Kim Possible: Year One

Chapter Two: The Boy and His Techno Toys

Kim Possible Created By Mark McCorkle & Bob Schooley

Expect more than others think possible.

- Howard Schultz

Lt. Walker lifts the heavy crate over his and attemps to slam it on top of Kim, but luckly Kim's natural reflexes kick in and she kicks off the wall with both feet to push herself. Kim does a backflip to get back on her feet, and was able to narrowlly avoids the crate. Lt. Walker turns his head around to keep his eyes on Kim while strecthing his neck. "I have to say, young lady", said Lt. Walker. "That was an impressive kick you did! Its like a jackrabbit jumping right off a bed of coal."

"Wait til my kick connects with your face", said Kim as she charges right at Lt. Walker with a series punches and kicks, but Lt. Walker keeps blocking them with well kept positions of his arms. Finally, Lt. Walker is able to see an opening in Kim's attack, and does an uppercut that knocks Kim to another part of the loading docks. Kim shook her head to lose the dizzy spell from that uppercut, and took notice of the fire alarm hanging over to her right. Kim jumps straight to the alarm, and places to alert the staff in the labs. Lt. Walker took note of Kim's action, but wasn't affect by it.

"Okay, sattle up soldiers", spoke Lt. Walker. "The alarms has been activated, but that's okay! We got what we came for. Mission Completed! Let's move out!" All the soldiers that Kim beaten have gotten back on their feet, and all have settle inside the truck and start it up. Kim got up on her feet, and try to stop the truck. However, the truck was already pass the gate, and Kim still feels dizzy from that hard punch. Kim makes a low growl at the frustration that the bad guys have gotten away, and Dr. Possible and his assistants have arrived too late.

"Kimmie! Are you all right", said James while checking his daughter for serious cuts and bruises, there was only a mild brusie on her face, thankfully?

"I'm fine, dad", said Kim. "Some military guys came in your loading docks, and stole some equipment.

"Military guys", said James?

"Yeah", said Kim. "I think they're mercenaries. What's exactly store here anyway?

"Stabilizing chips", said the voice of assistant two. Both Kim and her father turn their heads towards his attention. "Chips that are specialize in making sure that computers, or any machines that runs on computer tech to make sure that they don't overheat or take any known condition. Why would they take a bunch of them?" The very question has left on the top of Kim's mind. Later, at a fast food restuarant that sells Mexican food known as 'Bueno Nacho", the young best friend and sidekick of Kim Possible is ready to dine on his food with his pet naked mole rat.

"Rufus, this meal is to represent a celebration", said Ron with a well-manner tone. "Not only does this celebrates on my first day of being a high school freshman with the added addition of trying to get a senior girlfriend, but also to celebrate the new management of Ned and his new prices and menu." Rufus does a celebration dance while rubbing his stomach. Just as Ron was ready to dig in on his snack, Ron quickly took notice of Kim through the windows. "Hey, there's KP!" Ron waves his left hand to show Kim on where he's located.

"Ron, you won't believe it", said Kim while Ron turns his attention back to his food.

"I know", said Ron.

"You do", said Kim with a surprise look in her eyes?

"Yeah", said Ron. "Us being freshman and the fact that the new menu is full of new items. This day is a winning combo!"

"No, Ron", spoke Kim with frustration in her voice. "Something else happen, something important! Just take a few seconds, and look at my face!" Ron turns his attention to Kim's face, and does a surprise but goofy look on his face.

"Whoa, Kim", said Ron while Rufus squeked a little! "What happen to you?!"

"Some military goons broke into my dad's space lab, and stole a bunch of equipment", said Kim. "They attack me for no reason, so I have to defend myself."

"Wow, what a take on chaos thoery", said Ron. "Just today we just talk about your martial arts--"

"I know", said Kim cutting off Ron. "And they didn't leave me much choice."

"So what did they stole", said Ron?

"Some stablizing chips and this really bothers me", said Kim. "Why would someone break into my dad's lab and steal some computer chips?" Later at an warehouse located outside of Middleton, the truck carrying the stolen computer chips has come to a stop, and the military soldiers hop out and start unloading the truck.

"That's it soldiers", said Lt. Walker. "Set those chips next to the table with the other parts, and let's start sorting out for the ones we need." Suddenly, Lt. Walker's cellphone rings to the music of 'Three Doors Down', and quickly takes it out and answer it. "Lt. Walker here! Aw yes sir, we just got back to our headquarters, and we are started organizing for the necessary stablizing chips." Lt. Walker listens to the reply of the person on the other end of the line. "Yes sir, Kim Possible has indeed shown up just like you predicted." Lt. Walker ends his side of the talk, and let's his employer to talk again. "I understood your orders, sir. We'll begin the next phase of the plan. The next morning. Kim was getting out her books for her class when Ron walks up next to her.

