No big", said Kim. "Anyone can rewire power from a hundred car batteries with cable wires."

"And I got to say, it was worth it", said Ron while he was holding a Xbox controller, and giving Mr. Gates a thumbs up back to him. Rufus also gives Mr. Gates a thumbs up, and pressing some buttons at the sametime.

"Its a real big to me", said Mr. Gates. "My company is one of the adance technological companies in the world, and we have measures and back ups to make sure that we're ready for that kind of thing. Yet, none of them ever work or didn't work, it is almost, like someone make sure that they don't work at all."

"Well, you shouldn't have to worry about that, thanks to my dad", said Kim.

"Speaking of whom", said Mr. Gates as he shook Kim's hand as another thank you gesture. "Give Dr. Possible my best luck on his current project. I look forward to it."

"Will do", said Kim as she walks over to Ron, and pulls on his shirt and drags him up."Game over, Ron! We need to get ready to go."

"But, KP", said Ron. "I got the high score on this circle game, with this Master who character."

"Come on, Ron", said Kim. "Do you really want to miss your first day as a freshman." The realization has hit Ron like a ball in the face, and decided to drop the controller.

"Okay yeah", said Ron as he puts on the parachute. "After all, being a freshman does give me the chance."

"The chance", said Kim? "Such as?"

"The ladies, Kim", said Ron. "There's going to be a house full of the school girls that wants to the Ron man, and even some of those senior ladies."

"Ladies", said Rufus!

"I wouldn't keep my hopes up, if I were you Ron", said Kim.

"Don't worry, KP", said Ron. "My hopes are hanging up there with a nice grip."

"Well don't get a too tight of grip because here's are stop", said Kim as she opens the door, and wind is blowing in the sky. Both Kim and Ron jump out of Bill Gates's airplane, and wait until their several feet away from the plane and open their chutes. Kim and Ron are heading straight towards Kim's house, where her parents are both in the kitchen ready to go to their respect jobs. Kim's father, James, is at the table with a labtop typing up some notes for his job, while Kim's mother, Anne, has set a plate of breakfest of bread, bacon, and eggs for her husband and kisses him on the forehead.

"Morning honey", said Anne.

"Morning hon", said James. "Got a busy day today?"

"Yup", said Anne. "Got a guy this morning with a appointment to remove a tumor in his head. Interesting enough, the tumor is shape like President Lincoln."

"Neat", said James while his wife is putting on her doctor's coat.

"How about you", said Anne?

"Still working on the Zeus project", said James. "Especially since I am in charge of the project, if this goes well, this can really increase reputation among the scienitist community."

"So what does it do", said Anne?

"Well, it isn't a secret", said James. "But the Zeus project is going to change the way of communication. Using digital beams, the Zeus project can travel faster than radiowaves from one satellite to the other, and beam those beams straight down to Earth without any interference of radio waves do."

"Sounds interesting", said Anne. "But why call it the Zeus project?"

"The boys at the lab thought it makes it sound cool", said James while his wife makes a grin, and with one eyebrow lower down. Just then, Kim and Ron have just landed in the backyard, and taken off their parachutes.

"Hi Mom, hi Dad", said Kim as dash into the house.

"Hey Kimmie-cub", said James!

"Hi honey", said Anne as turns to the window to say 'hello' to Ron. "Hello, Ron!"

"Hey, Misses Doctor P", said Ron! "I love to stay and chat, but I got a freshman year to get to, see ya!" Ron dash straight towards his house, while Kim just got back down stairs.

"Breakfest smells good, mom", said Kim.

"Yours are over at the kitchen counter", said Anne. "Honey, I wish you stop taking your good clothes on your missions, and start finding a more proper look so you don't have to waste so much detergent."

"I know, Mom", said Kim as she sits down with her breakfest at the table. "I'm still finding the right clothes to take on these missions. Its been very hard on some of my clothesline.

"Well, got plenty time to think of the perfect mission clothes, when you start on your first day as a freshman", said James. "Maybe one of those classes will help you inspire the idea, I know history classes has help me be a rocket scienitist of NASA, and my life has been sweet since."

"Who knows dad", said Kim as she finish her breakfest in a fast, but manner style of eating. "I guess my first day is what I needed for new ideas, after all, that what high school is for." Kim got up with the dishes, and set inside the sink and kisses her mom on the cheek. "Thanks for the breakfest mom." Kim then grabs her backpack off the ground. "Thanks for the talk, dad. See Ya!" Ann, then walks up next to the table, and press one arm on the table and a hand on the hip.

