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A group of five girls walked down the corridor earning various whispers. They ignored the seemingly pathetic people that resourced to such pitiful things such as rumours. In order from left to right you would find a blonde with her long hair up in a high ponytail. She had azure blue eyes and lightly tanned skin. She wore a light purple tank top that reached her navel and a denim skirt. Under her tank top you could clearly see the straps of her dark violet bikini top. She was also wearing purple flip flops and her bag was a Roxy messenger bag. Beside her was a tall and pretty tanned, dirty blonde haired girl with her short hair up in four ponytails and had aquamarine eyes. She wore a black halter top that reached the end of her ribs and khaki cargo shorts. She was wearing black flip flops and she carried a big surf bag that probably carried her surf board and it also had some hidden compartment for notebooks and stuff. In the middle a taller girl with long indigo hair curled at the end, she wore a white, almost transparent shirt and underneath black and white chequered bikini, and denim really short shorts along with black mid-thigh reaching boots. Of the five girls, this one had the biggest chest and best body. She also had amethyst eyes and long eyelashes. Beside her was a girl with baby pink hair and vibrant green eyes. She wore a pink flowered bikini top and black and fuchsia board shorts and black tennis shoes. Finally beside her was a tall brunette, her chocolate hair was up in two buns and she had almond eyes. She wore a lime green tank top with a radioactive green and white jacket rolled up to her elbows, along with black cargo pants and black tennis shoes. This girl was the tallest of the five and the one with a more masculine body.

"The K5 are here" a girl told another girl. A smirk landed on these five girls. In Konoha Gakuen everyone knew exactly who they were, the surf five. They were the five best surfer girls from all over the country who had been assembled in a team. They weren't assembled by a directive member of something like that, but by the middle girl, Hyuuga Hinata.


Onjuku Beach, Chiba Prefecture.

07:56 am

"Welcome!" a maid greeted the new arrival of costumers.

"Good Morning Sir, what would you like to order?" a pretty girl asked a costumer. The man stared at her watching her with a lecherous grin.

"How 'bout a piece of you beautiful piece of ass" the girl blushed furiously. The man grabbed her arm and with his other hand he began to rub her thigh.

"Um, sir, please let me go" the waitress squeaked wiggling around a look of fear, pretty evident in her eyes. A hand grabbed the costumer's wrist, the man looked up to find chocolate brown hair and eyes. He frowned.

"What?!" he spat. Due to his anger the man let go of the fear-struck girl who hid behind the new arrived employee. He stared. Basically the employee looked like a girl but dressed like a guy, probably a guy.

"I'm sorry sir, would you like something to drink while you decide on your choice if food?" the man glared at the 'boy' and nodded.

"Bring me a cup of coffee and fast!" he said still angry that the 'boy' interfered in his sexual harassment. The 'boy' nodded and walked towards the kitchen, pulling the waitress with him.

"Are you okay Hanako-chan?" the girl with tears in her eyes nodded and hugged the 'boy'

"thank you so much Tenten-san!" the girl patted Hanako in the head.

"It's okay, I suppose that the confusion over the uniforms paid off in the end" Tenten said smiling as she pulled away from the other girl.

"You're leaving?" Tenten nodded.

"My shift is over, I'll go surf, find me there at 11:00 am" Hanako nodded.

Tenten Yang

A 14 year old girl orphaned at 5. She raised herself with some help from the other villagers in the beach of Onjuku, in the prefecture of Chiba. An excellent surfer and an extremely skilled martial artist. It is known that she has Chinese descendance and that her father was a martial arts champion extremely renown in China. Tenten has gone to school and paid for her expenses since little.

"Hey, you're Tenten, right?" the brunette turned to find a girl slightly smaller than herself with long Indigo hair and amethyst-like eyes. An eyebrow cocked at the analytical gaze. The brunette hesitantly nodded. "I have a proposal for you..."


Hyuga, Miyazaki

7:25 pm.

"thank you so much for coming to help here at the hospital, here is your salary for the month" a girl with pretty bright green eyes smiled at the busty blonde and nodded. The girl also had shoulder-length pink hair.

"It's a pleasure to come here Tsunade-sensei, Sensei, my shift tomorrow at what time is it?" the busty blonde stared at the pinkette.