"Hey KP", said Ron. "I see that bruise has gone down."

"Yeah, its still there though but mom has treated it, and said I should put some ice on it to ease the swelling", said Kim while she closes her locker. "I just hope no notices even with the make-up on."

"Aw, don't worry about it", said Ron. "I'm this close to your face and I don't even see it, so no one is going to notices it."

"Hey Kim", shouted the voice of Bonnie. Both Kim and Ron turn to the source of the direction. "Is that mole you growing on your chin because no cheerleader would be caught dead with a bruise when they try to get a boyfriend?" Bonnie storms off with her annoying laughter, and leaves Kim with an anger look in her eyes.

"Okay, so Bonnie notices from that distant", said Ron. Kim opens her locker again, and takes a look on her face in the mirror she put inside.

"You know, I would like to get my hands on that jerk whom trash me around my dad's lab", said Kim.

"Well, it would give us the chance to expand our helping people ideas", said Ron.

"I have already told you, Ron", said Kim. "I have no interest of becoming some superheroine, but I like to know where this guy is and bust him on the spot."

"At least look at the slogans me and Rufus came up with", said Ron. "Rufus, get the list please." Rufus pokes out his head with a small list that extands down to the floor and across the lockers.

"I'm both impress and surprise you have the time for this long of a list", said Kim.

"I have a lot of free time on my hands", said Ron. "Hey, isn't that Mr. Henson?" Ron points pass Kim, and Kim turns her head to look and it was indeed Mr. Henson with his hands behind his back.

"Kim Possible", said Mr. Henson. "I'm so glad that I'm able to catch up with you."

"Good to see you again so soon, Mr. Henson", said Kim. "But didn't you say that you have important business?"

"Yes I did", said Mr. Henson. "But I have to cancel it due to a robbery that occur during my visit here."

"A robbery", said Ron?

"Yes", said Mr. Henson as he pulls out a small device out of his pocket. Mr. Henson press a few buttons, and brings up a video of the robbery. "As you can see, these are the robbers that broke into a electronic lab I was funding." Kim took a careful look at the screen, and quickly recognize the robbers and their leader.

"Hey, it's them", said Kim.

"Who's them", said Ron.

"Those are the military goons I was telling you, Ron", said Kim. "They broke into my dad's station, and stole those computer chips."

"Really", said Kim. "Somehow I was expecting them to wear black."

"Miss Kim", spoke Mr. Henson just as he put away his small device. "It seems to me that there's a connection between the robbery at your father's lab, and the one I was funding. This kind of work would be best suited for the FBI, but I figure that you can find these men whom cause injustice to us both and bring them to justice."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Henson", said Kim. "But I can't really--"

"Please, Kim", said Mr. Henson, while putting on a kind smile and resting one hand on Kim's right shoulder. "I know you're a very talented girl, and you possess other great skills than cheerleading. Not to mention, the fact you help many people in awful tight sitsutations tells me that you are quite resourceful, and that your mind is very sharp. There are many people that are grateful to help them Kim, and you really have inspired so many. So I'm just asking, that you do this one thing for me." Kim lower her eyes enough that they're like pointing at the floor, and looks back up at Mr. Henson with a faint smile.

"Okay, Mr. Henson", said Kim. "You have done alot as well for people and I do help people, so be my pleasure to help you."

"Booyah", shouted Ron. "Rufus, we're going on our first crime-fighting mystery." Both Ron and Rufus did a little celebration dance.

"Thank you, Miss Possible", said Mr. Henson as he let's go of Kim's shoulder.

"No big", said Kim. "Besides, it be a good chance for me to get some payback at those goons. So Mr. Henson, what did they stole?"

"It is quite a mystery", said Mr. Henson. "All they stole was a new prototype for undersea dviers, the device has a sensor bar allows the diver to tell how deep they're going."

"That does not make any sense", said Kim.

"Unless of course they're going after some pirate treasure, that being the case I can't blame them", said Ron.

"We're get started as soon as school is over", said Kim while she is shaking Mr. Henson's hand.

"Thank you, Kim", said Mr. Henson just as he let's go of Kim's hand. "I know you can do it." Both Kim and Ron left Mr. Henson so they can get to class, and Mr. Henson watches them leaving with his signature kind smile. Sometime after school, Kim and Ron have just enter Kim's room, and they both set their backpacks down on the floor.

"Okay, KP", said Ron just as Kim sitted at her computer. "How should we start?"

"I think we should check those emails I got from the people asking me on their robberies, and just filter them out from the other and check the recent one", said Kim.

