Future sun

Future sun.

What if when Edward left, it was not Jake that became Bella's sun but Alice?

My body felt numb as he vanished from my sight, with shaky legs I took a step forward hoping to reach out and have him be there. But he wasn't. His words rung im my ears as I fell to the cold hard ground. It will be like I never existed. The words cut at my shattered heart, didn't he realize that he could forget, he could pretend I had never existed but I couldn't. Couldn't he see that I needed him? Cold wind whipped around my body, I was waiting for him to come back I don't know how long has passed sitting here hoping he'll come back and pick up the pieces. I knew he wasn't coming back, but I still hoped.

"Bella…" Breathed a voice as soft as the wind itself from behind me I knew that voice, I quickly turned my head thinking that it might be an illusion. But it wasn't, Alice was standing there not more then a few feet away from me her eyes glowed in worry. In three graceful strides she closed the gap between us and bent down to gather me up in her cold stone-like arms. I felt relief wash over me as she cradled me, they had decided to stay he wasn't leaving me.

"Alice! Alice your still here!" I cried nuzzling my face into her exposed neck; I could feel tears spilling down my face. Alice however seamed to pick up the hidden meaning to my statement and if she was hurt by it, it never showed in her musical voice.

"Yes Bella im still here, but they all left" I looked up quickly, utterly shocked as I looked at the hurt in her golden eyes. They left Alice behind? Who would want to leave this delightfully lovely girl behind?

"They left you behind?" I choked. Alice smiled kindly down at me and ignored the question as she picked me up in her arms, cradling me tightly to her chest, almost protectively and started off towards my house. "Alice?" I asked trying again I heard her sigh as she looked down at me sadly never faltering in her dance towards my house.

"Yes…" She sounded hesitant and I tried to smile reassuringly at her, but it came out half heartedly. Despite this it still seamed to give Alice some reassurance in what she wanted to say. "They couldn't make me leave you" I tried not too look startled but my attempt must have been in vain because Alice averted her eyes and flinched slightly, as if she had been physically hurt. I wondered why that would be, but my mind felt too numb to think and I desperately did not want Alice to leave me.

"Thank you for not leaving…" I muttered as she reached the back of my small house, she looked down the pain now gone from her golden eyes when she looked at me and smiled. I hadn't even realized I was in my room until Alice gently dropped me into bed, pulling off my shoes and draping the blankets over my cold body. She smiled again bending down to kiss the top of my head in a swift kiss; I felt a moment of panic as she straightened up. I did not want her to go I wanted, no I needed her to stay with me.

"Bella calm down, im not leaving" She whispered as if she could read my thoughts, I settled slightly but only slightly as I remembered how good of a liar this innocent girl was. I could feel her eyes on me as I debated with myself; the only way to know she was still there was hearing her soft unnecessary breathing filling my dimly lit room.

"Alice?" I asked quietly into the darkness, I never felt the edge of my bed dip with weight but I felt her nimble fingers brush threw my hair soothingly.

"Yes Bella?" She asked just as softly as before, her fingers continued their rhythmic brushing and I felt my eyes begin to droop, I tried to fight it.

"Can you sleep with me? I don't want to be alone" I heard myself drawl, Alice giggled at some inside joke that my mind couldn't comprehend in this state. I never felt the sheets come off, but the next thing I felt was her cold body pressed up against my own. Despite my sleepiness I felt myself blush at the contact, I could feel her breath in my ear as my eyes slipped closed.

"You won't be alone; I'll be your Edward…" I felt her breath into my ear, but I didn't know if that was part of my dream as I felt darkness wash over me.

I groaned loudly not worrying about waking anyone, as Charlie would be out fishing today. Shifting my weight I felt another body next to my own, I kept my eyes closed as I moved.

"Good morning sleepy head" Said a musical voice, my eyes fluttered open quickly as I came face to face with Alice, it hadn't been a dream she was really here. I felt myself beaming but then as yesterdays events washed over me my face fell, Alice's smiling face turned into a worried frown as she saw my face fall.

"If you're here that means he's gone…" I trailed off not really wanting to hurt her feelings too badly, I felt my eyes tear up Alice saw it too and pulled me closer to her cold body. I couldn't help noticing how well it fit next to my own while I berried my head into her chest. Tears once again streaming down my face and onto her shirt, she didn't seam to mind however as her held me close.

"He's gone, Im so sorry Bella" She murmured into my hair and I sobbed, I heard her sigh sadly as she started to mutter reassurances into my ear while my body spammed with uncontrolled sobs. As I started too settled down, I felt the pain in my chest, the pain of losing him. I tried to fight it, to think about other things I looked up and into Alice's worried eyes memories of things she had said came back to me.

"Alice…Why did they leave you?" I asked. Hesitation flashed in her golden eyes and she bit her lip in unusual nervousness, it was a cute face and I found my self smiling. She looked confused at my odd change of emotion and she pouted slightly.

