By now the whole school knew Alice and I were dating. So, I didn't mind walking into school holding hands, she swung them between us merrily.

"Oi, Love birds." Alice rolled her eyes at the nickname Edward had coined for us, I giggled. Edward fell into step beside us; he'd recently changed into our science class – which we happen to be on our way too.

"Hey Eddie." I smiled, he grinned back, nodding a hello.

"Rumour has it there are two new girls starting today." Edward smirked, eyes glinting mischievously. Alice snorted.

"When have you ever listened to rumours?" She asked.

Edward shrugged, grin still in place. "Since I heard they're hot."

I elbowed him – laughing. He tried to swat my arm away.

It had been two weeks since Edward had apologized and we had never been closer. Edward had become more easy and outgoing – single life was treating him well and he was content in waiting for his turn to find true love.

All three of us walking into class – the girls batting their eyes at Edward, who just winked. And the boys ogling Alice and I as we flirted our way towards are seats.

Edward tried to sit between us. Alice pushed him away. "Oh no you don't." Plopping down in her usual spot she stuck her tongue out at her brother. I rolled my eyes at the display.

"You're never going to get to sit there, Eddie." I stated, flopping down on the other side of Alice. I'd flopped gracefully – though I tried not too.

"Oh, I'll have it eventually." He glared playfully. "That was my seat first."

It was then the teacher decided to stumble in – a pile of books in hand – which he spilt over his desk in relief. "Settle down now, Class." He stated, taking off his thick winter jacket.

The class settled, mostly, there was still a small buzz about the new girls whom where coming in today. I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about it too.

"Now, as you know, we have two new students starting here today." The chatter picked up at the announcement. "Apparently you didn't." Muttered the teacher. I snickered. "Settle class!" He boomed, as much as his voice would allow.

"Now, I need all of you to be understanding as you welcome our two new students." He looked around the room, before frowning. "Where are they?" He blinked.

I looked at Edward and Alice, who shrugged.

A blond girl I'd never seen before walked into our class, looking around. She cocked an eyebrow. "This Science?" She asked, her voice soft with a slight English accent.

Our teacher nodded, looking delighted. "Ah, there you are!" The girl nodded, before she turned round to the open door, sticking her head out.

"Oi, no sense of direction, I found it." She yelled - the class snickered and she popped her head back in, smirking.

The girl was beautiful, tall, and lean, with long blond hair that cascaded down her back in waves and flicked over one blazing blue eye in a fringe.

"She's hot." Edward smirked. Alice smacked him, though the blond turned to look at Edward like she had heard him and winked.

"Did you see that?" I asked, startled. Alice nodded.

"She couldn't have heard you."

It was then the other girl walked into the classroom – in mid hair flick, her eyes closed. Like in those cheesy movies. Flicking long brown hair over her shoulder, her eyes opened to reveal a deep Violet.

She had Violet eyes. The class went silent. The girl stopped next to her friend.

She too was strikingly beautiful, taller then the Blond, she took had long hair in a shade of dark brown, but it was her eyes that commanded attention. The girl smirked – it oozed confidence.

She looked vaguely familiar, like I'd seen her somewhere before…

"Her eyes…" Alice breathed, I nodded dumbly, and it was all I could do.

"Class, this is Alicia Harrison," The teacher gestured to the blond. "And, Madeline Volturi." All three of us tensed at the name. Volturi…?

"Pleasure." Alicia smiled.

Madeline smirked. "Likewise." Her Violet eyes flickered to me, I felt myself freeze. Caught in those eyes. Alice glared, placing a protective hand on my shoulder. Madeline snickered.

"She has a heartbeat," Edward breathed, "Though it's slow. Too slow for a Human."

I listened – and there it was, the slow thumping of her heart. Edward was right though; it was too slow to be Human.

"She said her last name is Voltrui…" I whispered.

"I…" Edward gaped. "I can't hear her thoughts."

