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Daein Keep was busier then usual on the late winter morning. Soldiers were running around, shouts of the officers to their troops echoed throughout the halls. Though it would seem rather unusual for so many soldiers taking the entire keep, for this time, it was now the norm for the greater part of two weeks.

The shouts however, greatly annoyed one person who in the past couple of days, was either in the library or in the throne room discussing with the generals and king, strategies. The noise was sweeping through the large library doors, echoing in the large room that was vacant save for the books and him.

He sighed in frustration, slamming the book he had been reading shut, before grabbing another off of the table. The concentration he had in order to decipher the ancient language helped him forget the noise coming from the outside, but failed just as quickly when the large doors opened. The noise increased in volume.

The doors closed as quickly as they had been opened, so the young man continued to read the tome, a frown slowly growing on his face as he realized that he was about to be interrupted.

Shuffling of feet and small mumbling soon melded with the shouts in the hall as the owner of the two approached the reader in a fast pace. "Uweeeeee, where are you prince?" The voice asked through the archives, shuffling towards where he thought the prince would be. "Stop hiding now, prince, there is much work to be done. Weeee…"

Said prince did not look up from his book at the summons, not even when he felt the speaker was right beside him. He did not like being disturbed from his readings and normally ignored the person who tried to call him away. He felt the other growing impatient as he turned another page towards the end of the topic. After finishing off the last sentence, he closed the book and glanced up at the man, a cold bored look on his face.

"What is it, Izuka?" he asked bluntly, staring at him. He never did like the dark art user, ever since he was little. He had been his teacher of the anima and dark magic, but that did not make the prince hate him any less.

Ikzuka also did not take any liking to the boy. His teachings had been ordered upon him by the King and he had despised the prince to no end for his 'magical essence'.

"Ahem…Weeeeee…Well, your Highness," he began. "You are needed at the court right away. Your father, the King wishes to speak to you on some last minute matters."

The prince stood up from the desk he had been sitting at and placed the book back onto the table. "Understood." He replied, before walking to the doors and exiting the library. Izuka soon followed afterwards, keeping a few strides away from him.

On their way to the destination, only a few high ranked officers saluted him. Many of the others looked on in confusion as to why their superiors were greeting the young man as if he were important.

Besides the high ranked in the military and a few senators, very few people knew of the existence of the Daein prince. Even the neighboring countries royalty knew nothing of him. He didn't mind at all, nor did he really care. His duty was to merely create sound strategies for his father on anything that he needed, and to use his skills to benefit the king. Nothing else.

He opened the doors of the room and walked inside, Izuka following and closing the doors. Inside were the Four Riders, the King himself, several other generals, and Petrine's tactician, Ena. They all turned their attention to the newcomers as they walked towards the table. The prince sat down beside Bryce while Izuka stood a ways off, near the king's side. This was going to be the final meeting before they executed their plan. Ashnard wanted to take over Crimea, and with Soren's help, it had been fully organized and was ready to deploy at the King's order.

In a matter of days, they would set out and conquer their neighboring country, and would start a new war that would eventually engulf the entire continent.

They had reached the Crimean capital in no time, and in mere days, the capital had fallen by the hands of the Daein king. He had slain the royal king and queen of Crimea, the prince of Crimea has still fighting on the main lines, but not for long.

That was of no concern to Soren, however, he had been given an order to attack what was left of the royal family, the princess of Crimea. Somehow she had managed to escape from his father with a handful of the Imperial Guard, and according to their information, were heading towards Gallia on the Capital Way.

"Prince Daein?" he looked over to see the commander of the soldiers, Maijin, walk up towards him, which was fairly hard since he had so much armor on, while the mage only wore robes.

"How many times must I say this, Maijin, you must never refer to me as the prince here." Soren snapped, annoyed at the new company. Though he was of smaller rank then most commanders, he had to state his position alongside with Ashnard in order to come along on this endeavor, as were the king's orders.

"M-my apologies your…I mean, sir." Maijin stammered. "We have reports that we are coming close to the royal knights who hold the Crimean princess."

"Good." He replied, not much in the mood for discussing this with him. "Send your cavalry out to meet them immediately so we can distract them until the main force can arrive. Understood?"

"Yes, sir. I will go and inform the men." He said, waving to one of the soldiers to relay the instructions. Soon, the knights were galloping ahead of the rest of the force and making their way towards the Crimean soldiers.