"You wanted to tell her that you really wanted to be a rocket scienitist, after you watch your favorite sci-fi show", said Anne?

"Yes, but at this rate I can give her advice, without having her giving me her geek question look", said James, while her wife makes a simple smile. Meanwhile, during the sametime at Ron's house, Ron rushes through the back door, and through the kitchen.

"Hey Mom! Hey Dad!", shouted Ron through the house, and rushes up the stairs towards his room. Both his parents can hear Ron making noises of stuff falling, and him yelling 'ow' at the same time as he prepares quickly enough to be ready for school. At the same time, Ron's mother, is preparing his breakfest for his first day as a freshman. Ron comes back down stairs getting his shirt on, and grabs the toast, bacon, and orange juice at the sametime and hands one piece of bread to Rufus whom cheer for it. "Thanks for the breakfest, mom!"

"Now behave on your first day of high school, honey", said Ron's mom.

"And have fun at in the same day", said Ron's dad as Ron heads out towards the door.

"I will! See ya, later", shouted Ron outside the house so they can hear them. Seconds later, Ron meets up with Kim and catches his breath.

"I'm taken that you're ready for the school year, right", said Kim?

"Absolutelty, KP", said Ron. "I think freshman year is most definitely, a new chapter in my life".

"Would one of things in your new chapter includes, a diet to your eating habits", said Kim?

"One step at a time, KP", said Ron. Moments later, Kim and Ron arrive at the front entrance of Middleton High School, and look at it with impressive smile.

"Here it is, Ron", said Kim. "Middleton High, turns out my dad when to the same school here, when he was our age."

"Yet somehow, I expect it to be bigger", said Ron. Both stop looking on the inside, and went inside to take a good look of that perspective of the school. Both are pretty impress how it looks different then on the outside. "Although it looks pretty shiny." Ron was the most impressed on the layout of the school, and keeps turning his head around to look at everything. "Check it out, KP. They must've got a artist to design those logos, and check how many trophies they got--". Suddenly, Ron stops in the middle of his sentence, and hits the back of a older man with a brown color coat. Ron fells down on the ground with his hands for cusion, and looks up at the man whom is surprising huge. The older man looks down at Ron like he has an evil look, and turns fully around to see who bump into him.

"You better watch where you're going, young man", said the man. "We have a no running in the halls policy, and you can have time to tour around after class." Ron fully stands up, and brushes away any dirt or dust on him while Kim walks up next to him.

"Sorry about my friend", said Kim. "He very excited, today. Hi I'm--"

"Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable", said the man cutting Kim right in the middle of her sentence. "Yes, I am familiar with your little hobby, and I like to say is that because you help people, it doesn't mean that you will get any special treatment from me."

"Okay", said Kim, while stracthing the back of her head like she was embrasses. "And you are?"

"Mister Steven Barkin", said Mr. Barkin. "For years, since I have enter the halls of education, this school has been under my careful watch, and the students in the range of my hearing. There has been no known records of any incident that involves teen pranks, school fights, and some trouble makers think that they are high both the law." Mr. Barkin leans his head closer to Kim and Ron, to get a even eye level with theirs. "I, also want you to know, that I am teacher as well in this school, and I have a strick life isn't unfair policy. So that means, no extra credit if any of you gets a failing grade, and wish to make it up for it. I will, also, charge with extra homework if it needs to be done, so with that being said, I'll leave you to your first day." Mr. Barkin stands up straight, does a military style turnaround, and storms off like he was the general of the school. Leaving both Kim and Ron with wide eyes, and mouths open just a little to the hard lecture they have trouble believing.

"Did we just get the reincarnated of General Douglas MacArthur, here", said Kim?

"I don't know who that is Kim, but yeah, I think we just did", said Ron. "Why do I get the bad feeling, that Mr. Barkin is going to make our lives nothing but trouble?"

"Relax, Ron", said Kim. "Just be thankful that you only have to deal with the general for at least one class a day."

"You're right, KP", said Ron. "At least I can ask the senior ladies for a date."

"Again with the seniors, Ron", said Kim.

Well sorry, KP", said Ron. "But it seems like that I'm the only one in our little group that's excited in high school."

"On the contrary, Ron", said Kim. "I'm excited because I am the new head cheerleader."

"You", said Ron with a surprise look in his eyes. "The New Head CheerLeader!?"

"Yup", said Kim. "The rest of the cheer squard were impressed with my routines, that they decided to let me handle all of the new cheers, and everyone of them all voted for me for the position."

"Which I think we should still do a recount", shouted a voice behind Kim.