"8:00 am. Is it okay with you?" the pinkette nodded. "Doesn't it interfere with your school?" the pinkette looked down with a sad look but soon looked at the blonde woman again.

"Nope" she said smiling. 'cause I'm not going to school' she thought sadly. A sigh left her lips,

"I want to go to school so badly... at least I know how to read... that helps a bit" she said to herself as she walked home. Once home she grabbed a granola bar and changed her outfit, she grabbed her surfboard and walked towards the beach.

Once she was on the beach she walked over to a nearby shack and entered.

"Old man?" she called out, soon from behind the counter an old man came out and smiled broadly at the pink-haired teen.

"Oh little girl, its you! Come on in" he said as he lifted a part of the counter letting the pinkette in. He walked in the back of the shack and she followed. Once in the back of the shack she smiled. The place was open aired and it had a work table. Hanging on the wall were various surf boards and an incomplete one to the side of the shack. Pieces of sand paper laid around, polystyrene, fiberglass clothe and epoxy resin also gave a messy look to the place. On the working table there was another incomplete surf board. She sighed happily.

"sakura, I'll take the board making, you go to the counter, I can see you're tired. The small girl nodded and headed for the counter. She stared at a girl who didn't look that much like a surfer.

Haruno Sakura

A mixture between Korean and American. She had lived most her life in Jeju island, a small fishermen village in South Korea. Recently, some three years ago, she came to Japan to visit some far away family members, she then revealed her family members were her grandparents and when she came to Japan she wasn't expecting to be told that they had died two years before. With no money to return to Korea she stayed in Japan.

"Yes, can I help you?" the other girl simply entered the store and stared at Sakura.

"Yeah, actually you can, I have a request for you" Sakura seemed intrigued.



5:44 pm.

A girl was getting out of the water, a nice figure in bikini. Boys in the beach approached the girl. They offered to carry her board for her, they asked her for her phone number, everything the girl didn't budge.

"God, I'm not interested, go hit on another girl!" the guys kept bugging her.

"Ino, come on, you have homework to do" said girl nodded and detaching the boards leash she began to run with the board in hand. Her father handed her a towel and they walked towards their home.

"So... how was your day?" she asked hopping to create a conversation. Her father turned to her and smiled.

"It was very good thank you" he said still with the smile in place. She nodded and walked silently beside him. Finally they reached their apartment complex and went in. Her father took the key out and opened the door. He entered first and placed the keys in a bowl in the kitchen. Ino leaned her board against the wall and smiled.

"I'll take a shower first!" her father announced. She nodded and happily walked towards the kitchen. She grabbed the remote and turned on the TV that was on the fridge. They may have a not so luxurious life but they were by far better than many people. Soon a ring made its way all around the house. Ino grumbled and stood up. She slowly walked towards the door and opened it. She saw the management lady.

"Um, Hey, Mrs. Matsuri..." she said with a smile.

"Ino-san, is your father around?" she sighed.

"He's in the shower" she said softly.

"Oh... then please tell him for me that if he doesn't find a job soon and pay the five months of debt in rent I will be forced to evict you" Ino widened her eyes.

"U-um... I'm sorry Mrs. Matsuri... I think I didn't quite understand that... 'cause my father has been going to work every day" Ino said with a confused expression.

"Then is he working at home? Because every time he leaves to take you to school he comes back 30 minutes later and doesn't leave the house until it's time to pick you up. If he's working at home then please tell him to pay the overdue rent, normally I would understand the situation but I can't. Many of the costumers began to leave and now I have to survive on what my few costumers give me, and that's not much. Please tell him that, bye then, Ino-san" she said with a bow and walked down the stairs. Ino blinked.

"Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad!" Inoichi came out of the shower with a towel on.

"yes Ino?" he asked as he dried his hair with a towel.

"Dad... where exactly do you go after you drop me off in school?" she asked warily.

"Work, I told you" he said with an eyebrow cocked.

"Dad... what do you do for a living" she asked pretty upset.

"...Ino why are you asking all of this?" he asked confused.