"What?" She asked me I giggled at the pout and poked her on the nose making her blink.

"You just looked so cute" Alice looked a little taken back as I said this, but the emotion was gone as she smiled at me.

"Glad to see you smiling Bella" And she did, Alice looked extremely happy to see me smiling despite my loss. I just found it so hard not to smile at the pixie like girl, her happiness was so catching, and she was like a sun. Bright and happy. But I had not forgotten the question she thought she had wiggled her way out of, I tried again.

"Why did they leave you?" I asked again and I watched Alice's smile drop and the hesitation return. I waited patiently for her to answer knowing that she would in time, but before she could her eyes glazed over in that all too familiar look and I was instantly worried. I waited nervously for it to pass, clutching her shirt tightly I watched as her face returned to normal, I sighed in relief as she smiled at me.

"Alice? What did you see?" I asked her, she just kept the smile on her face; it was then that I noticed our closeness. Our noses were almost touching and our bodies where pressed together intimately, but I felt I didn't mind being this close to Alice. It just made me feel safe and content to be wrapped up in her stone arms, I could feel myself blushing slightly.

"Nothing important Bell" I looked at her and nodded her smile was too generally beautiful to be fake. I felt myself relax in relief thankful that it was nothing to worry about, but this did not let Alice escape my question.

"Alice…" I started again and the pixie girl smiled knowing what I was yet again about to ask her. The hesitation never came back, and her eyes shone instead with hope.

"I told you they couldn't make me leave you" She said, I huffed once again she had danced around the true answer. Frustrating vampire.

"But why couldn't you leave me, when everyone else could?" My voice cracked slightly at this, but the confusion was evident in my voice. Smiling she moved closer to me, I didn't pull away from her she opened her mouth to speak and I waited.

"How about I show you?" She asked slyly, I opened my mouth to ask what she was talking about but before I could speak I felt cold, soft lips press against my own. My eyes widened in shock and I couldn't move my body as Alice kissed me softly, carefully. Before my mind could think of anything else she pulled back and looked into my eyes, my face was beet red.

"A-Alice?" I head myself stutter in shock, she gave me a kind smile and pressed her cold forehead against my own, our noses where touching.

"I'm in love with you Bella. I couldn't just up and leave you like everyone else" I could hear the sincerity in her musical voice; her eyes never left my own as she spoke. I was shocked but like before I felt I really didn't mind that she was telling me this, that we where so close. My body seamed to want to be closer, closer to her. Edward had been my only real boyfriend; could I have mistaken love for obvious lust and brotherly love? Had my inexperience in the matter blinded me from my own feelings? I mulled it over remembering all the times Alice had been with me, helping, protecting and caring for me. With her I could never seam to stop smiling, the pain of losing him had subsided. Was I kidding myself when I thought I was just admiring her beauty? Alice waited patiently for my answer; her warm breath tickled my lips and sent chills down my spine my body seamed to ach for her touch. Alice moved in and kissed my lips swiftly, a stiffened and then smiled as I felt myself go warm. I pushed myself into her cold body and she giggled slightly.

"This is what you saw isn't it?" I mumbled and she wrapped her arms tightly around me, I felt her nod into my shoulder.

"It is" She confirmed and I smiled slightly, before I bit my lip in unease. Alice seamed to sense this and she looked up, worry clouded her eyes.

"What's wrong Bella?" She asked, I could tell she had thought I had changed my mind, but I looked to her and gave her a half smile.

"Alice what about Jasper?" I asked unsure now of what he was to Alice I did not want to make it hard on any of the other Cullen's. Alice breathed a sigh of relief at the question and she smiled at me.

"I might have seen him in my future, but that doesn't mean it was in the romantic way Bella. I already knew that I wasn't into men the way he was into women" I blushed at her easy confession; she could probably feel my warm blush on her cold marble skin that I was pressed up against.

"You'll stay?" I asked unsure, Edward was able to leave me would Alice too in time? Alice brushed her nose against mine and whispered next to my lips, teasingly.

"I'm not going anywhere…" I looked into her eyes and I felt myself move forward closing the gab between us. My eyes closed as Alice's lips pressed against my own once more, only this time I could kiss back. Her lips where soft and cold, and she moved gently her breath was intoxicating as I kissed back slowly trying to stay in control of what I really wanted to do, a jolt ran down my body. Alice pulled back and smiled as I opened my eyes, blushing again.

"You'll be my Edward huh?" I knew if she could she would be blushing the look on her face said it all, regaining her composer she smiled at me, so beautiful.

"Could I be your Alice instead?" She asked me stroking my cheek lovingly, and even if I wanted too I knew I wouldn't be able to say no, she was pouting. I chuckled lightly and nodded into her touch.

"Yes…" I breathed and her smile lit up my world, she caught my lips once again in a blissful kiss that I knew not even Edward could match.

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