"Right, everyone except one", said Kim as she turns around to the scource of the voice, and notice Bonnie Rockwaller sporting anrgy disappointed with one hand on her hip and the other hanging around. Bonnie takes steps towards Kim like she is Queen of America, and stops within inches away from Kim. "Hello, Bonnie."

"Hello, Kim", said Bonnie with a sour tone in her voice. "I just cannot believe, that the squard choose you to lead for all our new cheers!"

"That's one of the beautiful things in living in America, Bonnie", said Kim. "Everything that is decide is done through a vote in democracy."

"Well, I hope that you can lead, and do your little help people thing in the sametime", said Bonnie. "Because doing something like saving a school bus of children is nothing compare to pleasing the crowd."

"Nothing to worry about", said Kim. "In case you haven't heard my motto, 'I can do anything!'"

"We'll see about that", said Bonnie as she storms off away from Kim.

"That girl really needs to relax", said Ron.

"You don't know the half of it", said Kim.

"Hey, since she brought up helping people", said Ron. "I came up with some new advertisements for your website."

"Advertisements", said Kim?

"Yeah, and I made ourselves a beat", said Ron. "Kick it, Rufus." Rufus comes out of Ron's pocket, and starts making a beat sound with his paws covering his mouth. "HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! HEY! Yo! If you want a someone to help you?! Get on your computer or phone! And press those buttons in the correct order! Kim, yes that's her name, Kim! Will come to your rescue, the end!" Ron finishes with a series of dances before landing a fist on the ground.

"Yeah, I don't think we need that kind of advertisement unless we're on MTV", said Kim.

"C'mon, Kim", said Ron. "We got to send a message to everybody if you're going to accept those missions about those things."

"Wait, you saw the messages from those companies about those missing items", said Kim?

"Yeah, those", said Ron.

"Sorry, Ron", said Kim. "But those are the kinda missions I have gotta pass."

"What", said Ron with a confuse look on his face? "Wait, I thought you like to help people?"

"I do", said Kim. "But those are the kind of missions best suited for the authorities."

"And what are we", said Ron? "Then why did you learn at least 16 different styles of martial arts?"

"For my cheer skills", said Kim. "Why else was I able to become the new head cheerleader? Plus, I use them for mostly self-defense."

"But Kim, you can put those wicker moves to good use", said Ron "Go out there and kick some bad guy butt, and I can actually name the styles and ranks you learn too. 4th degree black belt in Bajiquan, 2nd degree in Heihuquan, 1st degree in Zi Ran Men, 1st degree in Tae Kwon Do, 2nd degree in Shotokan, 3rd degree in Hapkido, 5th degree in Northern and Southern Praying Mantis, 4th degree in Bak Mei, 6th Degree in Tai Chi, 1st degree in Meihuaquan, 3rd degree in Eagle Claw, 5th degree in Baguazhang, 2nd degree in Capoeira, 3rd degree in Hung Gar, and 6th degree in Wing Chun."

"I'm actually surprise, that you know all that", said Kim

"Watching a lot of Jackie Chan films help", said Ron.

"Look Ron, I am going to help people, but I'm going to leave those kind of things to the expect", said Kim.

"But-", said Ron.

"I'm sorry Ron, but my decision is final", said Kim.

"Okay fine, but since I mention Jackie Chan, do you ever consider doing films", said Ron while Kim looks at the corner of her eyes for disbelief. Suddenly, the school speakers spark, and snap with a voice coming out belonging to Mr. Barkin.

"Attention students", spoke Mr. Barkin! "Before you head off to your first class, I like everybody to meet at the gym for a special assembly!" Kim and Ron response to the announcement, and head right towards the gym. Moments later, everybody was gather at the gym with Mr. Barkin standing in the middle of the gym. "Alright people, listen up! I like to say to the freshman that are attending their first day in Middleton High, and to the senior whom will eventually leave at the end of their two semesters. That our school has received a kind donation from a weathly business some new school computers and textbooks for our history and math classes, and that man has come to receive our thanks. Please, give your thanks to, 'Mr. Roger Henson.'" A tall man wearing a fancy suit comes walking out of the doors and into the gym. The man is about 6'1, has brown eyes, and long black hair tie into a tail with white streaks on the side and a white pony beard. Kim pokes on Ron's side to get his attention.

"Ron, do you know who that is", said Kim?

"The guy in charge of GC Comic books", said Ron?