"Mrs. Matsuri came by. She said that you needed to find a job soon and that we had months since we last paid rent... she said that when you go out to drop me off at school you come here again and leave only to pick me up... Dad... if you had trouble looking for job you should've told me! You should've told me that we were having financial problems! We are a family of two! We are supposed to rely on one another! I don't care if I have to stop going to school to go to work!"

"BUT I DO!" he said with a sad expression mixed with anger. "I DO, I care! I want you to study! To go to college! I want you to become a professional and not become someone like me! I gave up studying to follow my dream of becoming a musician... but it's hard to live if your résumé is blank cause you have only been a violinist! You're mother got fed up of that! That's why she began taking drugs! That's why she was arrested! She was going to leave me and take you! But I refused... I loved you too much that I didn't even realize that I brought you down with me... I didn't want you to worry! I didn't want you to say exactly what you are saying now!" he said now on his knees, crying.

"Dad..." she said as she placed her hand on his shoulder.

"I don't care if you care Dad, this is my decision, you've raised me well and I'll keep going to school if it's so much for you but I will find a part-time job. Dad... we're going to get through this... I know we will..." she said with a sad smile. He father hugged her.

"I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry" he softly said sobbing. Ino kissed him on the forehead and stood up. She put some clothes on and grabbed a coat.

"Dad I'll be back in a while, I'll go search for job" she said with a smile. She went out the door and left her father there. She ran down the stairs and out the complex with tears running down her face.

Yamanaka Ino

99 percent American and 1 percent Japanese. The girl was the most American you could go, from her personality to her looks no one could say she was Japanese except for her fluid Japanese speaking. Ino had lived all her life in Japan with her father, Inoichi Yamanaka(75 percent American 20 percent French 5 percent Japanese), famous for his violin playing skills, her mother was an American model called Sarah Bell. Her father and mother had divorced when she was barely five and then she left with her father to Japan for her mother was in a detention centre for drug consumption. She never saw her mother again.

"Yamanaka Ino, right?" Ino turned around to find a girl taller than her, smiling.

"Yes, who are you and what business do you have with me?" she said with narrowed eyes. The taller girl giggled.

"I have a business proposal for you..." this made Ino's ears perk up.


"Gaara get your ass out of the bathroom, I have to go to work right now!!" A groan made his way out of the room. Temari growled. "Gaara I mean it!" no answer. "Okay, I can't say that I didn't warn you!" she said as she kicked the door open only to find her really sleepy brother in the toilet... doing his things...

"Temari-nee-san!!" he said angrily.

"I told you, get your ass out of the bathroom! I have to shower and leave or I'll be late, and I already owe the apartment owner!" she said with her eyes closed. Gaara flushed the toilet and washed his hands, finally he got out of the bathroom, glaring at his sister.

"Unbelievable... now I can't even go to the bathroom peacefully?!" he said with a pout. Kankuro burst out laughing with a spoon on his hand and a waffle on the other.

"Hahaha, you know how busy nee-san is in the mornings, you shouldn't provoke her" he said between chuckles.

"Give me a waffle" Gaara ordered. Kankuro glared at him.

"Get one by yourself. Well, I'm finished. Nee-san I'm leaving!!" he called as he grabbed his bag and left out the door. Gaara frowned. With his eyes closed he entered the bathroom and brushed his teeth.

"Gaaaara... leave the bathroom!" Temari ordered.

"I caghtn, Ihm bgrushhignd meyn tehngeth" Temari cocked an eyebrow

"What??" she heard a spit and the tap open.

"I said that I can't, I'm brushing my teeth! I'm already late for school!" he said as he washed his mouth. Temari frowned.

"Then move it! If I get called down there once more so they tell me the same thing they told me in the other schools, that you were expelled, I will kick your but down to Suna again and I won't go to get you" she said glaring at the curtain.

"Yeah, yeah I know... bye" he said as he went out the door. He came back in. "Temari-Nee-san! There is someone looking for you!!" he said as he slammed the door closed. Temari sighed.

"Why in the hell do I have to the the eldest... I'm the one busting my ass off working to maintain this two ungrateful brats when we are triplets!! So not fair!" she said to herself. She drew the curtain open and grabbed a towel. She came out the bathroom about to enter her room but found a girl taller than her who looked like a model. "That damn Gaara... Um, yes, what can I do for you?"