"No, I mean how should we start on our after-school snack", said Ron. "No doubt about it we should get Bueno Nacho." Rufus is standing next to Ron nodding his head that he agrees with his master.

"Ron, I think we should deal with a serious issue here", said Kim.

"I don't see the rush now", said Ron. "Now that you're taking up a full-time crimefighter. We should come up with a good team name for us."

"Just because I took up this one often, that doesn't mean I'm a full time crimefighter", said Kim. "Besides, Mr. Henson wanted me to help him, and I can see that he so badly wants me to shove this case."

"Yeah, for a scuba tool", said Ron. "But the reason you're doing this is because you wanted a little payback."

"Maybe, but Mr. Henson has always been a gentle soul", said Kim. "It just seems wrong on so many levels to rob from him."

"The guy must've got zillions of dollars in the piggy bank", said Ron. "I'm sure he can just pay for another one."

"Its the principle of the thing", said Kim, as she begins to work on her computer on those messages.

"Well, at least let's work on a good team name", said Ron. "How about, the 'Outsiders!'"

"People are going to think we a couple of teenages gangster", said Kim while still on the computer.

"Maybe we can call ourselves, the 'Teen Titans'", said Ron.

"I think that has already got a copyright issue", said Kim.

"Stupid copyright", said Ron in disgust with Rufus agreeing with him by pretending to puke. Kim srcolls the the mouse on the pad, and clicks a few things on the computer.

"Now just to take the recent date, and", said Kim as she just clicks on the mouse. "Got it, there was a robbery that just occur before those soldiers show up at my dad's space lab last night."

"Where at", asked Ron?

"Up located in Chicago", said Kim. "At a company called, Compact Computers." Sometime later, at the Compact Computers company as an older man was waiting patientily at best as he can, but then that one person he wanted to see has just walk through the door and he welcome her with open arms.

"Kim Possible", said the man as he dashes at her, and quickly grabs her hand to shake. "I am so glad that you can make it"

"No big, Dr. West", said Kim as she shakes back then lets go. "I'm glad that you're able to take the time to see me."

"Oh, the pleasure is all mine, Miss Possible", said Dr. West. "Please, follow me." Dr. West takes the lead down to the hallway, and Kim and Ron follow right behind him. "You arrive in our most important time. We have been working on a very important project for our company, and out of the blue, somebody stole our prototype."

"Well, my dad's lab has recently been broken and robbed too last night", said Kim. "And I have the feeling that the people behind it, may also been involve with your recent robbery."

"Well, maybe I can help sheld some light", said Dr. West as he took out his key card, and slides it through the scanner and the doors open auotmaticlly. "Here we are!" Dr. West points his right hand inside the lab, and Kim and Ron enter inside a big red colored room. "And over there, is our most prized project!" Ron and Rufus look at the center of the room and each other, and are both baffed by the fact there is nothing.

"Um, you might want to get your glasses check, Doc", said Ron "Because there is nothing there."

"Exactly", said Dr. West. "The night we have the prototype done, it gets stolen right before we notices."

"Dr West, what was stolen that you, and your team were working on", asked Kim?

"A new interface motherboard", said Dr. West.

"Interface motherboard", said Kim?

"That's right", said Dr. West. "With a proper laserbar connected to the board, this motherboard can lock on to any computer, and interface with that main system."

"And do what, exactly", said Kim.

"Anything the board was preprogram to do", said Dr. West. "You see, this board was originally made to make computer run programs and updates more efficiently with each other; however, now that it has been stolen. The robbers can use the board either to able interface with the accounts of a bank, or the computer security cameras of another hi-tech lab."

"You know those are a lot of negative ideas", said Ron. "Maybe the robbers want to interface with their game consoles?" Both Kim and Dr. West look at Ron with one eyebrow raise up, and giving him the expression of a 'yeah, right' telling. "Oh c'mon, don't tell me that I am the only one that thinks interacting with each other's game is a cool idea!."

"Kim, would you please find the thevies that stole the motherboard", said Dr. West.

"Don't worry, Dr. West", said Kim, while she padded his shoulder to give him comforted. "We'll get right to it."

"Oh thank you, thank you so much", said Dr. West as he shakes Kim's hand wildly. Moments later, both Kim and Ron exited through the front entrance of Compact Computers.

"I don't know about you, KP", spoke Ron. "But that guy really should go on a long vacation. I can tell he's been working too much even by my standards."

"You have standards", said Kim?

"Hey, I don't judge you, and you don't judge me", said Ron.

"We need to get back, and try to find where those military goons will strike next", said Kim. "This is not going to be easy."

"What we need right now, Kim", said Ron? "Its some relax time at that mall to let our brains ease up for a while, and let the ideas run through our heads without bursting a blood vessle. You know, slow and win, and all that stuff. While, also checking out the latest new movies at the theater." Suddenly, Kim quickly grabs hold of Ron's arm, and drags him back to her.