"No", said Kim. "That's Mr. Henson, one of the world's richest people, and the top most kind humanitarian. He has donate great amounts of money to uncounted numbers of charity and the homeless, and has lend some money to many projects for so many companies. This man, practically runs the whole world."

"I bet his legs get very tired of doing that", said Ron. Rufus rubs his arm across his forehead to wipe away any sweat while taking a breather, the thought of just makes Rufus feel tired.

"I don't mean that literally, Ron", said Kim.

"Hello, children of Middleton High School", said Mr. Henson. "I know some of you are a bit nervous here on your first day, and I also, know that the school will likely have old textbooks and computer that won't keep up with the current technology. So I thought to myself, these children deserves some new material, and so I generous gives gifts to you so that your school will be one of the best ever." The whole student body gave Mr. Henson a generous applause, and Mr. Henson steps down from the stand while Mr. Barkin steps up.

"Okay students", said Mr. Barkin. "You have three minutes left before your next class, so I advise you take this time wisely."

"Come on, Ron", said Kim. "This is our chance to talk with Mr. Henson." Both Kim and Ron got off the sits, and meet up with Mr. Henson whom just got done with shaking hands with the teaching staff. "Hello, Mr. Henson." Kim extends her hands towards Mr. Henson.

"Well, if it isn't Kim Possible", said Mr Henson, while generously shaking Kim's hand. "And this is your friend here?"

"Ron Stoppable", said Ron. "No need for autograph, my shiny moment is enough just to make you say 'aw'."

"Right", said Mr. Henson. "It is such a pleasure and surprise to see that you go to this school, Miss Possible."

"I'm just as surprise to see you here, Mr. Henson", said Kim. "You have done alot for so many people already, I don't know why you take the time for such a small place like this."

"Oh, I done a few things like this in my life", said Mr. Henson. "Besides my current activities, I help students like you to make sure that they have a well funded education. Consider it, my gift from the future to the present."

"Well, that's awfully generous of you", said Kim.

"Oh no, it's awfully generous of you, Miss Possible", said Mr. Henson. "I have heard a great deal of your selfless act of helping people in need. All I've done is donate money and equipment, but you actually go out there and make a big difference."

"No big", said Kim. "Just doing what I can."

"And with the help of her sidekick. I have done some important work myself", said Ron, while he does various poses and Kim puts a hand against her face in embarassment.

"Right, of course", said Mr. Henson. "Miss Possible, I'm sorry that I have to cut this short, but I have other business to attend with. However, give my best luck to your father on his project. I heard through the grapevine about it, and I'm sorry that I couldn't take part with it."

"Its okay, Mr. Henson", said Kim. "I have to get to class anyway, but I'll tell my dad for you."

"Thank you", said Mr. Henson as he takes a bow, turns around, and leaves the school.

"That guy is really nice", said Ron?

"He's a humanitarian, Ron", said Kim. "They're suppose to be nice. Anway, we better get going." Kim rushes to her first class in high school, while leaving Ron behind with a blank stare until she grabs his shirt, and pulls him with her to get him going. Hours later after school, Kim just arrives back at her house, and steps through the door and was greeted by her mother.

"Honey, how was your first in high school", said Anne?

"Hi mom", said Kim. "It was good, Mr. Henson was there today."

"The, Mr. Henson", said Anne? "Now that's what I call starting your day with a bang."

"Tell me about it", said Kim. "Where's--" Suddenly, Kim was cut off by the sound of a car toy with a small rocket on it's back coming out of nowhere. Kim jump quickly in the air, and the car safely pass underneath her feet. The next thing Kim knew, her younger twin brothers, Jim and Tim, dash out from the corner, and are holding a remote control in Tim's hands. The car dashes out of control all over the living room, and knocking over various objects such as the lamp, the coffee table, and some papers that were on it. Kim quickly takes into action, Kim does a few somersaults, grabs the metal trash can, and lands it on top of the car trapping inside until it runs out of power. Kim keeps one foot on it just in case. "Tweeps, why would you build this thing? Can you two have any normal hobbies?"

"This is a normal hobby", said Tim!

"Yeah, how many families there are in America, that have kids that can build a rocket power car", said Jim?

"Made with real rocket fuel", said Tim.

"Okay boys, you made this mess, so you're going to help me clean it up", said Anne?

"Kay, mom", said Jim and Tim in unision.

"Nine years old, and they're got rocket fuel", said Kim in disbelief. "I swear its like alien came down when they were still babies, and perform questionable experiments on them."

"Speaking of experiment, Kimmy", spoke Anne with paper in her hands. "I notice when I just cleaning up, that your father forgot a few of his notes. Would you mind taking them down at his lab, he's going to be working late anyway."

