--After Final Jam--

--Chapter 5--

--By: EvilEmmaEvans--


Summary: I didn't like the fact that there was only one couple for Camp Rock, Mitchie/Shane, so this is a Nate/Caitlyn story. And for all of you, who haven't seen Camp Rock yet, Nate is played by Nick Jonas and Caitlyn is played by Alyson Stoner.

Disclaimer: I don't own CR.


--Nate's POV--

'Well… it's been a year since Caitlyn gave birth to our beautiful baby girl. But since we named our daughter after her mother, we call her Eliza, a nickname of her middle name Elizabeth. She is so beautiful just like her mother. And she definitely has traits from both Cait and I. She also loves spending time with my parents, Shane and Mitchie (her god-parents), Ella and Jason (her aunt and uncle) and Peggy (her other aunt). She gets showered with gifts from all of them. And I don't mind having to share m birthday with her. She's just too cute to be mad at. But it will be interesting when she gets older. Having two musically talented parents who both attended Camp Rock, found love at Camp Rock and will be sending her to Camp Rock when she becomes old enough.'

"Nate… come here, Eliza has something to give you." Caitlyn said from the living room.

"What does Daddy's Little Princess have for me?" I asked walking out of the office and into the living room to see my wife sitting on the couch holding our daughter in her lap and seeing our daughter holding and envelope… which happened to say 'Happy Birthday Daddy' on the front.

"She has a birthday card for you. And for her birthday… we're going over to Shane and Mitchie's later. They have a surprise party for her." Caitlyn explained.

"Okay… thank you Eliza." I said sitting down next to Caitlyn and grasping the envelope… which Eliza held tightly in her little fists. "You have been spending too much time with Uncle Jason haven't you?" I ask as Caitlyn helps Eliza let go so that I can take the card. 'Daddy… Just a little card from your Little Princess.' I read on the outside of the card and when I opened it… it started playing 'Play My Music' which Eliza started bouncing to.

"At least she knows what music belongs to her father." Caitlyn joked.

"And that's a good thing. Because I don't want her listening to the rap music that people listen to now-a-days." I said sternly.

"Nate… listen to yourself. We're 17 years old… its kids our age who are listening to that stuff." Caitlyn said with a small smile.

"Sorry… I love the card. Thanks babe." I said giving Caitlyn a kiss which made Eliza squeal. "I'm sorry Princess… thank you for the card too." I said gently giving her a kiss on the top of her head.

"I think we should start getting ready to head over to Shane and Mitchie's house." Caitlyn said handing Eliza to me and then standing up.

"Okay… I'll get the birthday girl ready." I said holding onto Eliza as I too stood up and kissing Caitlyn… making Eliza squeal yet again.

"I think she's going to do that her whole life… at least growing up." Caitlyn said with a smile before taking Eliza back. "I'll get her ready… you're the birthday boy remember?" she asks before walking away and I find myself staring at her as she walks toward the stairs and then into Eliza's room at the top and to the right.

"Nate… are you going to go get ready? Or are you just going to stand there?" Someone asked making me turn around.

"What are you doing here Tess?" I asked glaring at her. "And how did you get in?" I asked still glaring.

"I'm here to drive you, Caitlyn and Eliza to the party. I was invited and your mom let me in." Tess said stepping toward me.

"Tess… Caitlyn and I can get our daughter and ourselves to a party for our daughter without your help and get out of my house." I said stepping back.

"Shane invited me to the party and asked me to pick you guys up… so, sorry, but I'm here and I'm going to stay here until all three of you are ready." Tess said stepping toward me again and this time… I stepped back into the wall and I wasn't prepared for what happened next.

"Nate can you… what is she doing here?" Caitlyn asked as Tess pulled away from me.

"Oh… hey Caitlyn." Tess said trying to sound innocent.

"Don't 'hey Caitlyn' me. You were just kissing my husband you slut. Now get out of our house… and never even think about coming in contact with any of us ever again!" Caitlyn yelled as tears filled her eyes.

"Caitlyn… I didn't know she would do that. I didn't know she was even invited to the party today. I'm so sorry… she took me by surprise." I said as I took two huge steps and comforted my wife.

"It's okay Nate… I don't blame you for it. She always wanted you. Don't you remember the night we got together?" Caitlyn asked as we walked upstairs to Eliza's room.

"No… not really. I just remember seeing you down by the lake after Final Jam and then kissing you… everything else that happened in between and stuff is kinda blurry to me." I said honestly.

"As long as you remember that we got together that night, then I'm fine with everything else being blurry." Caitlyn said as she walked into our daughter's room.

"And I remember the following day a little too well." I said clenching my fists.

"Nate! We decided never to talk about that day!" Caitlyn exclaimed turning sharply to glare at me for a few seconds.

"Sorry babe." I said walking over and wrapping my arms around her waist while she put Eliza's dress on her and then a matching bow-headband in her hair. "I'm glad we met after Final Jam." I said into Caitlyn's neck.

"Me too… we didn't even know each other and we ended up dancing and singing next to each other during 'We Rock'." Caitlyn said with a small laugh.

"And look where it got us." I said indicating Eliza.

"I know." Caitlyn said with a smile.

'So we finished getting ready and went to celebrate Eliza's 1st birthday with family and friends. And from that day on… Eliza continued to grow up into a beautiful young lady who ended up dating and later marrying Jason and Ella's son. And from there… everything was perfect. I had the perfect wife… the perfect daughter… the perfect son-in-law… and the perfect life. I'm glad I met Caitlyn 

Gellar 'After Final Jam' all those… months ago… I would say years… but it's only been like 13 or 14 months.'


--End Chapter 6--

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