Notes: What if Sarah lost to Jareth, and in losing Toby to him, went insane when she was sent back with the choice of joining Jareth or staying on earth?

To Be Insane

Chapter 1


          "Sarah? Sarah? It's us, your family, remember us?" her father's hand touched her own gently.

          "We brought you a new book Sarah, it's about a sorceress-"

          "I don't need books Karen, you should know that he gives me everything I need... Toby and I are happy, really we are. And besides, who needs a sorceress? Jareth's powers are just as powerful. Balls, crystals, forests... have I told you of the midnight dance we had? Toby was unable to attend because he's only seven, but he did enjoy what he saw." Sarah's voice went off into a murmur as she took the book anyway, letting her hands glide over the book.

          Her father winced as he watched his twenty year old daughter, spout off her imaginary world to them inside the home for the disturbed, in her own little room, which had been hers for the past six years.

          'I should never have put so much strain on her... I can't understand what happened that night, we only left her alone for four hours... she should have been fine alone, watching TV, or reading...'

          This had become a very familiar thought in his head whenever they went to visit Sarah. The night they had left her she had been late coming from the park, she had obviously been out practicing or pretending, her white gown had been soaked through, filthy from the dirt that had gotten on it as she had run her way home.

          When she had gotten home her step-mother, Karen, had scolded her for not coming in at seven and for not being responsible, Sarah was fifteen after all, and had to learn to take responsibilities. He tried consoling her but he had never been very good at it as of late, so with a sigh, he had left with his wife and they had gone out for their dinner, leaving Sarah to calm down.

          At five past midnight they had entered their home only to hear nonsense cries of anguish echo in their hallway. He had immediately rushed upstairs to find his only daughter sobbing uncontrollably on the floor while clutching her stuffed bear to her chest tightly. As if it were the only thing that could comfort her. Beside her was a baby blue blanket, he had no idea where it had come from, and there were four indentations in the carpet, as if something had been there for quite some time and had just been moved... But that wasn't possible, that area of the room had had nothing there except for the hanging picture of Karen, himself and Sarah.

          "Sarah! Sarah... are you all right, what's wrong Sarah?" he went down next to her placing a hand on her shoulder lightly shaking her, in hopes to get her out of her stupor.

          "Toby!" she choked on the name and buried her head into her bear. "He's taken him, and he wants me too! I can't go.... but I can't leave him... You have to help me, he has Toby!"

          "Sarah, who's Toby? What are you talking about?"

          That seemed to waken her from her tears, she looked up to him, eyes red, face soaked in her salty tears, and a look of shock coming forth. "Wh...What? Dad, TOBY is your SON! My brother! HER child!" she shouted at him, confused and not understanding why he was acting like this.

          "Sarah, come on, get up off this floor, get your face cleaned and then let's talk about this rationally !"

          Her body shuddered and she looked to them both. Seeing within their eyes they didn't know WHY she was so ballistic. She was about ready to tear up again, "Dad... you don't remember do you? Not at all? Your only son?"

          "Sarah, you're an only child, you know that very well." he helped stand her up and she trembled as thoughts went racing through her head in realization.

          "No... No no no no no no no...." her words poured out quickly and became panicking as she started going hysteric inside her heart, "Jareth you bastard!!!" she ran out of the room at break neck speed and into her room that was across from theirs, she locked her door.

          They ran after her the moment she dashed out but failed to make it in time to stop her from shutting and securing the door. Her father grabbed the handle and shook it, "Sarah! Open this door Sarah Ann Grey Williams!"

          The sounds of destruction inside her room were being made, books crashing, precious belongings falling, and the sound of broken glass reverberated for a moment....

          "Oh gods Robert, what is she doing?" Karen's face was panicked and she clutched her purse to her chest.

          "Damn you Jareth! Where? Where..." her voice was labored, and quick, unbeknownst to them she was tearing her room apart for some way to get in contact with the man who had stolen her brother. She was searching for his crystal…

          Six hours later around dawn, he finally took a key to the door, and after several different trials found one that substituted for original, and unlocked her door. In opening it he found a disaster area. The bed sheets were torn off of their proper place, stuffed animals were thrown about everywhere, and her mirror had splintered from the impact of her little music box, which lay on the vanity, broken, the only other thing on the vanity was a statue of a man, cane in hand, long cape, with flowing blonde, but wild hair.

          Beneath the window was Sarah, rocking lightly back and forth holding Lancelot. Her eyes were dry, having cried them out during the night. She was murmuring softly, as he stepped forward around the destruction Karen stayed in the doorway, not daring to take one step in.

          He was barely a foot away when he crouched down and reached out to touch her, his hand stopped as he heard what she was saying, one simple word, over and over again, "Toby."

          He looked desperately out the window to the poplar tree and was startled to see a barn owl perched on one of the branches.

          "What the-" the moment he spoke Sarah looked up to the window, and let out a scream of anger. She jumped up and leaped to her window, her father grabbed her and pulled her back, "Sarah have you lost your mind?!"

          She broke from her trance as her mind let her understand the question through the chaos, she then began to sob, without tears, but much pain echoed in them none the less.  It was exactly that… She had lost. Lost Toby, and with him, her sanity. She slumped in his arms and just shook slightly from her misery. The owl, as if knowing he were the cause of the problem took flight a moment later.

          That was her last day in her room or her home.