"Wait, Ron", said Kim. "Speaking of 'checking out', if we going to spent time at the mall, then we might as well try to find some mission clothes to wear in future missions. After all, our current clothes sitsuation is pretty low right now."

"Oh, yeah", said Ron. "Well, I guess we can find something good at the store. What's this year's blue again?" Ron looks down at Rufus and he reply with the expression of not knowing to that answer.

"We should take turns, and decide on each other's mission clothes", said Kim.Later, at the mall over at the JCPenny store, Kim and Ron are in the clothes area, and started trying to find the right mission clothes. Kim is the first to come out behind the curtains and sporting a white t-shirt, black leather jacket, blue jeans, heeled boots, and a beret. Kim various poses to show how she looks in the outfit, but Ron and Rufus both don't approve on it. Next, Ron try his share of oufits. Ron steps out wearing a superhero like outfit with a yellow cape, and purple color boots and gloves. Kim and Rufus both a agree that the outift looks outfit, and both express their feelings by holding their noses saying 'it stinks.' Kim takes her turn as she dress in a Tomb Raider style outfit with a red top instead of blue, and sporting a pair of green glasses. Ron and Rufus lower their a little, and shook their head that the outfit does not go well. Ron, now takes his turn. Ron jumps straight out putting on the looks of the ninja with various ninja poses, but Kim and Rufus just do not see the taste in it. Kim tries on a outfit that looks like the outfit of the beetle with a wig to match; however, Ron and Rufus give a 'so-so' expression with their hands or paws in Rufus's case. Ron takes another chance at his clothes. Ron's outfit is consider wearing a classic disco outfit while showing a disco pose, but Kim and Rufus are giving a 'no-way expression. Next up is Kim, she tries on amazon style outfit with a fake spear to go with it, but Ron and Rufus just do not approve it. Ron gets his chance again, Ron reveals his head first with a smile and gives a blink of his left eye, and jumps out showing a various pieces of different clothes. Kim and Rufus can only gave a blank confuse stare, and look at each other hoping one holds the answe. Sometime later, Kim and Ron have left the mall, and arrive at the front door of Kim's house.

"Man, looking for mission clothes is harder than it looks", said Ron.

"Tell me about", said Kim. "We just have to worry the clothes later, right now we should get back to our first assignment." Kim opens the door to her house, and is greeted by the first person in the living room.

"Hey there, Kimmie-cup", said James.

"Hey there, dad", said Kim. "Me and Ron just got back from the mall, and now we're heading to my room to continue helping Mr. Henson."

"Super", said James. "Speaking of your room, you got a package today, Kim."

"A package", said Kim. Moments later, Kim and Ron are in Kim's room, and laying on the bed is a small package no bigger than a average washcloth. Kim picks it up and example it carefully. "No return address? I wonder who send it?"

"Maybe its a load of tickets to every concert in the world", said Ron. "I always wanted to go to a Puffy AmiYumi concert in Tokyo." Suddenly the package beep a tune, and both Kim and Ron both jump a little making Kim to drop the package on her bed. They both look at it while it makes another beeping sound. "Kim, I think it's a bomb."

"How many people do you know that send bombs that small", asked Kim? Ron stood still for a moment before answering.

"None, really", said Ron. After a moment of hesitation, Kim picks the package up again, and rips it apart to reveal a small device. "What is it?"

"Looks like a small gameboy", said Kim?

"Sweet", said Ron. "Whoever send that, don't send it back!" Suddenly, the screen pops the letters K and P, and turns on the screen to reveal a small figure with his back towards the screen.

"Um, hello", spoke Kim. "Who are you?" The small person turns his attentions towards Kim's voice, and reveals himself to be a small boy at the age of nine and was glad to see the person he was expecting.

"Oh, hello Kim Possible", said the boy. "It is an honor to finally meet the famous Kim Possible herself."

"You know who I am", said Kim?

"Kim, that's a sign that is telling you that this person cannot be trusted", said Ron.

"I'm guessing that's, Mr. Ron Stoppable in the background", said the boy.

"Hey, he knows who I am, and he call me Mister", said Ron. "Well, that tells me he can be trusted." Kim rolls her eyes around to say 'whatever'. "So, who are you?"

"My name is--", said the boy

"Wade", said Kim cutting him off. "Now I know who you are, you're that famous small boy who happens to be a genius."

"What you know", said Wade. "You are as smart as I heard."

"You maybe nine-years old, but you gradurated both high school and college in no time", said Kim.

"Really, that's sweet because the sooner he was done, the sooner he got all the free time to kick and relax all year long", said Ron.