"Sure mom", said Kim. "I got a message for him anyway." Later, Kim arrives at the front gate of the science building where her father works, and was greeted by the guard.

"Hello", said Kim.

"Hey there, Kim! Here to see your father", said the Guard?

"Yeah, I got some papers that he left behind at home", said Kim.

"Okay then", said the guard as he raises the gate to let Kim in. Kim escorts herself into the lab, and after several minutes of walking inside building, Kim arrives at her fathers lab. Kim presses a button near the door, and a voice is speak through the intercom.

"Hello", said James's voice.

"Hey dad! It's me", said Kim.

"Hey, Kimmie-cup", said James. "What brings you here?"

"Well, for starters I have half of your notes you left at home", said Kim.

"Those half", said James?

"Yes", said Kim.

"Hold on a second", said James. The doors to Kim's father's lab opens, and Kim steps through and notices various different equipment around. Including blueprints to James's Zeus project hanging on the chalkboards. James is standing next to a computer terminal with two of his assisants standing next to him. "Hey there, Kimmie!"

"Here's your notes, dad", said Kim as she lends the notes to her father.

"Thank you so much", said James as he turns around to look at his assistants. "See, what did I tell you boys, and you said the plans were stolen right under my nose."

"No, we said that you left them at home", said Assistant One.

"And we bet five bucks that your daughter will deliver them", said Assistant Two.

"Well", said James while he laugh a little. "You know, chaos theory and all that." James tries to get out of this situation, while everyone is looking at him with narrow eyes like he was guilty. "You know we should take a coffee break! Kim, would you mind running down to the break room, and grab us some drinks and snacks."

"Sure dad, I just be a few", said Kim. Moments later, Kim was at the break room and grabbing a few snacks like M&Ms, butterfingers, and peppermint patties with coffee cubs on the side. Suddenly, Kim heard a quite, but a noise loud enough to hear down the hall. Kim sets the snacks down and takes a peak on the edge of the break room's entrance. "Hello! Is somebody down there?!" Kim takes careful steps towards the source of the noise, and start to hear some people that sound like they're lifting heavy objects. Kim carefully reaches over towards the door, and twist the knob to open and could not believe what she saw. There are a group of people that are wearing military uniforms, and the standing inside the back of the truck is a older man. The man is about 7" feet tall in his middle ages with gray colored hair, but has got the muscle build that he looks like he is still in his early thirties and makes him surprisingly huge. They all stop in the middle of what they were doing, and just look straight at Kim. "Who the heck are you people?"

"Well, looks like we got ourselves a cute little spy", said the older man. "Get Her!" The soldiers take charge like angry bulls, and have taken Kim by total surprise. The first reaction that Kim took was to avoid the first attack by using her cheer skills, and backkick one of soldiers in the back. The soldiers have try to land blows on her, but Kim continue to avoid the attacks by using her natural reflexes and use a series of block against their punches and kicks. Kim, then use her martial arts skills combine with her cheer skills to take on the offensive against them, and able to knock them all down. Kim stands straight up and takes a breather after the whole deal, and runs across her forehead with her arm to wipe away sweat.

"I told Ron I use those skills for self-defense", said Kim. "If we were betting, Ron owns me a soda."

"Very impressive, young lady", said the older man while clapping his hands together. "You would have made a fine soldier in the Marine Corps."

"Yeah, thanks", said Kim. "I'm sorry, we're both just met, and haven't even introduce each other and why you are here? That's just rude if you ask me?"

"You right young lady, allow me the honor then", said the older man. "Lt. Brad Walker, former United States Marine Corps my mission here is classified, and I know you miss Kim Possible. Your work is quite impressive and I am familar with your style; however, let's see if you can take on a veteran of war?" Lt. Walker dashes straight at Kim, and throws a series of boxing style punches. However, Kim dodges everyone of punches before she saw an opening and throws a punch, but Lt. Walker is able to grab hold of it. Kim was shock before Lt. Walker grabs hold with his other hand, and is able to throw Kim across the loading area. Kim does a flip backwards in order to land on her feet and jumps straight at Walker, but Walker was able to use a wrestling move to grab hold of Kim and throws her against the walk. This time, Kim wasn't able to land on feet and hits the wall on her back. Kim falls back down on the ground, and mourns from the pain running up her back. The next thing Kim saw with wide eyes was Lt. Walker lifting a huge heavy crate over his head, and slams it down into the ground, leaving nothing but darkness.

To Be Continued...