Temari Sabaku

Temari Sabaku, originated from Sunagakure, a place which is actually another country which is known for their absolute desserts though excellent economy and surfing. Temari came from Suna with her two brothers as they were escaping from their father's political prosecution, their father was killed before them so they ran away hoping to avoid death. Temari lived alone with her two brothers and they basically had to support themselves in Tokyo, with a small apartment and various part-time jobs she was able to bring her family forward.

"Yeah, I came to offer you an excellent deal that can help your entire family" the girl said smiling. Temari stared at her with eyes wide.


The girls kept walking, Hinata in front of them, in the middle. They smiled. Incredible how she was so sweet... they had to accept they owed everything to her. Hinata kept walking until she was before a boy with a pineapple hairdo, a boy with brown spiky hair and some fangs tattooed on his cheeks. Hinata cleared her throat to get their attention.

"Oh... the K5" the pineapple haired boy said. He stared at the girls, they were hot... he cleared his throat. "Kiba..." he nudged his friend to stare at them. Kiba cocked an eyebrow and hmmed... he wore a white button up shirt which was actually open and underneath a red sleeveless and tight shirt. He also was wearing jeans. He approached Hinata.

"Came for us? If you were the cop and I was the prisoner I'd let you tie me up anytime, anywhere" he said in a husky voice. Hinata rolled her eyes and pushed him away and stared at pineapple. The other four girls were stiffling their laughter.

"Oh My god... that's so lame!" Ino whispered. Tenten and Temari were laughing.

"Were is Sasuke?" she said in a low dangerous voice. Pineapple laughed.



Born and raised in Kyoto though her family moved to Okinawa due to her mothers sickly condition. Her mother was suggested to move to a place close to the sea. Heiress to the famous Hyuuga group, owner of half of Japan's corporations. Her family had always lived in Kyoto, the offices main locals and stuff were actually located in Kyoto. Her father's pride along with her smaller sister, Hinata was the spoiled little princess. When they moved to Okinawa her father and elders told her she would, instead of going to a private academy like she had been doing up until her tenth birthday, have to attend a public school, along with her cousin and self-proclaimed 'protector'. Basically her family moved to Okinawa, and when I say family I mean the whole family. From her family's main branch to her family's second branch, to the elders- everyone. Going to Okinawa's public school called Konoha Gakuen she began to loose the spoiled brats traits she had got through the years. And thanks to her Cousin she learned what now drove her life- Surf.

Her cousin and almost brother taught her the sea sport and the girl had became passionate. Still living in a mansion and still being spoiled she cared no more about material stuff, as long as she had her family and her surf board she was a happy person. She wanted to join a surf group very known in most of Japan, ANBU- or special shinobi forces. Group her proud cousin formed part of. She was denied the petition of joining the group because she was a girl and according to their pompous ass of a leader, Uchiha Sasuke, 'girls can't surf'. Thus Hinata went all around the country searching for girl surfers to make her own group. This is how she met these four girls. She convinced them by saying she would pay all their living expenses and she would provide living space for them she won the girls over, kind of obvious since these girls hadn't exactly experienced an easy life. Hinata's idea gave them a big opportunity. Tenten without looking back left with her, Sakura as well, Temari had a harder choice to do since she was her brothers older sister she had always taken care of them and she couldn't just leave them, Hinata offered that her brothers came as well, finally Ino came... but with her father who was convinced by Hinata's dad since they were old friends and Inoichi had economic problems Hiashi offered to help him with that and offered him job, Inoichi extremely thankful to Hiashi accepted and now Inoichi lived in a house apart Hiashi built with Ino. You might be wondering why in the hell Hinata's father was actually encouraging his daughter to surf when she was the heiress to the Hyuuga financial group... well there are two reasons. First- Ever since Hinata began to surf she learnt the real meaning of family and stopped being a brat, as I had earlier said, becoming a more humble and sweet girl. Thus turning into the heiress he wished for, since even being a brat she was an excellent diplomat and she simply lacked humility and that spark that made people love her. Second- She promised her father if he let her surf and bring her 'friends' over to live with them she promised to take all the classes he decided and go to the college of his preference basically becoming his puppet as long as he let her surf and be with her friends. This even if to you sounds like a dumb deal, I mean why would she give him most of her freedom for something like surf? or the opposite, why did he accept when he could easily make her accept to being the heiress and stuff? Easy, she gave him her whole obedience thus leaving no margin for rebellion while he promised to give her enough freedom to do what she liked and be with who she liked. Therefore a win-win situation.