"So, Wade, why did you send this-", said Kim?

"I call it, the Kimmunicator", said Wade.

"Catchy", said Kim.

"And I send it to you because I wanted to help", said Wade.

"Help", said a confused Ron?

"That's right", said Wade just as he begins to type random things on his keyboard. "I didn't meant to hack into your site on purpose but as you can see. I have already categorized all your contacts in alphabetical order in a separate file, and dates and journals on your past missions."

"I'm impress, Wade", said Kim with a smile on her face! "Real impress!"

"That's just the beginning", said Wade. "I can help build some sweet equipment like your Kimmunicator you hold right now for your missions. I have also, put your other missions you didn't accept into another file, and check the ones that relate to the robbery of your dad's lab the other night. Not to mention, I was able to get the profile on the person that got away from you the other night."

"Man, someone has a lot of free time on his hands", said Ron with a impressive smile on his face, that he shares with Kim with the same expression. "So you want to be our secertary?"

"I prefer technogical helper, but yeah, that's what I'm saying", said Wade.

"Well, I can't argue with the resume", said Kim. "Okay, you hired!" Wade cheer with such excitement on the answer. "So, what can you tell me about the man in the bad G.I. Joe outfit?"

"As I said, I was able to get the profile, but I have to get it through some military files", said Wade. "I'm that good. Anyway, bringing up the file now, and here you go." The screen changes to the porfile of a young Lt. Walker with his history on the side. "This may have a picture of a young military man, but I did some digital work and its him. His name is Lieutenant Floyd Walker, and he was a war veteran of the Vietnam War. Walker has served in the United States Marine Corps since the second he gradurated from college, and he was even a member of the Marine Force Reconnaissance, a special forces division of the Marine Corps."

"Someone has been dedicated", said Kim.

"Personally, if it was me, I would've go to Daytona Beach to celebrate my graduration for a week", said Ron.

"And what would you do in Daytona Beach", asked Kim?

"You be surprise what you can do in Daytona", said Ron.

"His fighting style is something unique to him only. Lt. Walker has master fighting styles such as Self-Defense Sambo, Krav Maga, normal wrestling techniques, and good old fashion boxing. Walker has been known to able to lift five-hundred pounds with ease."

"That explains the punch", said Kim. "Still, hurts."

"That's nothing compare what he did in the war", said Wade. "Walker's reputation is consider a legend throughout all three American Military Forces, his actions, along with his loyal soldiers have destroyed over 50 enemy bases, and reported of taking out more secret labs that were forming in Vietnam, than any man in military history. Walker has been called the man of unexpected action by his superiors. Some people in the military even believe a myth that his actions alone, were the inspiration, and scoure for the formation of Delta Force."

"You sure that his reputation, Wade", said Ron? "Because I think we need a better word for reputation."

"So what happen to him after the war", said Kim?

"That's the weird thing, Kim", said Wade. "He disappear two years before the war was over. No body, no record of any sightings of abandoing the war. None. The military isn't sure what happen, but some sightings from Interpol says that he now works as a mercenary for hire. However, none can really can comfirm it was him."

"Guess Interpol didn't count on a nine-year old genius", said Kim.

"Yup", said Wade. "But here's the most interesting part. While he was a mercenary and been hired by many cilents, the most jobs he has done was for mysterious man that no one, but Walker has ever seen his face."

"A mysterious cilent with no known appearance", said Kim. "What is his name?"

"No clue", said Wade. "But many criminal bosses have been known to fear this man for some reason. Maybe is because that this man has powerful connections?"

"Or, maybe is because he has bad breath", said Ron while Kim looks at him confused. "What? Sometimes blushing teeth doesn't help, and I should know."

"Eww", said Kim with distaste in her voice.

"I'm not sure why or what want this equipment for, but I did took time to set up moniters at any known sightings at docks and stations for this man", said Wade. Suddenly, Wade's computer makes a beeping sound with a red light. "Speaking of which, I think we got a hit." Wade quickly types up on the alert, and is please to see what he was expecting. "This is it, according to a recent report from a dock captain in London, England, a older man with a group of soldier like men has left in a private boat with no marks on it."

"No marks, that means they don't want to be trace", said Kim. "Where's the boat heading?" Wade types random buttons on his keyboard and hits the enter key.

"The dock captain says that the boat is heading towards a island about eighty-miles from London", said Wade.

"But what's on the island besides the Gilligan cast", said Ron?

"We'll soon find out", said Kim. "Wade, you said you made a list of my contacts in file, am I right?"

"Right", said Wade.

"So, who do we have that can get us to that island", said Kim?

"Let's see", said Wade as he once again takes a look on his computer. "Okay, I can hook you up with Alan Williams in a few minutes."