Minutes later, the main force caught up with the rest of the troops and joined the fray as well. Already both sides had taken a few loses. And now that the rest of the troops came in, the Crimeans were looking for a way to retreat.

Soren ignored the main battle and began searching for his target. It was quite easy to find too. One of the knights was carrying someone on their horse, they were quite close to the forest edge and it seemed that the person was trying to get off. They had an orange dress on with long green hair. He had found who he was looking for.

Rushing over there as quickly as he could, he drew a wind tome from his sleeve and began to chant the spell he would unleash on them. The knight noticed the boy moving towards him and began to prepare his lance for the attack. The princess seemed to shout something to him as he moved towards the mage, but the prince ignored it and focused only on bringing down the paladin.

Before the knight had time to attack with his lance, Soren finished his spell and attacked him with the wind magic. In doing so, the horse bucked and the knight, for a spilt second, lost control over his horse, leaving his lance unattended. Soren took the opportunity to do another spell, this time in closer range. The spell set off and made the horse go unbalanced even further, causing the knight and horse to fall on their sides, ine of the knights leg getting caught under his steed.

"Geoffrey!" Soren took his attention away from the paladin and found the princess running over to them, a look of fear and concern etched into her delicate face.

"No! Princess! Stay back!" the knight called out in pain, trying to wretch himself free from the weight of his horse. At those words, the princess stopped short of only a few feet of the two, staring at the prince in fear, realizing what she had done.

"So, you're Princess Crimea." Soren stated, unsheathing a dagger from his back, staring at the princess with indifference. He had only heard about her a few times in his life, saying that she was born after an heir was decided, so they kept her identity secret, except to the royal families of the countries in case of anything dire happening. Although it was similar to his own case, he knew that if she were to live, it would only mean trouble in the end for his king's plans to rule over Crimea.

The girl made a noise and began to back away, only to trip on her flowing dress and fall on the ground. Soren wondered if she was capable of doing anything harmful to Daein, or anyone else by the way she looked and seemed to act. She was stupid or naïve and seemed to care too much about the soldiers protecting her. She should have been concerned for her own safety and not for the knights'. If she had, then they probably would've had a harder time tracking her down.

Soren began to walk over to her as she tried to get back up off the ground and he noticed tears in her eyes. He felt like he was about to kill a helpless rabbit that was caught in a snare, but he didn't care, what had to be done had to be done. He was about to deliver the blow when something perked his senses, the wind shifted unnaturally to his left and he leapt away from the princess just in time to see an arrow fly where his head was, hitting a tree instead. He looked to where it came from to see a small group of people coming out of the woods, no more then nine of them. The prince noticed they all had weapons and realized they were mercenaries. All of a sudden, the battle was not going in their favor.

"Prince!" Soren cursed under his breath as he saw Maijin come up to him. He wasn't exactly the smartest commander in the bunch. "Prince Daein, are you alright?" he asked, receiving a glare from the prince, causing him to be silent. Both the knight and the princess stared at him, bewildered, but he chose to ignore the looks and focused on the newcomers.

"Hear me Daein soldiers!" A large man from the mercenaries bellowed, stepping in front of them. "I suggest that you retreat, or else you will feel the wraith of the Greil Mercenaries!" One of his soldiers, a man with long red haired tied in a ponytail, knocked another arrow from his quiver and aimed it at him, glaring at the boy. The others soon followed suit and were now ready to attack on command.

"You insolent cur!" Shouted Maijiin. "You will regret that decision with your life! How dare you harm our prince…"

"Maijin, be silent." Soren snapped, stepping in front of the commander and glaring at him in annoyance. "I will deal with you later." He then turned his attention towards the battlefield to see that all of the Crimean soldiers were killed it seemed. Their troops, although were many more in numbers, looked like they were wounded too much to begin another fight. He looked back at the mercenaries and saw that several of them looked quite young to be part of any group, but they were battle ready and not exhausted at all unlike his own troops, it made the mission become too dangerous to continue. "Maijin, we will have our forces retreat." He ordered, beginning to walk away.

"B-but, sir…"

"Now." That one quick word caused Maijin to nod and order the retreat as quickly as possible. The mercenaries let them retreat, knowing full well that they would be back with reinforcements to continue what they had set out for. Soren knew that they would be back as well, but they would have to survive entering the capital again without the princess in their possession first.

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