"Hey, you may be cute but your manners suck, didn't they teach you to introduce yourself before asking something to someone?" Hinata groaned.

"If I wanted someone to teach me manners I'd have gone to my parents sooner. Now answer the fucking question" she said with a smile.

"Well then, aren't you the shy one, I'm Nara Shikamaru... and you are?" he politely said. Temari growled... this guy really was getting on her nerves.

"Hina... can I?" Hinata shook her head. She turned to Temari.

"It's fine, don't worry, this kid won't get on my nerves" she said with a little giggle that got Shikamaru blushing. She returned her attention to the Nara and smiled. "Ok then, two can play the same game. I'm Hyuuga Hinata, Shikamaru-kun... now... would you be such a sweetheart and tell us were your leader, Uchiha Sasuke, is?" Shika sighed.

"Look Hun, I only tell confidential answers to girls who've helped me in anyway and up until now you haven't... want to give me a little sugar and we'll probably help?" Hinata groaned.

"What do you want in exchange?" she asked, looking at Temari who was about to kick his butt down to Africa. Hinata held out a hand and grabbed Temari's hand to calm her down.

"A kiss" Hinata smiled.

"Any kind of kiss?" he nodded. Temari caught what she was thinking and sighed. A lazy smirk on her face. "You sure?" she asked him. He nodded. 'hah, now I'll get kissed by a hottie... yeah' he thought. Hinata smiled at him. "Okay, Tem" temari turned around and Hinata leaned down a bit, bringing Temari's face closer. Sakura, Ino and Tenten were fear struck. Shikamaru and Kiba were staring at the two girls intensely and couldn't remove their eyes from them. Hinata finally kissed Temari who incidentally blushed and wrapped her arms around her friend's lower back. Hinata kissed her also on the cheek and whispered in her ear. "Sorry... was that your first kiss?" she felt Temari nod, she groaned silently. She leaned in again. "I'm so sorry... I'll make it up to you" Temari giggled. Hinata turned around. "Was that enough for you?" Shikamaru was wonder-struck... he almost had drool dripping down his chin and a small trail of blood down one of his nasals. Kiba was actually heavily nose-bleeding. Temari burst out laughing.

"Shikamaru-kun??" the guy shook his head and came back to earth, he wiped his blood and his beginning trail of saliva. "I said if that was enough?" he nodded slightly. "I'm glad, now where in hell is that spawn of Satan?" Kiba began laughing at the nickname Hinata gave Sasuke. Kiba gave in.

"he's in the football field, not playing, you'll see the guy, he'll be surrounded by chicks. And talking about chicks, none of you hotties wanna be with me?" he said as he showed them his muscles. Hinata giggled as she saw Ino blush. She walked towards Ino. Shikamaru groaned and glared at Kiba. 'Now Sasuke will kill me 'cause this idiot told the girls about his whereabouts...fuck!'

"Talk to him for a while, it'll be fine, we'll come and get you" she said smiling. Ino nodded as she walked towards Kiba and began to chat with him. Tenten giggled at the face Kiba put on when Ino walked towards him.

"Hina... um... what was the kiss about?" Tenten asked kind of creeped out.

"I truthfully wasn't going to give my first kiss to a stranger so I decided to kiss Tem, and I'll make it up to her later. I doubt you wanted your first kiss to be given by a girl... I'm sorry tem" Tenten finally understood and laughed while Temari made Hinata stare at her. Sakura simply laughing all the while.

"It's fine... I-I don't mind... It wasn't with just any girl it was with you... so... I'm fine" she said smiling. Hinata smiled broader and hugged her tightly.

"Thank you so much! Anyway, Ten, Saku, we are not lesbians, just so you know... so don't be freaked out" Tenten rubbed her neck sheepishly.

"I know you aren't but that kiss shocked two seemed into it!" she said giggling making the others laugh as well. Hinata's gaze drifted off to a guy sitting on the benches, 'watching' the game (more like watching the cheerleaders ass...) swarmed by girls. Hinata sighed.