"Okay, we'll meet up with him", said Kim.

"So, we going to fight the bad guys, right", said Ron.

"Not fight, just to bring them in to answer their crimes", said Kim as she took off to the door.

"In other words, fight the bad guys", said Ron as he soon follows right behind Kim. Sometime later, a small but boat large enough to carry equipment on it has Kim and Ron on it, and they are putting on diving suits on. Kim walks over to the captain of the boat, Alan Williams, and leans on the side of the door with both hands.

"Thanks for giving us a lift, Sergeant Alan Williams, and extra thanks for teaching us some of that Navy Seal diving techniques", said Kim.

"Yeah, and my legs are still sore from those weeks of swimming", said Ron.

"Its the least I can do after you treated this old Navy Seal's leg, and scaring off that bear at the same time, when I broke my on that camping trip in the Smoky Mountains", said Sergeant Williams?

"No big", said Kim. "First aid and bear tactics are basic skills of a Pixie Cup Scout", said Kim. Kim walks back towards whom just put on the last of his gear, and Kim picks up her gear and puts it on. "Okay, all we got to do is wait for Wade to beep in, and-" Kim stops in the middle of her sentence, and notices that Ron is looking at her with his eyebrows lower down and has a smile on his face. "What?"

"Do you find this unusual", said Ron?

"Unusual for what", said Kim?

"Unusual for a teenage girl like yourself to swim to a lab that may, or may not have the military goons inside", said Ron?

"I told you Ron, they stole from Mr. Henson, and we're here to put a stop to their crimes and return all the stuff", said Kim. "Besides, we'll be okay swimming over there, we did learn some scuba lessons."

"That's what I'm talking about unusual, Kim", said Ron. "You learn scuba lessons...from a Navy Seal...with a few other NS lessons from him."

"Okay, I may learn a little more than I attend to, but it may come in handy when we're sneaking in", said Kim. Suddenly, her kimmunicator makes beeping sounds, and she answers right away. "Go, Wade!"

"Hey, nice call", said Ron.

"You think", said Kim?

"I got the 411 on that lab you're heading into", spoke Wade. "This lab specialize in making new types of metal."

"Metal", said Kim? "You mean like mixing steel with other metals?"

"More like, creating metals that are ahead of its time", said Wade. "For example, there is one group of researchers creating a metal that can strecth like rubber, but then becomes hard as titanium."

"I won't suggests that for bungie jumping, that will send mix messages", said Ron.

"So, whatever Lt. Walker and his hoop squard are planning stealing involves this metal or others", said Kim.

"Exactly", said Wade. "There's an entrance on the east side of the island you can enter under water."

"Then let's not stand here nagging", said Kim just as she turn off the kimmunicator. "Come on, Ron. Let's do this!"

"Rufus, we're heading out", said Ron. Rufus gives Ron a salute military style, and he jumps inside a ball and Ron closes the top. Both Kim and Ron fall backwards into the water, and they're both sea feeling the water move all over their bodies. Kim points over towards the island, and they begin to swim towards it. They swim around the east side of the island until Kim spotted the entrance that Wade mention, and she taps Ron and points at it. Kim and Ron were able to swim inside due to the fact that there is no cover on it. They kept on swimming until they reach the water levels, and drag themselves out of the cold water. Kim and Ron remove their scuba tanks and their flippers. "Hmm, a tunnel. Very classic spy entrance." Kim takes out her kimmunicator and dials up, Wade.

"Wade, we're in", said Kim.

"Okay", said Wade. "I hack into the security cameras, and Walker and his men are located at section C-15. You can get through the lab in the air vents."

"Air vents, another classic spy entrance", said Ron as he and Kim headout. Meanwhile, Lt. Walker is and his squard have unlock the codes to a vault inside a huge lab, and inside there are piles of small metal bars stack on each other. Lt. Walker steps towards it, picks one up in his hand, and hits it with the other. Walker then, grabs hold of it, and his arm shakes a bit.

"This is it, soldiers", said Lt. Walker! "That vibrating metal we been looking for! Let's load them up!" Everyone quickly acted on Lt. Walker's order. Meanwhile, Kim and Ron are walking quietly inside the air vents, the vents are not large enough for a full stand-up walking, but are large enough not to need to crawl on all fours.

"Wade, this air docks are quite big", said Kim while holding the kimmunicator.

"They have to be", said Wade. "The labs in this base do work with a lot of metal and they do give off a strong smell, so it makes sense the air systems to have large air vents to get out all the smell."

"On the positve side, this is our first mission that we don't need to crawl around in", said Ron. "Hey, Kim. I been thinking about other team names. How about the Blood Pack?"

"Ew, that sounds gross", said Kim.

