Setsuna's Sister Surprise 2

Surprise Here and Surprise There

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Setsuna Sakurazaki a young hanyo at the age of eighteen and has been at her happiest because of her seemingly perfect half sister Natasia Tokado.

Many people saw Natasia as nothing but, perfect Setsuna had a different opinion though. "She's still a million years too soon to be good enough to defeat me and she's a klutz." said Setsuna. "Hey no one's perfect is my motto, and to tell the truth I get hurt every single day!!" yelled Natasia. This was said two years ago when Setsuna had found out about Natasia and had the best experience of her life with her girlfriend Konoka Konoe.

It was summer vacation and Setsuna had finished her morning training session with Evangeline and was now resting underneath the shade of a tree. Setsuna was very tired due to fighting against both Evangeline and Negi, as she laid under the safety of the tree she thought about everything that she had gone through to get to were she was now in life.

"A lot of things sure have happened after I came to class 3A," thought Setsuna. "I made so many new friends, I finally confessed to Kono-chan and she accepted my love, I found out I had a half sister and I got to have the best experience of my life with Kono-chan." Setsuna thought. "But why do I feel like something's missing?" Setsuna pondered on this until she was disturbed.

"It looks like your reminiscing in memories!" said a voice.

Setsuna looked up to see Asuna sitting on a tree branch. "Since when did you get up there?" asked Setsuna. "Man you must have been deep in thought if you didn't notice me climb up here." responded Asuna as she swiftly jumped off of her tree branch and landed neatly beside Setsuna.

"Nice jump I give you 9.5, you need to work on your form though," replied Setsuna. "Very funny, so why do you look like you're in the dumps?" asked Asuna as she laid herself down next to her kendo teacher and friend. "I've been racking my brain trying to find out what I'm missing in life." replied Setsuna as she shook her head side to side.

"Maybe it's time you made your next move on Konoka." said Asuna as she brought herself to a sitting position. "What, next move I don't understand." responded Setsuna. "You need to propose to her, birdbrain." replied Asuna.

"Propose I can't propose, I'm not ready, nuh uh not ready at all, what are you thinking Asuna-san?" asked Setsuna. "Not ready or too scared to?" asked Asuna.

"I don't feel I'm ready and I know I'm not ready," said Setsuna as she blushed at the idea. "That didn't answer my question." replied Asuna. "I guess I was too scared to actually think about they idea of proposing to Kono-chan, so does that answer your question?" asked Setsuna as she gave Asuna a skeptical look.

"Yup that answers my question perfectly," replied Asuna. Natasia who was walking by saw Setsuna and Asuna talking under a tree and decided it would be fun to surprise them. Silently Natasia crept up behind Setsuna and Asuna who had their backs turned to her and…… she…… JUMPED THEM!! "Ahhh, where did you come from?" yelled a surprised Setsuna. "I came from Eva-nee-chan's resort not to long ago." replied Natasia as she looked at the look on her sister's face. "Don't ever do that again!" Asuna yelled running after Natasia with her large shiny, metallic sword. "Ahhh, I'm sorry Asuna-san, don't kill me," yelled Natasia as she ran away with her angered friend chasing after her.

As Setsuna watched Asuna running after her half sister still attempting to hurt her she laid back in the grass and started to think of what she and Asuna were talking about previously until Natasia jumped them. Setsuna wasn't considering it at first but, when Asuna had talked about it with her she was now thinking of what she should do.

"Kono-chan, what should I do?" thought Setsuna. "I do truly love you but, do you truly love me?" thought Setsuna as she closed her eyes. Asuna who was already done getting revenge on Natasia, who now had a big lump on her head looked back at her friend and saw that she was lying in the grass again. As Asuna headed back towards Setsuna with Natasia following behind her she thought about how Setsuna could be feeling at the moment.

As Asuna got closer to Setsuna, she noticed that Setsuna was fast asleep. "She's asleep, oh well better take her back to her room," replied Asuna as she and Natasia lifted her up. "Hey what were you and Setsuna-nee-chan talking about?" asked Natasia. "I'll tell you later, our job now is to get Setsuna-san back to her room." responded Asuna.

The trek to Setsuna's room was long but, seemed short because the two had ran the entire way. Once in at the door Asuna, with her free hand knocked on it. On the other side Mana was polishing her high caliber sniper rifle when she heard the knock on the door. "Yes who is it?" asked Mana got closer to the door.

"Tatsumiya-san it's me Asuna, Setsuna fell asleep and we brought her here." replied Asuna. Mana opened the door to see Asuna and Natasia carrying the sleeping demon with them. "Here give her to me; I'll make sure she gets in to bed." Mana said stretching out her arms. "Thanks Tatsumiya-san, man she's heavy." replied Asuna. "Well good night, tell Setsuna-nee-chan to meet up with everyone tomorrow at Eva-nee-san's resort." said Natasia as she and Asuna left.

Asuna and Natasia headed back to the room to find Konoka cooking while Chamo taste tested the cake that Konoka had finished baking. "Hey Konoka, ara where's Negi?" asked Asuna. "Oh he's at Eva-chan's resort, she said he fell asleep there," replied Konoka. "Mmm, what did you cook for dinner?" asked Natasia. "I cooked up some onigiri and bought some nikuman from Satsuki-chan." replied Konoka. As the three ate Asuna wondered if Setsuna was ok, she had been a little pushy when she talked to Setsuna and hoped she didn't push her too hard. "She can decide on when to propose, I'll just support her." thought Asuna. "Hmm Asuna-san seems to be deep in thought, I wonder what she's thinking oh well I'll find out in record time." thought Natasia.

After the three finished their dinners they headed off to bed to prepare for the dawn of a new day.

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