"Stay here, I have to speak to that guy" she said with a smile and walked towards him.


"Pass the ball!" Naruto was running with the ball until Neji took control of it. I was simply watching them every once in a while, since a piece of ass was shaking before me, come on, which guy in his sane minds would refuse that. I simply smirked as I felt the girls hug me and sit beside me. Soon the delicious piece of ass before me was blocked.

"hey what the hell!" I looked up and found a perfect hourglass figure. "New honey?" I asked as I stared at her face. She glared at me.

"Which honey? as far as I know I'm not your honey, and trust me I don't have enough bad taste to actually want to" she said smirking. "Now, I came here to talk to you so... please leave your bunch of bitches in mating season here and come with me for a second" I frowned. Such a hot body but it's not mine?! I stood up hesitantly, listening to the girls groan and glare at the new arrival. I walked with her to the back of the benches and towards the deserted baseball field. I leaned on the mesh fence and stared at her.

"If you didn't come to be one of my honeys then why are you here?" I asked not hiding my annoyance.

"Easy, I want to challenge you to a surfing competition" she said with a wide smile. I snorted.

"Come on honey, you may be hot and stuff but you are definitely not surfer material, you should consider something like modelling" I said with a smug smile. She rolled her eyes.

"You said that three years ago and I'm not budging this time, believe me I will keep on bugging you until you decide to accept" she said stubbornly. I sighed. She probably is trying to earn my approval... so I simply grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards me kissing her. She gasped and tried to push me away but I kept her in place and took the change to slip my tongue in her mouth. She tasted delicious, a mixture between strawberries and vanilla. I smirked into the kiss when she began to submit and get into the kiss I only felt blinding pain afterwards.


What in the world is this freak thinking?! I came to challenge him not be one of his sluts! I began to act as if I was enjoying the kiss and when he stopped the resistance against me I kicked him right in his family jewels. I pulled away from him and spit. I wiped my mouth and glared at the thing on the floor, rolling around in pain.

"What in the world is your problem?!" I asked furious. He, with the help of the mesh fence, began to stand up and stared at me.

"okay... I probably deserved that... look, if all you wanted was my approval then I must say you got it ever since I saw you now go home with your friends and keep on playing your surfing game, you won't be able to beat ANBU any day soon so just give up. I'm offering you a once in a life time opportunity here, to become one of my honeys... hell you tasted good!" I gagged in disgust.

"God you are repulsive. Remember three years ago, a girl of fourteen came to ask you if she could join ANBU? She was Hyuuga Neji's cousin, and you denied her, saying that women can't surf... that I was fit for other things... things more like being a nude model..., remember?" I asked him, about to kill him. He looked away and pondered on it for a while. A little later he nodded.

"Yeah, I remember, the girl had a gorgeous body but her face could be fixed a bit... and her hair... god that bowl cut hair... please shoot me... so what about her?" he asked me. I groaned.

"GOD! You are an idiot! That girl was called Hinata! In other words I was that girl!! I came here to challenge you! To show you that girls can surf, and my friends and I are girls and I can guarantee you that we can beat your butts any day, any time!" I growled, finally wondering if he'd get the message. He stared at me blankly.

"I'll keep on saying you are more fit to be a nude model than a surfer, besides won't these things interfere in your balance on the board?" he said grabbing my breasts. I squeaked and unconsciously slapped him. He stared at me shocked.

"You are nothing more than a pervert! A disgusting, groping pervert! Well say what you want, my friends and me will beat you, and if you don't accept now trust me you will later" I yelled at him as I began to walk away. Then he grabbed my wrist and pulled me back once again, kissing me again, tasting me all over. I pushed him away with all my strength. He stared at me smugly.

"Okay, I'll accept, on one condition." I warily stared at him.

"What is it?"

"If we win, you'll become my girlfriend and my servant" that thing made my blood boil. I clenched and unclenched my hands.

"Fine, but trust me you won't win!" I huffed as I walked back towards the girls. I touched my lips and knew they were swollen. At least he wasn't my first kiss...


Poor girl, her naivety will make her mine... well... poor her but lucky me... Hell that girl was hot... I guess I'll tell the guys about the challenge.

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