"Okay, how about, L.E.G.I.O.N", said Ron? "Its one of those words that mean other words."

"And what does it mean", said Kim?

"I don't know", said Ron. "But I'm sure we can think of something."

"I don't think so", said Kim. Ron thinks carefully for a moment, and has came up with something.

"I got it", said Ron. "How about, 'The Justice League of Amer--" Kim turns her head to Ron, and gives him a hush expression cutting off his speech.

"I hear some voices", said Kim. "We're getting close." Kim and Ron step quietly towards the air vent cover, and can see everything inside the lab through the crack. Inside the lab, the soldiers are quickly loading the bars onto dollies at their best, and Lt. Walker watches it over to make sure they are doing it right. One of the soldiers runs up in front of him, and stops and salutes him following military protocol.

"Sir", said the mercenary soldier! "We're loading the vibrobars as fast we can, but there's quite a lot of them in that vault. Not to question your orders, but I don't think we can hurry this up as fast as we can?"

"Then you better try to do faster than you can, son", said Lt. Walker. "These bars are involve in a big project, and the ruler of the Hidden Empire has order us to make sure that we deliver the bars before schedule. So, let's not dissppoint our most well-pay cilent."

"The Hidden Empire", said a curious Kim? On the otherhand, Ron suddenly, felt his stomach making a growl like noise, and his holds it with both hands as he realize on what's happning.

"Uh oh", said Ron as he leans over to Kim, and taps her gently on the shoulder. "Um, KP." Kim knocks Ron's hand off with her fingers.

"Not now, Ron", said Kim. "I'm trying to listen. Now, be quiet." Kim looks back in the lab, while Ron's stomach is getting worse.

"But, KP", said Ron. Ron's face now makes a puffy look and it happens. Ron let's out a loud belch that could be heard all over the lab, and has caught everyone by surprise, especially Kim.

"EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW", screamed Kim! Lt. Walker and his soldiers turn to the scoure of the belch and scream, and both Kim and Ron fell out of the air vent and right into the floor.

"Ron", spoke Kim angerily at Ron!

"Sorry, Kim", said Ron. "But I didn't got a snack all day, and those Bueno Nacho Go-To package back at the docks is a offer I couldn't pass up."

"Well, well, well", spoke Lt. Walker as he slowly approach to Kim and Ron, and they both turn and are taken by surprise by his huge appearance. "Miss Kim Possible, I thought to myself that after the other night, that you wouldn't bother me."

"Well, think again, Walker", said Kim as she jumps straight up on her legs. "I'm here to drag you into the prison house!"

"And here to help her", spoke Ron! "Is her sidekick in crimefighting! I'm sure you know, who I am?! Lt. Walker thinks with his hand under his chin to get the idea on Ron's question.

"Sorry son, but I don't have a clue who you are", said Lt. Walker.

"What", said Ron with disappointment in his voice?! "Oh c'mon! I thought military guys were suppose to be up-to-date."

"Nevertheless", said Lt. Walker! "We all know the rules of engagement! You're here to attack us, and I'm here to counterattack you!"

"Well then", said Kim. "No reason to keep the party waiting."

"Soldiers! Get Them!", Lt. Walker shouted out his orders, and his loyal soldiers did not hesitage tp carry it out. Walker turn his attention towards the bars, and picks up a couple of them. Kim, jumps right into the fire by leaping over a few goons, and does a low sweep kick that knocks down a few soldiers off their feet. Kim turns to her next attention to a soldier trying to jump on her from behind, but she quickly grabs hold of his arm and throws him towards several others. Kim then, goes on the defensive blocking a series of attacks from each soldier, and move inbetween those openings that are not attacks. Ron, on the other hand, has just gotten up from the ground, and turns his head to see several soldiers in front of him.

"Oh, hey there", said Ron! "We haven't been introduce. I'm Ron Stoppable, and this is my non-hairy friend, Rufus."

"Hi", spoke Rufus.

"And you guys are", asked Ron?

"About to bash your head into the wall", said one of the soldiers.