Alice and I turned to Edward startled. "What?" I asked.

Edward concentrated, "I can't hear her thought's, I can hear the blonds. But not hers."

Edward grunted, eye twitching. "Edward?" Alice asked, worried.

"Blondie just kicked me from her mind, that is one tough brick wall…" He muttered. Looking shocked. Alice looked worried.

Mike raised his hand. The teacher nodded. "What's the deal with your eyes?" He asked, rather bluntly.

The teacher scowled, opening his mouth to tell Mike off. Madeline raised her own hand, cutting the surprised teacher off. "Don't worry about it, they're going to ask regardless."

Madeline's voice was musical, cocky – she spoke with confidence.

"I don't know, sorry. I was born like this. Boring really." She shrugged.

Mike let a disappointed "oh" slip past his lips.

Madeline laughed.

"Thank you, you two, if you'd both like to take a seat?" The teacher asked. The two girls nodded, walking over to the table behind us.

I couldn't help but watch Madeline and as she walked past me, those Violet eyes flickered to mine, and she winked.

They took a seat behind us.

Alice's hand wrapped around me more tightly and despite the situation I found myself smiling.

We'd gotten out of class fairly quickly and the tree of us found ourselves at our usual table along with the rest of our Family – recounting the events of class.

"She said her last name was Volturi?" Jasper asked.

Alice nodded. "She's not Human, but she doesn't seem like a Vampire either. And her friend has a heartbeat – a Human one."

Jasper frowned.

"How's that possible?" Rose asked. Though the question became rhetorical, as not one of us had an answer.

"And you can't hear her thoughts?" Jasper added.

Edward nodded. "And Blondie was able to kick me from hers."


My head snapped up at the sound – turning to see Madeline biting into a red apple, Violet eyes trained on me.

"Is she eating that?" Emmet asked, dumbfounded. Madeline swallowed in answer, before taking another bite.

Alicia came to sit next to Madeline, lips close to her ear as she whispered to her, Madeline grinned.

Edward growled. "She's telling us to listen…"

I frowned. "Who is?"

"Blondie." He answered.

"I don't like this." Alice muttered, though I could see she was listening. I too, tuned in, though what I was listing for was beyond me.

I heard nothing, and I told them such.

Edward's eyes widened. "Because that's what we're meant to be hearing."

I looked at him like he was an idiot. So did everyone else. He shook his head, madly. "No, really, Blondies heartbeat, it's…gone…" He finished.

I snapped my head towards the two and Edward was right, Alicia didn't have a heartbeat anymore. I saw Madeline grin.

"How's that possible?" I asked, though not expecting an answer and still watching Madeline – her lips moved. I could just make it out, above the chatter of students.

"It's Midnight." I quirked an eyebrow in wonder – Madeline smiled. A genuine smile. "It's Midnight Volturi." She whispered.

"Midnight Volturi…" I mumbled, the name sounding familiar as it rolled off my tongue.

The bell rang.

Alice took my hand in hers, her lips connecting with my cheek. I smiled. "Come on, Love." She breathed into my ear, suddenly at ease. It was catching because I squeezed her hand – smiling.

"I love you." I breathed, picking up her hand to kiss. She giggled at the gesture.

"I love you too."

I knew that who ever these two girls were, it wouldn't matter, because we'd get through it – Alice and I.

Edward slung his arms around both of us, snuggling himself in the middle. I rolled my eyes.

"Is it just me, or does Madeline look familiar?" Alice asked suddenly.

"She does." I agreed.

"I dislike her and I have no idea why."

We laughed – Alice swung our hands back and forth between us. I'd never been happier.

Though if I'd had turned around I would have seen Midnight, smiling knowingly a fond look on her face as Alicia took her hand, blue eyes also watching us, smile mirroring Midnights.

Long time no finish, huh?

Once I finish 'Reach for me' I might go back a rewrite this story.