"Some name, is it Russian", said Ron? The soldiers are slowly approaching Ron as he walks backwards, and the same time the soldiers are cracking their knuckles ready to beat Ron up. "Okay Ron, this is your chance to shine." Ron raises his hands up in a fighting position. "I should." Ron then begin to look over the soldiers, and realize they are bigger than him. "I should." They crack their knuckles good and hard, and the popping of the bones were loud enough to grab everyone's attention. "I should." One grabs hold of a metal pipe on the wall, and rips it right off and uses as a bar. "I SHOULD RUN!!" Ron takes right off into the opposite direction, and the soldiers chase right after him. One of the soldiers jumps right in front of Ron, and tries to grab him with a bear hug but Ron trips on purpose to slide right under him. Ron dashes right up to stairs, and jumps over a goon that try to grab his legs. More of Lt. Walker's soldiers, soon gang up on Ron and they try their best to land a hit on him, but Ron does a series of evasive actions. Ron was like a fly circling in a non-linaer pattern to make sure he does not get smack by a shoe. Ron makes it to the other side of the stairs, Ron heads straight down with the soldiers behind him, but Ron grabs hold of a janitor's bucket and spills the soapy water. The soldiers slip in the water, and fell right into the ground. "Man! I never thought those dodgeball skills will actually come in handy in life." Rufus agree by nodding his head, and then takes notice by more soldiers. Rufus, quickly grabs Ron's ear, and points at them to remain Ron. "Oh right! No five minutes break!" Ron continues to run from Lt. Walker's soldiers. Meanwhile, Kim holds her own by blocking a punch, and punches a soldier in the face that knocks him into the floor. One soldier tries to hit Kim with a roundhouse kick, but Kim avoids it by backfliping behind a table. Kim then kicks the table that hits him in the stomach, and mourns while holding his stomach. One soldier comes running towards Kim, but she intercepts him by jumping on the table and has both hands on it and kicks him with both legs. The next attacker uses both his hands together; however, Kim ducks underneath the table and the soldier just hits table leaving a dent. Kim then, grabs hold of his legs with her's, and throws him down. Kim can finally turn her attention towards Lt. Walker, and he was slapping his hands together like he just done something.

"Okay", said Kim. "Okay, Walker. Now that I'm not distracted, I think we have something left off."

"I think so too, young lady", said Lt. Walker. "And I have to say I'm still quite impress with. You're only fifteen, and already you shown skills that are far pass your years. My soldiers, on the other hand, have not even reach my level of experience. They have let, to learn more in the fields of battle."

"Then I guess you should home tutor them", said Kim.

"Now what's the point if you can't get any experience at home", said Lt. Walker. "Besides, that's what teachers are herefor, to correct their students." Lt. Walker dashes right at Kim like a angry leopard, and attackes her with a straight punch. Kim quickly duck to avoid, and Walker's punch hit nothing but air. Kim goes for a sweep kick; however, Walker backflips with both legs and avoids the sweep kick. After landing, Walker punches at Kim while she still kneeling, but she bats it away with her palm. Kim, then goes on the offsense and throws several attacks; however, when Kim attemps a kick to the face. Walker grabs hold of her foot, and picks her up into a spin and throws her to another part of the room. Kim is thrown to a part with a pole standing in the middle, Kim grabs hold of it with both hands, and spins around it into a safe landing position. Kim regains her momentum to attack Walker and the two engage in a series of punches, blocks, and kicks. Kim got Walker into a position where she was able to block, and grab hold of wrist with her hand. Unfortunately, Walker was able to do the same with Kim's wrist, and now, the two are engage in a lock stand-off.

"Okay, Walker", said Kim. "What this hidden empire? Why you're stealing these bars? And who has hired you?"

"The three Ws, huh", said Lt. Walker. "Sorry, young lady. Those are classified information, and I'm not willing to answer any of them."

"You know, its not very gentlemen like, to keep secrets from a young lady", said Kim.

"True, but who said that I'm a gentlemen", said Lt. Walker. Walker was able to break Kim's hold on his hand, and reverse the move on her. Kim is taken by surprise at the realization and Walker follows it by falling backward, position his feet on Kim's stomach, and tosses her by kicking her off in the air. During the conflict, Ron is still running from the other of soldiers of Walker's squad.

"C'mon, guys", shouted Ron. "Do you guys take a break?" Suddenly, Kim falls right out of the air, and lands on top of Ron and they both hit the wall. They both laid on the floor mourning, and the soldiers take steps ready to finish the job. However, they hear a whistle sound coming from their leader, and he gaves them the signal to fall back. The soldiers did not hesitage to follow. Kim and Ron slowly get back up on their hands and knees.

"I really hate to leave business undone, but I did say I have a schedule to follow", said Lt. Walker just as he press a button on a remote controller. There are two bars on each side of the lab, connected to the large bars that holds the lab together, and with small devices connected to the outlets. Suddenly, the bars begin to vibrate violently, and the whole lab begins to shake out of control. "Catch ya later, Miss Possible!" Lt. Walker and his soldiers quickly make a get-a-way with the stolen bars, and the doors are seal with rubble from the lab.

"C'mon, Ron", shouted Kim while she pulls him to his feet! "We gotta move!" They quickly try to an exit, but stop in the middle of the search when a debris falls in front of them and they both look up. A huge debris from the ceilling breaks apart, and falls right towards them. Then, there was darkness.

To be Continued...